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Short links for August 26th, 2007

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on August 26th, 2007:

Short links for August 20th, 2007

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on August 20th, 2007:

  • How to Use Chopsticks in Seven Easy Steps – I usually give up after three bites and grab a fork instead.
  • Free Air Conditioning – Technically it should be called a heat exchanger, we lovingly call it the water cooler, but it has been providing us with free cold air for more than 20 years now so it definitely does work.
  • Arcade Game Manuals – A collection of 1,700 arcade manuals, schematics, and general information in PDF format
  • Magazine Illusions – Are you on the cover of that magazine?

Still Life – pictures of ceramic figures being destroyed

Still Life is a series of pictures by artist Martin Klimas.

Image from Still Life by Martin Klimas
Image from Still Life (© Martin Klimas)

Rosecrans Baldwin writes:

Martin Klimas destroys a lot of clay to make his art. Combining the silence of Eadweard Muybridge’s horse pictures with the association-rich composition of a still life, Klimas breaks recognizable objects so they become something else, and stops us just at the moment of transformation.

Check The Morning News for more images and an interview with Martin Klimas.

Graphita Live Studio – add funny effects to your pictures online

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Graphita Live Studio is a fun online point and click digital effects application for photos. It is designed to foster creative and social expression.

With Live Studio, you can easily upload your own images and add doodles, objects and captions to them.

Graphita website screenshot
Graphita Live Studio – this guy got doodled on!

Live Studio enables you share your creations with your family and friends, and you can even print them on a large selection of customizable products, offered through Graphita’s partner QOOP offers (The application works with high resolution images to insure the highest quality for printing).

A free account has a storage capacity of 50 images, with access to many of the doodles, captions and objects from the library.

Sounds like tons of fun, so check it out.

More information: Graphita Live Studio

Link via Mashable

Helga Steppan’s images of personal belongings grouped by colour

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Photographer Helga Steppan is exhibiting these fantastic images of her personal belongings that she grouped by colour, as part of her exhibition Be long a part.

Helga Steppan All my things/White
Helga Steppan / ‘All my things/White’ from the series ‘See Through’ / C-type print / 2004

More images at CR Blog.

Link via core77

Light Graffiti captured on photo

lichtfaktor @ Flickr is posting images of Light Graffiti, long exposure pictures featuring pieces done with flashlights, biking-lights and flashing LED lights.

lightfaktor Light Graffiti - Berlin Dom
lightfaktor Light Graffiti – Berlin Dom

They use 3 different type of lights (they all work with batteries so that you are mobile you also get nice results with fireworks & torches):

So how do you get these images?
For the best results you need a tripod. An exposure of around 10-30 sec. or longer if needed. Set the camera to ISO100 and close your aperture as much as possible, to prevent overexpose. Experiment to get the best results!

Check the Flickr page for more images.

Link via Make:Blog

Oscilloscope Studios’ photos: Beastie Boys Flickr feed

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The Beastie Boys have a Flickr feed where they post pics from the road as they tour with their new album, The Mix-Up, a funky all-instumental disc.

Beastie Boys on stage - Adam (Adrock) and Mike D
Beastie Boys on stage – Adam (Adrock) and Mike D

Some great pics. Didn’t know Mike D went all stylish with his hair!

More info on The Mix-Up here.

Link via Boing Boing

Where does your mail go?

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Tim Knowles hooked up a digital camera inside a box and sent it through the mail.

Tim Knowles Spy Box
Tim Knowles Spy Box

A digital camera inside a parcel looks out through a small hole and captures images of its journey through the postal system. The Spy Box was sent from my studio to the gallery taking an image every 10 seconds recording a total of 6994 images these were then edited together to create an animated slideshow.

Sweet stuff!

Link via Boing Boing