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Pioneer and Serato Audio Research introduce DDJ-S1, DJ controller for Serato ITCH software

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Pioneer DDJ-S1

Pioneer and Serato Audio Research have introduced the DDJ-S1, a new DJ controller for Serato ITCH software.

Combining Pioneer’s renowned DJ hardware design with world leading software development by Serato, the DDJ-S1 offers familiarity, innovation and pure controllerism in one inspired package.

DDJ-S1 features

  • Professional Pioneer hardware design for familiar layout and enhanced control.
  • Effect control area to access Serato ITCH DJ FX..
  • USB powered for a “plug and play” connection.
  • Tight integration with Serato ITCH, offering 1-to-1 software to hardware mapping.
  • Slip mode for looping, reversing, and scratching without changing the song tempo.
  • Multiple input and output options, including balanced XLR input/output.
  • Built in audio interface.
  • Talk-over function to lower the music volume when receiving voice input from the microphone.
  • Pioneer mixer audio circuitry ensuring a clear and powerful DJ sound.
  • Laptop dock under the controller for a compact DJ setup.

More information: Serato


Ableton and Serato release The Bridge (Live Scratch v2.1.1 + Live 8.2)

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Ableton/Serato The Bridge

Ableton and Serato have announced the release of The Bridge, a software partnership which brings together elements of DJ performance and production.

The Bridge spans the gap between music production and DJing, creating a natural link between Ableton Live and Scratch Live. The Bridge provides a powerful fusion of DJ and production tools, opening a world of opportunities for DJing, remixing and live performance.

The Bridge 1.0 features

  • ‘Ableton Transport Control’ allows tight synchronization between Ableton Live and Serato Scratch Live’s interface with ‘Ableton Transport Control’.
  • The ‘Ableton Player’ opens a window into Ableton Live’s Clip View to launch samples or tracks in real time with Scratch Live.
  • Tight Beatgrid implementation ensures that the ‘Ableton Player’ stays locked to the swing of any set.
  • Serato DJ performances can be recorded as Ableton Live Sets, complete with song placement and fader movements with ‘Mixtape’. (Fader and EQ automation only available when mixtape is recorded with Rane TTM57 SL and Rane Sixty-Eight)

The Bridge requires Scratch Live 2.1.1 and Ableton Live 8.2, which both are now available.

Changes in Scratch Live v2.1.1

  • Ultra Knob effects for 1 Knob performance control of advanced effects.
  • 32 new Ultra Knob effects and 28 new Super Knob effects including “Echo Out” and “1 Knob HP/LP Filter”.
  • Plug and Play support for the Novation Dicer Scratch Live controller.
  • Full integration with the Pioneer CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900 in “Advanced HID Mode” including library navigation, album art, overview display, and responsive platter control.
  • Support for The Bridge, which allows DJs to playback Ableton Live sets through Scratch Live, trigger clips within Scratch Live from the Ableton Player and record mixtapes as a multi-track Ableton file.

Changes in Ableton Live v8.2

  • Support for The Bridge, our collaborative project with Serato. The Bridge is free for users of Live/Suite 8.
  • Amp, an audio effect that models guitar amps and cabinets. Amp is free for Suite users.
  • Some changes were made to the Help Pages regarding how to report a crash and how to contact support. When restarting Live after a crash, Live produces a file named “Ableton Crash Report… .alp”, whereas choosing “Get Support..” in Live’s Help menu produces a file named “Ableton Status Report… .alp”.
  • Bugfixes, details in the release notes.

The Bridge is free for anyone who owns Serato Scratch Live compatible hardware, and a registered version of Ableton Live 8.

More information: Ableton / Serato


Pioneer releases rekordbox v1.2.1

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Pioneer rekordbox

Pioneer has released version 1.2.1 of rekordbox, a professional DJ management software for Windows and Mac.

rekordbox™, our digital music management software collaboration with MixVibes – the iTunes© for DJs – is now being made a free download to all DJs after the successful launch of their new club standard CDJs.

rekordbox™Up until now, rekordbox™ software was only available with a purchase of either the
CDJ-900 or CDJ-2000, enabling a host of important functionalities, but from 17th May 2010, it will be available for anyone. Even without the players at home, DJs can utilise the software to prepare tracks in advance, ready for the CDJ-900s or CDJ-2000s at the club.

rekordbox features

  • Manage music files which can be played back on a Pioneer DJ Player (i.e. CDJ-2000, CDJ-900).
  • Classify and search for music files stored on your computer and create playlists used for DJ performance.
  • Detect, measure and adjust the beats, tempos (BPM) and other elements of your music files prior to performance.
  • Set and store point information (for cueing, looping, hot cueing, etc.) prior to performance.

rekordbox for PC and Mac is available to download at no charge (requires free license).

More information: Pioneer rekordbox