Short links for April 29th, 2008

Some interesting things I found on April 29th, 2008:

# Slashbot: The Guitar Hero Robot – A robotic system capable of autonomously playing the video game Guitar Hero.

Slashbot – mounted guitar and the fingers (solenoid actuators).

How does it work? The brightness of a pixel from the PlayStation2’s video signal is determined by the signal’s voltage amplitude. Since the notes are the brightest images on the screen they can be detected by setting trigger points. Once a detection is made, a control signal is sent to the robot after a specific delay (determined by the tempo of the song).

# Exclusive: Watch ‘Wanderlust,’ Björk’s New 3-D Video – Instructions on how to make 3-D glasses included.

# NI Ends Legal Dispute Over Traktor Scratch; Digital Vinyl’s Twisty, Turny History – As of Friday, it seems that the ongoing saga of a dispute over digital vinyl, beginning with the 2006 “divorce” of digital DJ titans Stanton Electronics and Native Instruments, may be over. NI released a statement Friday saying they had not only settled a US civil action patent case over their use of digital vinyl in Traktor Scratch, but had agreed to license the technology from N2IT Holdings, the US patent owners for digital DJing.

# DRUM MACHINE unplugged – YouTube video of a hand crancked drum machine. Matches are activating lever-matches by rotating the cylinder. Levermatches are kicking on several percussions. 4 Tracks.

# Dan McGrath’s Subwoofer Project – Dan writes:

I decided recently that my home cinema system could do with a nice subwoofer, and rather than buy something, I thought I'd build myself one…

# How To Make Your Own Scratchpad – How to make your own scratchpad with a pizza box and a computer mouse.


Don’t know what pizza to order?

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If you can’t decide which pizza to get, perhaps this random pizza generator might be of help.

Random image of a pizza
Random image of a pizza (homemade mushroom pizza by mouser)

Note: The site generates a random pizza by picking a random crust, a random sauce, up to 3 cheeses, up to 3 meats and up to 5 veggies. It will randomly create either a seafood pizza or a pizza with other meats. More updates will be forthcoming, check back!

I got this one:
Crust: Whole Wheat Crust
Sauce: Red Sauce
Toppings: Smoked Gouda, Mozzarella Cheese, Green Onions, Sauerkraut, Pineapple, Imitation Crab

Hmm, not sure…

Link via Kottke