Loopbased releases The Voice Of Svetlana Vol 5

The Voice of Svetlana Vol 5

Loopbased has announced the release of The Voice Of Svetlana Vol 5, a vocal sample pack from Pulsed Records.

‘The Voice Of Svetlana Vol 5′ from Pulsed Records was produced by Oscitone and features multi-track loops and vocals from the Russian vocalist, Svetlana.

Suitable for Progressive House, Progressive Trance and Pop genres, this product was designed for producers to build awesome smashers that will storm the dancefloors.

The sample pack is available to purchase for 18.50 EUR.

Loopbased has also released new sample packs from Temporal Geometry, Planet Samples, Gigaloops, Loops Lab, and Pusled Records.

Other new packs at Loopbased

  • Future Sound Of Pop Music Vol 7 (Pulsed Records) – ‘Future Sound Of Pop Music Vol 7′ features seven awesome Construction Kits of heavily twisted and modulated synth loops. Produced by Pulsed Records studio master, Oscitone and encoded in high quality 24-Bit WAV format.
  • Variable Density: Cinematic Bass Lines (Temporal Geometry) – ‘Variable Density: Cinematic Bass Lines’ from Temporal Geometry is a sample pack designed for cinematic productions, consisting of 100 synth bass loops recorded at 120 and 140 BPM.
  • Dance Vocals (Planet Samples) – Planet Samples returns with another amazing vocal pack, ‘Dance Vocals’. This is really an amazing opportunity to buy quality male vocals for your music productions. This is a truly must-have pack for all serious Dance producers.
  • Tech Trance Music Loops (Gigaloops) – Giga Loops release Tech Trance Loops, the new 250 loops samples pack collection with over 250 top-quality loops for easy and faster creation of your Tech Trance style.
  • Trap Squad (Loops Lab) – This pack is the fundamental start for planet-trembling 808 bass lines, head-banging drum machine beats, phenomenal chord stabs and venomous synth riffs, laced and stirred to build the most rugged sounds on the street!

The packs are available to purchase from Loopbased, starting at 11.50 EUR.

More information: Loopbased


ADSR Sounds intros Cinematic Future Sounds by Planet Samples

ADSR Sounds Cinematic Future Sounds

ADSR Sounds has introduced Cinematic Future Sounds by Planet Samples, a new WAV stem and FL Studio project for massive cinematic soundtrack creation.

Cinematic Future Sounds is a full FL Studio Project. This project uses only one VST instruments: Nexus 2 includes the full arrangement with wav files, MIDI files, instrument presets, mixing, track levelling, and automation of each instrument.

You can use this project as an educational and inspirational tool to learn how all the sounds can be fit together to create a full, solid cinematic tune.

If you are not a FL Studio users don’t worry: all the channels are exported one by one as stems and you can put them in your favorite DAW software. Midis also included.

This project is not only for cinematic producers, is suitable also for Trance producers who looking for that special cinematic sound to create a Trance Anthem. The tempo of the track is 130 BPM and is friendly to any dance production.

The sound library is available to purchase from ADSR for $68.70 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Cinematic Future Sounds


Loopbased intros new sample packs from Loopoholics, Planet Samples, Speedsound, Gigaloops and more

Loopbased has introduced a collection of new sample packs from Planet Samples, Loopoholics, Speedsound, Gigaloops, Soundtrack Loops, Loopboutique, and Pulsed Records.

Sample packs at Loopbased

New sample packs at Loopbased

  • Toxic: 500 Loops (Gigaloops) &mdahs; ‘Toxic: 500 Loops’ is a selection of loops and grooves suitable for producers of Dark Electro, Dark EDM and Dance music. This library is selected and created from the Ultraphonic project studio.
  • Sound Of The Future: Garage Construction Kits (Loopoholics) — ‘Sound Of The Future: Garage Construction Kits’ from Loopoholics starts a totally new series. This pack is inspired by Disclosure tracks and is ideal for DJs and producers looking for the best sounds of Future Garage and Deep House.
  • Chillstep (Loopboutique) — ‘Chillstep’ offers ground-breaking sounds and samples to be used in variety of Electronic music. This sample pack contains dreamy soundscapes, infectious drum beats and rhythms, melodic, and ambient hooks and riffs.
  • The Voice Of Svetlana Vol 4 (Pulsed Records) — The Voice Of Svetlana Vol 4′ features multi-track loops and vocals from the Russian vocalist, Svetlana. Designed for producers to build an awesome Pop or Progressive House/Trance smasher.
  • UVA – Synths Chords Arps & Basses (Soundtrack Loops) — Soundtrack Loops introduces producer and artist Andrew Ranaudo. Known in the music community as UVA “Ultraviolet Astronomy”. Andrew has devoted his time to produce some of his thought provoking sounds into easy to use loops.
  • Chop Vocals (Planet Samples) — Planet Samples returned with a killer vocal pack. “Chop Vocals” is a great tool for producers that want to add an extra touch to there productions. Pack contains 200MB of killer royalty-free chop labeled in key vocals.
  • Thug (Loopboutique) — ‘Thug’ by Loopboutique is a great collection of five high quality Hip Hop Construction Kits waiting to be the next hood anthem. This collection is inspired by the best Rap hits and includes some of the hottest Gangsta sounds available.
  • Toxical Addictive – Psychedelic Samples (Speedsound) — Speedsound present “Toxical Addictive – Psychedelic Samples” A brand new pack of loops and samples designed specifically for production fullon Psytrance production. With these powerful sounds your tracks will fly!
  • Funk and Disco Bass (Soundtrack Loops) — Funk and Disco Bass is a collection of live electric Bass guitar loops in various tempos and keys. Good for Disco, Funk, and Dance. Inspired by classics from the 70s and beyond.

The packs are available to purchase at a 30% discount as part of the Loopbased Birthday Sale, until October 31st, 2013.

More information: Loopbased


ADSR Sounds intros Trancenistria Vol.1 for Zebra

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Planet Samples Trancenistria Vol 1

ADSR Sounds has introduced Trancenistria Vol.1, a soundset for the Zebra wireless modular synthesizer instrument by u-he.

Planet Samples returns with a new Zebra soundset product, covering the genres of House,Trance and Progressive.

Designed in the style of Armin, Orjan Nilsen, Alexander Popov, Marcus Shulz, Nick Chagal, Afrojeck, and many other EDM artists.

Presets collection contains Basses, Leads, Pads and Plucks.

As an extra bonus we provide all the midis from the demo song (each midi file is renamed with the name of preset) plus the Ableton Project from the demo song.

In total the collection contains 23 Basses, 25 Leads, 7 Pads, 11 Plucks, and 13 Midi Files.

The soundset costs $22.50 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Trancenistria Vol.1


ADSR Sounds intros Sylenth Big Boys Sound

Sylenth Big Boys Sound

ADSR Sounds intros Sylenth Big Boys Sound, a soundset for the Lennar Digital Sylenth1 virtual synthesizer instrument.

Planet Samples return with 64 massive Sylenth1 presets, covering the genres of House, Trance and Progressive.

Inspired by top artists such as Alesso, Avicci, Gareth Emery, Markus Schulz, Swedish House Mafia, DeadMau5 and many other EDM artists.

The preset collection contains Basses, Leads, Pads, Plucks, Chords, Stabs and FX.

As an extra bonus all the MIDI files of the demo track are included in the download. Requires Sylenth1 2.2, also compatible with Beta 2.211.

If you’re looking to learn how the pro’s make their full, chunky sounds then this soundset covers everything that you’ll need to know.

In total the collection contains; 23 Basses, 23 Leads, 2 Chords, 2 Stabs, 5 Pads, 5 Plucks, 1 Acid, 5 FX and 16 MIDI files. This Soundbank contains only Sylenth presets and MIDI files.

The soundset is available from ADSR Sounds for $21 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Sylenth Big Boys Sound


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