Liine Kapture Pad for Ableton Live and iPad/iPhone

Liine has announced the release of Kapture Pad, an app for iPhone/iPad to control Ableton Live.

Liine Kapture Pad

It is an indispensible live performance utility and a mindbending sound design tool. It builds on the success of the Kapture Max for Live patch, originally created in 2010 for Richie Hawtin’s Plastikman Live show. Kapture Pad does not require Max for Live.

Kapture Pad lets you take snapshots of your Live set and restore them at will without interrupting the audio. A Global Snapshot stores the mixer and device parameters – for all tracks and all devices (yes, even VSTs and Audio Units). Kapture Pad also introduces Track Snapshots with morphing – an incredible new way to perform electronic music with Live.

Kapture Pad is the second collaboration with Stu Fisher, creator of LiveControl. Kapture Pad extends Ableton Live, it adds new possibilities for production and performance.

Kapture Pad features

  • Universal binary: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch support.
  • Global Snapshots: Kapture/recall all mixer and device parameters.
  • Track Snapshots: Kapture/recall all device parameters.
  • Morph Pad: morph between up to four different sound configurations.
  • Global filter: choose which tracks to ignore/recall.
  • Track filter: choose which devices to ignore/recall.
  • Unlimited Global Snapshots.
  • Unlimited Banks.

Kapture Pad is available to purchase for $5.99 USD.

More information: Liine / Kapture Pad


Liine Kapture, free Max for Live device

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Liine Kapture

Liine has released Kapture, a free “total recall” Max for Live device developed alongside Richie Hawtin exclusively for his Plastikman Live tour.

The sounds and sonic signatures in Richie Hawtin’s Plastikman Live show are heavily reliant on complex configurations of sends, returns and feedback loops as well as combinations of instrument and effect parameters. Our challenge was to build a system to manage this huge number of parameters in a live scenario. Kapture is the solution to that challenge. Similar to a preset management system for the whole of Ableton Live, it allows you to Kapture the state of your set.

We’re now very glad to be able to release it to the public and to see how other people use it in performances and in the studio. Kapture is not a polished mainstream product but something developed for a very specific show. However, we think that it’s something that many people will find very useful if they are willing to get their hands a little dirty and tweak it to fit their setup.

We aim to continue releasing bits and pieces like this from the Liine Laboratory, more rough and ready experimental/custom devices and works in progress, alongside the polished, premium products such as Griid.

More information: Liine / Kapture