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Zombideo DAX (Pluggo)

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Zombideo DAX

Taprik (Zombideo) has released DAX, a freeware Pluggo plugin for Mac OS X and Windows.

DAX is a tempo synced delay effect.


  • Set amount of delays
  • Feedback control
  • Boost
  • Set beats per measure and lenght of the sample

Visit Zombideo to download DAX for Mac OSX or Windows. (You will need the free Pluggo runtime, also available on the DAX page)


[CodeOperator] releases URSonic IIR-Reverb

[CodeOperator] URSonic IIR-Reverb

[CodeOperator] has released URSonic IIR-Reverb, a reverb plugin for VST, AU and RTAS made with Pluggo.

From the product page:

It is very colorfull and has a high density. IIR-Reverb comes with a 5 Band full Parametric Graphical based Equaliser that you can edit the reverb tail in every frequency you like. You can form every space you need, especially Drum Rooms.

Since IIR-Reverb is made with Pluggo-MAX/MSP from cycling74, you will need the Pluggo-Runtime (version 3.6.x or higher) to use IIR-Reverb.

IIR-Reverb can be purchased for $199.

Visit [CodeOperator] for more information and a link to download the demo of URSonic IIR-Reverb (demo-version will mute the effect 10 sec every 30 sec).


Soultracker updates Bazz-ID

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Soultracker Bazz-ID

Soultracker has updated Bazz-ID, a freeware VSTi synth based on FM synthesis.

Bazz-ID is a Bassline synth with 3 bass levels, using 3 FM generators (High/Bass and Sub-Bass/Medium).


  • some bugs fixed
  • saving functions are now fully operational
  • new skin

Bazz-ID requires Cycling ’74 Pluggo.

Visit Soultracker for more information and a link to download Bazz-ID for Windows or Mac OSX.


Pyjaman releases sqfx, sqrp and sqrpd (Pluggo)

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Pyjaman has released three new Pluggo VST plug-ins, sqfx, sqrp and sqrpd.

sqfx includes reverb, degrader and frequency shift effects, which can be triggered by a step sequencer. It has many randomize options (seq, fx, level & release, all).

Pyjaman sqfx v0.1
Pyjaman sqfx v0.1

sqrp is a step sequenced arp. Controls include speed & swing, the amount of bars for the sequences and a number of randomize options. It also features MIDI in.

sqrpd is simular to sqrp, with the addition of a sample player. You can enable looping of the sample and set loop start/end points. The sample can also be fine tuned.

The plug-ins require the Pluggo run-time.

Visit Pyjaman’s website to download sqfx, sqrp and sqrpd.


Andrew Burgess releases gatr, werd, gleck, reanimator, dirt/sky (Pluggo plug-ins)

Andrew Burgess gatr plug-in

Andrew Burgess has released a bunch of Pluggo plug-ins.

  1. gatr provides a beat-syncronised gate (whole to 1/64th notes) with volume sliders for each step, also a multimode filter and delay/reverb
  2. werd contains 2 independent delay lines, a multimode filter, and a re-pitcher each with independent wet/dry levels
  3. gleck is a granular delay/repeater with pre and post effect waveform displays (for people who like to see the effect)
  4. reanimator contains a granular pitch shifter, a stutter/repeater with semi random behaviour and a sonograph to see it’s inner beauty
  5. dirt/sky is a frickin’ mess… on one side it’s a grain-based mangler similar to gleck, but with more control. On the other side it’s a 3 way harmonizer with independent pitch controls. You can set the wet/dry value of the effect in general and the amount of dirt and/or sky to your liking

The plug-ins were originally developed for the Mac platform, but will be all ported to Windows as well, so if you don’t see a download link for a Windows version check back later.

You will need the Pluggo runtime for Mac or Windows which you can download here.

If you like these plug-ins, a donation is appreciated. Andrew is trying to get an Elektron MachineDrumUW (which costs USD$1640).

Visit Andrew’s website for more information and links to download the plug-ins.


Pyjaman releases rdmdg (Pluggo)

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Pyjaman rdmdg v0.96

Pyjaman has released rdmdg, a free Pluggo VST degrader effect plug-in with random function.


  • amount of fx level
  • random control
  • speed control
  • degrade control, maximum degrade force setting (max=1/min=100)

This plug-in requires the Pluggo run-time.

Visit Pyjaman’s website to download rdmdg.


Pyjaman releases strr, frnds and frndsab (Pluggo)

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Pyjaman strr Pluggo VST plug-in

Pyjaman has added a few new Pluggo plug-ins to his collection, strr, frnds and frndsab.

strr is an experimental beat slicer that works like an arpeggiator on the slices/notes played. After loading a sample you select the region you want to play it on and you can set the pitch swing and repetition of the slice.

frnds and frndsab play random samples (wav/aiff) in a user specified folder after it detects a signal (i.e. by microphone). frnds is limited to play a maximum of 1 minute/10 samples whereas frndsab is unlimited.

You’ll need Cycling ’74 Pluggo to use these plug-ins, so get the free runtime here in case you haven’t installed it yet.

More information: Pyjaman’s Pluggo Collection