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Pluggotic releases SoS24 & Prillo Garlante for Kontakt

Pluggotic has released SoS24 and Prillo Garlante, two sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Pluggotic SoS24

SoS24 is a S+S drum-module based on a classic 12bit “made in japan” rhythm composer machine sampled dry and through 24 hardware effects.

Featuring 14 analog and 3 digital effects sampled alone or combined, the selection of radical hardware inserts includes compressor, lo-fi tape, envelope flanger, envelope filter, 12 db/oct multimode filter, 10-stages phaser as well as several kinds of distortions including tube & cascated tubes, sampler distortion, vintage & volt-starved fuzz, waveshaping & bitcrushing, feedback-loop fuzz, amp simulator and more.

Pluggotic Prillo Garlante

The legendary S.a.S. “electronic learning aid” family includes 7 linguistic variations, and Prillo Garlante is a Kontakt instrument based on the italian version.

163 sounds including bleeps, letters, words and phrases have been sampled through a 1/4 phone plug & distortion-free preamp at 24/96 and are arranged in three “sets” or keyswitches (bleeps-letters-phrases, words A to I, words I to Z) that can be enabled via graphic interface or modwheel.

Prillo Garlante features

  • Several soundshaping fxs options including 9 24/48 stereo reverb irs.
  • 163 24/96 mono samples, 45 Mb (unlocked).
  • Host-automated controls with midi-learn.
  • 10 presets.

The sample libraries are available to purchase from Sampleism, priced at £2.50 GBP each.

More information: Pluggotic


Pluggotic releases TrueBlue drum library for Kontakt

Pluggotic TrueBlue

Pluggotic has announced the release of TrueBlue, an electronic-style drum module powered by sounds sampled from the “mkII” version of an analog drum synthesizer made in East Germany.

Old school spirit and raw vibe of the drumsynth, including subtle sounds drifting derived from analog circuitry and free-running oscillators, has been sampled and can be manipulated through a simple midi-notes operated interface.

Resulting drumkits can be played raw or brutally degraded, pitched, filtered, panned or stereoized, routed to individual outputs for multichannel operations (depending from availability) and stored as patches.

TrueBlue features

  • S+S drum module for Kontakt 4.2.3 or newer versions.
  • 100 sounds each with 8 randomly alternated samples.
  • 800 24bit 96k mono samples, 206Mb (unlocked).
  • Mixer section and outputs assignment.
  • Stereo FX for snare/clap/hihat/cymbal/percussion.
  • Manual or midi-controlled user interface.
  • Host-automated controls with midi-learn.
  • 10 preset kits plus 77 midi-patterns.
  • Combinator template for Reason 3.0 and newer versions.

The sound library is available from Sampleism, priced at £7 GBP.

More information: Sampleism


Pluggotic releases ToyBoy for Kontakt

Sampleism has launched ToyBoy by Pluggotic, a rompler based on four sampled toy-keyboards with distinct sonics and soundsets.

Pluggotic ToyBoy
64 PCM instruments can be played, and edited through two twin layers with multimode filtering, envelopes, retriggered lfos and fxs.

ToyBoy features several pianos, brasses, strings and keyboards, tuned and detuned synths, percussives like celesta, kalimba, vibes, bells, music boxes, xilophones as well as choir, hawaiian guitar, telephone tones, distorted guitar and pizzicato strings.

All instruments can be played raw, edited, filtered, detuned, enhanced with five effects, layered to build different sounds.

ToyBoy features

  • Rompler/s+s synth for Kontakt 4.2.3 or newer versions.
  • 64 raw lo-fi instruments, 30 looped. 584 16bit44100 waves, 152Mb.
  • Varied sampling range for each keyboard, all sounds uniformed to 5 octaves.
  • 5 effects, from cabinet and modulations to 9 ir stereo reverbs.
  • Arpeggiator and quick tweaks section.
  • Host-automated controls & midi-learn.
  • Presets, 64 naked/original and 64 categorized presets (arp/key/pad).
  • Includes ToyBeat: All drums, percussions and soundeffects from the four toy-keyboards in one instrument.

ToyBoy for Kontakt costs £7 GBP. It is also available bundled with Artifunkt in the Pluggotic Synth Bundle, priced at £9 GBP.

More information: Sampleism


Pluggotic releases DeeDeeTee sound library for Kontakt

Pluggotic has released DeeDeeTee, an electronic drum module based on a sampled circuit-bent DD-7, pcm “Super Session Player” drumpad.

Trigger and edit 50 hits through 50 drum parts, every part can be controlled with amplitude, panning, tuning and decay. Plus, simply turning a knob any of the bending options can be activated to damage the sounds, indipendently for any of the 50 drum parts.

DeeDeeTee’s dark side hides behind a funky mask, the original kit. Urban kicks and snares, electro fxs, percussions, an addictive clap, scratch fxs, animals, the almighty orchestra hit, voicecounts and more. A huge kit that increments any respectable funk/electro/’80 drum-machines collection.

Pluggotic DeeDeeTee
Pluggotic’s DeeDeeTeee instrument & sampled waveforms for Kontakt 4.2.3+

DeeDeeTee features

  • 637 24bit 96khz unlocked waves, 95MB.
  • 50 sounds and parts, with avarage of 11 “bent” variations each.
  • Manual and MIDI-controlled user interface.
  • MIDI-loops, 100 original and 41 new patterns with related presets.
  • Two additional “leftover” sounds included in the library.

The sample library is available to purchase from Sampleism for £7 GBP.

More information: Pluggotic DeeDeeTee


Pluggotic releases Footile

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Pluggotic Footile

Pluggotic has released Footile, a free glitch effect plug-in for Windows.

Footile is the remix of a vst effect by Novuzeit, Motile. Motile and Footile share the same serial-multifx concept and sound architecture but with a different modulation sistem.

In Footile, the effects parameters can be tweaked on four different “scenes”. Each scene is shown (colour coded) as a corner of a xy pad in the middle of the interface, so moving the cursor will morph each scene into the others.

Furthermore, morphing can be modulated with independent & mixable lfos, sequencers, envelope followers, randomizers (s/h), operating on x or y axis or both at host-synchronized rates.

Inspired by a certain quest for failure, Footile can be pretty unsubtle. It will treat signals with the following fx chain: pitch shifter-bitrate crusher-psycho-grains-glitch-metal-filter-control. Every effect can be disactivated and mixed at will.

Footile comes with 32 unsuccessful presets.

Footile is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: Pluggotic


Pluggotic releases Squosc

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Pluggotic Squosc

Pluggotic has released Squosc, a free effect plug-in inspired by squareboxes.

When any material passes through it’s input the constantly running oscillators are modulated via an envelope follower. Unusual oscillators intermodulations and a series of “bend-buttons” offer a cheap and non-always-logic escape from traditional midi-note or pattern based composition. an example could be a drumloop turned into bleeping melodies, electric basslines, trashy drones, 8bit style sweeps and other less-stable oddities, Squosc comes with 33 horrible presets for quick non-sense.

When it’s input is silent, it doubles up as a tone generator.

Well know for the raw sound, squareboxes are usually processed with guitar amplifiers, filters, reverbs or whatever chain of fxs. they come unlabeled pretty often, too. Squosc makes no exception.

Squosc is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: Pluggotic


Pluggotic releases Jenna

Pluggotic Jenna

Pluggotic has released Jenna, a sampled analog synthesizer.

Jenna from Pluggotic is a soulful resumè of full-ranged funky & (neo?) romantic patches for hip keyboardist and “museum-in-a-box” collectors.

six multisamples from a vintage italian analog monophonic synthesizer, 149 mono 16bits waveforms for 31 Kontakt2 (or newer) patches.

Jenna features

  • The original feel, high quality sampling and looping in six monophonic “naked” patches.
  • 20 expressive fx’ed patches: basses, leads, organs, layered, harmonized, etc. (Kontakt2 or newer only)
  • Three reverb IRs with Kontakt2 patches.
  • Bonus: naked patches for ShortCircuit and NN-Xt, economized patches for Morgana.
  • The download contains: 31 Kontakt patches, 8 Shortcircuit patches, 12 NN-XT patches, 12 Morgana patches.

Jenna is available to purchase from ProKits, priced at £2 GBP.

More information: ProKits / Pluggotic Jenna