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Plughugger releases Bazooka Bass for FXpansion DCAM Synth Squad

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Plughugger Bazooka Bass

Plughugger has released Bazooka Bass, a soundset for DCAM Synth Squad by FXpansion.

The sound expansion is built upon the lightweight champion of DCAM: Strobe. But thanks to its hidden features such as hidden oscillators and modulation capabilities, Strobe is a very capable synthesizer and is a dream to create bass sounds with. And when you take the sounds from Strobe and process them further with Fxpansions dedicated effect, layering and sequencing engine Fusor, the result becomes truly massive.

Bazooka Bass has been under development for over six months and is a collection of 303 presets for Strobe and Fusor, and spans from deep and dark tones, to modern screechy high-rate lfo modulations. There are noisy basses, there are snappy basses – there are intervals, pitch-modulated basses, there are BIG basses – there are dirty basses. And of course a wealth of sequences that are made to inspire you and get you going as soon as possible.

Bazooka Bass is available to purchase for 9.90 EUR.

More information: Plughugger / Bazooka Bass


Plughugger releases Bassphere Complete for Omnisphere

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Plughugger Bassphere Complete

Plughugger has announced the release of Bassphere Complete, a collection of 395 dance sounds for Spectrasonics Omnisphere.

Bassphere 03 is a new sound expansion for the Spectrasonics Omnisphere synthesizer now available for purchase in the Plughugger web-shop, priced at 4.90 euro. Bassphere 03 is the third and final installment in our Bassphere series, again aimed for producers of modern electronic music.

Bassphere Complete is a bundle of all three Bassphere expansions, priced at 9.80 euro. Previous buyers of any one Bassphere expansion can upgrade to the full bundle for the price of 4.90 euro. Owners of two expansions will get the third expansion for free.

Bassphere Complete is available to purchase for 9.80 EUR.

More information: Plughugger / Bassphere Complete


Plughugger releases Grounded for DUNE

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Plughugger Grounded

Plughugger has released Grounded, a new sound expansion for the DUNE software synthesizer by Synapse Audio.

Grounded is a sound expansion with a 100 percent focus on bass sounds. From dark brooding tones, to the classic snappiness of the 80s, to massive detuned sawstacks, sequences, intervals, noisy and pitched basses. In this soundset the all bass needs for Dune is covered.

Dune is one of the most important new synthesizers released last year – a dream for fans of super-sawed sounds, but can also create a create a great variety of sounds thanks to its wide range of alternative waveforms, apart from the usual sawtooth and square waveforms.

The Grounded soundset is available to purchase for 5.90 EUR.

More information: Plughugger / Grounded


Plughugger releases Rough for Sylenth1

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Plughugger Rough

Plughugger has released Rough, a new sound expansion for the Sylenth 1 software synthesizer by LennarDigital.

Rough is a hybrid soundset marrying the sound of commercial trance with dirty underground dubstep, creating a new sound with a foundation in melodic music, but with a much harder edge.

Unlike most soundsets from Plughugger, Rough is a mixed soundset containing all types of sounds you need to create complete tracks: leads, arpeggios/sequences, effects – even pads – and naturally our speciality and passion: bass sounds.

Rough features

  • 64 presets for Sylenth1.
  • Includes Arpeggio: 7, Bass: 21, Effects: 4, Lead: 15, Pad: 5, Sequences: 12.
  • Format: FXB (compatible with Audio Units).

Rough for Sylenth1 is available to purchase for 5.90 EUR.

Plughugger / Rough


Plughugger releases Nexus Reloaded for reFX Nexus 2

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Plughugger Nexus Reloaded

Plughugger has released Nexus Reloaded, a new sound expansion for the Nexus 2 synthesizer by ReFX.

Nexus Reloaded is a collection of over 400 new presets for the Nexus 2 software synthesizer that are constructed with the built-in waveforms included with Nexus 2.

The purpose of Nexus Reloaded was to see how far you can push Nexus 2 with only the parameters available for normal users. Without using additional samples or access to all the hidden parameters, you can actually take Nexus 2 quite far in terms of sound design.

Nexus Reloaded features

  • 423 presets divided into the following categories: Arp Bass: 136, Arp Lead: 62, Bass: 95, Gates: 21, Lead: 55, Pads: 54.
  • The style of the presets span from screeching monsterleads to wobbly basses, cute pads and basslines compressed so hard they could crush bones. Nexus Reloaded is a collection of presets with sounds for trance, 80s pop, modern pop, techno, electro and a bunch of other styles we absolutely cannot classify – but were to cool to be wasted.
  • The sounds were designed to be firestarters and are meant to be used as sources of inspiration.

Nexus Reloaded is available to purchase for 9.90 EUR.

More information: Plughugger / Nexus Reloaded


Plughugger releases Supercharg3r for Arturia Prophet V

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Plughugger Supercharg3r

Plughugger has released Supercharg3r, a collection of 64 electro presets for the Arturia Prophet V software synthesizer.

While our soundset Spirit aimed to bring the sound of the Prophet 5 into modern age, Supercharg3r is a bass expansion entirely built on the most underrated part of the Arturia Prophet V: its Prophet VS engine.

The goals during the design of the Supercharg3r soundset was to create a soundset entirely built on the VS engine, and secondly to create presets that sounds modern and differ from the typical VS-type of sounds. In short, to bring the Prophet VS to the modern age.

Supercharg3r is a collection of 64 bass sounds. No endlessly fluffing pads. No vibrating bell-sounding leads. No cute plucks. Just 64 innocent, fire-spitting bass sounds designed to inspire you to create tracks that makes you move.

Supercharg3r for Arturia Prophet V is available to purchase for 5.90 EUR.

More information: Plughugger / Supercharg3r


Plughugger annouces personal soundset prize draw

Plughugger Personal Soundset Competition

Plughugger has announced a prize draw in which you can win an exclusive personal soundset designer by Plughugger.

During the summer we will have a prize draw – with the chance to win a unique, personal soundset for a synthesizer of (almost) your choice.

All you have to do is go to our Facebook page and ‘Like’ it. It’s worth liking anyway. If you do this before the 1st of august 2011 – you’ll be in for the draw. The first of august the winner will be selected and notified.

The prize is a soundset designed for you and you alone. This bank of sounds will not be on sale or distributed in any way. A personal sound bank in one copy only.

Also note that all participants will be awarded with a free sample pack with unique contents not available in any other way.

More information: Plughugger


Plughugger releases TR-SONIQ sample library

Plughugger TR-SONIQ

Plughugger has released TR-SONIQ, a new sample library for Geist, Guru, Maschine, Akai MPC and WAV formats.

While the mad scientists at Ensoniq are long gone, their legacy remains in the hands of producers who still can’t part from the sound of their aging samplers.

TR-SONIQ is a sound library of TR909 and 808 drum machines colliding sonically with a refurbished Ensoniq DP/4 effects unit. It’s big, dirty and noisy, and as with all Ensoniq products, it got a character rarely found among the polished sound processors of today.

The classic drum machines from Roland are constantly being processed by SSL consoles, Distressors or software compressors and distortion units such as Sonalksis TBK3 and Ohm Force Ohmicide – the sound of Ensoniq brings a new flavor to the classic sounds.

With TR-SONIQ we have given the old drum sounds full treatment, drenching them in Ensoniq goodness, building new processing chains from scratch, sampling the results and finally converting and dithering them into 16 bit samples that can be used with practically any hard- or software sampler.

The library consists of 318 separate samples all organized into categories. There are also ten pre-made drum kits for Fxpansion Geist and Guru, Native Instruments Maschine and Akai MPC.

TR-SONIQ is available to purchase for 5.90 EUR.

More information: Plughugger / TR-SONIQ