PlugInGuru releases OmniChill for Omnisphere

PlugInGuru has announced OmniChill, a new sound library for Spectrasonics Omnisphere, featuring patches for downtempo, chill, ambient, chillstep, newage and film music composers.

PlugInGuru OmniChill

There are 110 patches including sub basses, special FX, Guitar Layers, Piano Layers, Leads, Pads and more. Every patch has the modulation dialed in to change the sound – sometimes in drastic ways and sometimes in subtle ways.

While the library has more of a chill / laid back set of patches, these patches are useful for virtually any style of music. The library also includes 160 FX Rack presets that can be loaded into the A, B or Common effect layer racks. These can finalize a track with EQ, compression and limiting or can destroy a track with distortion and vintage sounding delays. These are helpful to speed up the programming process and can give your own programming added depth with professionally designed FX set ups.

Along with these patches is a second product, OmniChill Video Power Pack, which consists of five video tutorials that John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl created while making the patches in the library. Over 10 patches in the library are created during these 3-hours of video tutorials. You will learn basic programming tips as well as learn advanced techniques while watching how patches that are in the library are created. The first of the videos “Synthesis Introduction and Modulation Fun” is on YouTube and can be watched for free.

The libraries are on sale for $27 USD each until January 5th, 2015 (regular $30 USD). Additional discounts are available with a purchase of multiple libraries.

More information: PlugInGuru


PlugInGuru releases MegaWav Epic & MegaWav Evil for Serum

PlugInGuru has announced the release of MegaWav Epic and MegaWav Evil, two new patch libraries for the Serum wavetable based synthesizer instrument from Xfer Records.

PlugInGuru MegaWav Epic & Evil

These libraries were created jointly by John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl and Seth Norman – and while originally this was going to be a single library, we both created a lot of really cool patches and decided to create 2 libraries for Serum at one time!

So what’s the difference between Epic and Evil? In a nutshell:

  • MegaWav Epic is aimed at EDM/Pop Music and the BPM patches generally have a 4-on-the-floor flavor.
  • MegaWav Evil is aimed at DubStep/BroStep/Bass Music and the BPM patches match these musical styles very well.

Every one of the 200 patches has all 4 Macro knobs and the Modulation wheel assigned to do serious sonic damage to the sound in interesting ways. This added programming takes a lot of time that most libraries ignore (because the programmers are lazy). PlugInGuru has NEVER ignored this and always programmed every patch in every library to use all real-time controls to manipulate the sounds.

The packs are available for the introductory price of $27 USD each until December 1st, 2014 (regular $30 USD); the bundle of both is $50 USD (regular $60 USD).

More information: PlugInGuru / MegaWav Epic & MegaWav Evil


PlugInGuru releases Bass Box library for Trilian

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PlugInGuru Bass Box

PlugInGuru has launched Bass Box for Trilian, a collection of 160+ new patches for the Trilian bass instrument by Spectrasonics.

Bass Box is a new library of 161 Patches and 110 effect “Rack” presets for Spectrasonics Trilian. The most recent patches from Spectrasonics for Trilian were released over 3 years ago. This library brings Trilian up-to-date with a wide variety of patches for todays music productions and also includes inspiring Acoustic/Synth and Electric/Synth bass layers – something Trilian never included in their factory patches.

Another cool thing: This library comes formatted to work with both Trilian or Omnisphere (if you own BOTH plug-ins). Installation instructions are included in the ReadMe.PDF file.

Bass Box features

  • 161 patches: 85 Bass, 31 BPM Bass, 11 Bass Chord, 9 Polyphonic Synth, 8 FX, 7 BPM FX, 5 Bass Drone, 5 Bass FX.
  • 110 Effect Rack Presets: 60 MIX (usually used in Common), 23 Distortion (usually used in Layer A or B), 12 Combo (preset for one of the layers PLUS Common), 11 Phaser (usually used in Layer A or B), 4 Low Pass Filter (usually used in Layer A or B).

Bass Box is available for the introductory price of $25 until September 21st, 2014 (regular $30 USD).

More information: PlugInGuru / Bass Box for Trilian


PlugInGuru releases Toxic Omnisphere sound library

Toxic Omnisphere

PlugInGuru has launched Toxic Omnisphere, a sound library for Spectrasonics Omnisphere featuring cutting edge EDM patches by Seth Norman.

TOXIC Omnisphere takes the concept of BOLD, “In Your Face” synth patches where the MOD WHEEL does EVIL and NASTY things to the sound that was first pioneered on TOXIC FM8 and re-invents Omnisphere to be a complete evil task master with waveforms and distorted resonant sounds like you’ve never heard come from Omnisphere before.

These are NOT pretty (well a couple are…), these are not TAMED (a comple have some manners), these are NOT patches you take home to MOMMA (well, you could… but I wouldn’t risk it)….. These are sounds that will RE-DEFINE HOW you can use Omnisphere. Taking you DEEEEEEP into the world of cutting edge EDM (whatever that is) genres and beyond!

Toxic Omnisphere features

  • 125 EDM patches for Omnisphere.
  • Includes 52 synth bass, 30 arp + rhythm, 15 synth mono, 11 pads + strings, 8 sfx and noise, 5 synth poly, 4 impact and hits.
  • 4 bonus 320Khz MP3 demo tracks.

The sound library is available exclusively from PlugInGuru for the introductory price of $25 until August 1st, 2014.

More information: PlugInGuru / Toxic Omnisphere


PlugInGuru releases Omniverse III: Aurora soundset

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PlugInGuru Omniverse III: Aurora

PlugInGuru has released Omniverse III: Aurora, a concept story based patch library featuring 100 sounds for Spectrasonics Omnisphere.

By first writing a science fiction alien race invading war story about the survival of the planet Omniverse, the majority of these patches were written to provide the sound palette needed to compose music for this story. The included 320Kbs MP3 demo by Amin Bahtia called “Battle for Omniverse” is designed to show how well the final patches work together.

There are 100 patches including fast attack String Orchestra Patches, Short Attack Strings, Fast Arco Strings, Solo Cello, Solo French Horn, Ensemble French Horns, Massive Pipe Organs (with Choir and Strings layered versions also included), Orchestral Bass Drum, Orchestral Snare Drum, Sonic Space Impacts, Death of a Evil Civilization in sonic form as well as unorthodox Bell patches and beautiful synth pads of many colors – many with motion elements that are very beautiful. There is also the Auroa Piano which is a mellow dream piano patch that are designed to add toxic distortion and multi-octaves to the sound as a user moves the modulation wheel.

Every patch has sonic changes with the modulation wheel. For example, with the fast attack string programs, EQ in the layer effects is used to increase the high EQ with the modulation wheel for a useful “hard rosin” effect to the sound.

The soundset is available for purchase for $30 USD.

More information: PlugInGuru / Omniverse III: Aurora


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