Detunized releases Vox Populi 2 Live Pack for Ableton

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Detunized Vox Populi 2

Detunized has announced its Vox Populi 2 Live Pack, the second installment of a series of exciting sounds from the Russian Polivoks synthesizer.

The Pack contains a comprehensive collection of genuine analog synth sounds that feature the rough and crude character of this crown of Soviet synthesizer egineering.

Made of nearly 650 samples Vox Populi 2 forms a colorfull sound palette of 46 presets that are encapsulated into Live´s Rack architecture.

Be it the “Bolschoi Synth”, the “Tupolew Pad”, the “Vox Populi Piano” or even one of the included Drum Synths – each single Rack follows a standardized Macro Control layout that makes it easy to instantly familiarize with the sonic possibilities of this Live Pack.

Vox Populi 2 features

  • 46 instruments, 644 samples (24bit/44.1kHz).
  • 260 MB content.
  • Format: Ableton Live Pack (PC/Mac, Live 8.3).

Vox Populi 2 is available to purchase for 9 EUR.

More information: Detunized / Vox Populi 2


Design the Media puts the sounds of the Polivox synth in a free Live Pack

Design the Media has released the Polivoks Live Pack, a free Ableton Live sound library by Tristan Héau and Julien Bayle.

Design the Media Polivoks Live Pack
Some of the presets included in the free Polivoks sound library for Ableton Live.

New Ableton Live Pack designed by Tristan Héau, with a collection of more than 300 samples from the very famous Russian synth POLIVOKS. Those sounds where carefully recorded, using a accurate tuner, and APOGEE preamps in order to catch that raw, nasty, analog sounds from this eastern beast.

But that’s not all folks. Tristan also created specific drum kits, Simpler presets (made from simpler and sampler live instruments) and custom instruments Racks (with esoteric macro knobs to be mapped to your favorite midi controller).

The sound library is a free download (registration required, also free).

More information: Design the Media


Hollow Sun announces $1 giveaway for Polivoks sample library for Kontakt

Hollow Sun Polivoks

Hollow Sun has announced “A wee $1 Hogmanay giveaway”, offering its Polivoks sample library for Kontakt for just $1 through January.

It’s 1982 in the Soviet Union. Obedient comrades in the state-run factories are churning out electronic goods for the proletariat at the diktat of the communist regime. These include tape recorders, TVs and radios, etc.. The Formanta factory in Kachkanar in the Ural mountains, however, is making electronic musical instruments – organs, amplifiers, speakers, etc. – and a decision is taken there to make a synthesiser, a proper synthesiser… the kind of thing we capitalist westerners have been enjoying for the best part of 12 years or more.

So an engineer called Vladimir Kuzmin is assigned the job (with his wife) of designing such a synth. Vladimir has had some experience in this area improving the FAEMI-M, an electronic organ with basic synth facilities so it makes sense for him to lead the project.

The result is the ‘Polivoks’.

Hollow Sun Polivoks features

  • Real analogue sounds.
  • Unique sounds from this rare Russian synth.
  • Basses, pads and leadlines.
  • Kontakt 3.5.
  • Custom scripted panel featuring…
    • Dynamic lowpass filter with simple envelope
    • ADR amp envelope
    • Phase shifter, chorus, delay and reverb multi-FX
    • Variable velocity curves, pitch bend, etc..

More information: Hollow Sun / Polivoks


Sinevibes releases Analogies and Voices Sound Expansions for Kontakt

Sinevibes Analogies, Voices & Organics

Sinevibes has announced the release of Analogies and Voices, two new sound expansions for Native Instruments Kontakt.

We are known for releasing only original sounds and instruments built totally from the ground up, not based on any sounds that existed before. Now we bring our sound design expertise to all KONTAKT users, providing them with ultra-fresh new instruments that sound like nothing else on the market. From urban, club and pop music production to movie scoring, worship and beyond – these sound expansions deliver something special for everyone.

Sinevibes Kontakt Expansions

  • Analogies, features powerful and very charismatic analog synth, bass,
    lead and pad instruments made with the mighty Polivoks synthesizer. Contents: 25 instruments, 325 individual samples, 45 MB total size.
  • Voices features vocal, choir vocoder and pad instruments created from human voice recordings using our custom technique involving spectral resynthesis and multi-stage processing. Contents: 30 instruments, 327 individual samples, 54 MB total size.

Analogies and Voices for KONTAKT are available to purchase as an instant download for $19 USD each. CD with worldwide shipping is optional. If you buy both Analogies and Voices, you will receive the next Organics sound expansion free of charge when it’s released (due in June).

More information: Sinevibes


DETUNIZED.COM releases DTS004 – Vox Populi Synthesizer

DETUNIZED.COM DTS004 - Vox Populi Synthesizer

Detunized has released DTS004 – Vox Populi Synthesizer, an instrument for Ableton Live, featuring the sounds of the Polivoks.

All 5 original Polivoks waveforms where captured and integrated carefully into our unique Multiwaveform Oscillators. Each waveform is represented by 32 single samples that cover all five registers of the original Polivoks: 32´ | 16´ | 8´ | 4´ | 2´

Due to the semi-modular principle of Live we could extend the Vox Populi Synthesizer far beyond the original Polivoks layout. We designed 4 different types of Multiwaveform Oscillators capable of Waveform Shaping, Frequency Modulation, Amplitude Modulation and Pitch Modulation.

Also we created 24 additional oscillators containing further sets of multisampled Polivoks timbres. Each one of these 28 different oscillators is hot-swapable and can be used easily to extend the sound spectrum of the Vox Populi Synthesizer.

DTS004 – Vox Populi Synthesizer features

  • Synthesizers: 3 + Vintage FX Box.
  • Keyrange: full (C-2 to G8).
  • OSC Types: 28 + Noise Module.
  • Patches: 22.
  • No.of Samples: 459 (24 Bit, 44,1 kHz).
  • Download Size: approx. 200 MB.
  • Installation instruction and tutorial video included.

The Vox Populi Synthesizer is available as an instant download for 6.98 EUR (subscribers pay 4.98 EUR). A ReFill for Reason (5 basic waveformsets plus 23 multisample patches, ~150 MB download) and FL Studio Directwave bank (5 basic waveformsets + 34 multisample patches, ~231 MB download) are available as well.

More information: Detunized / Vox Populi Synthesizer


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