DETUNIZED.COM releases DTS004 – Vox Populi Synthesizer

DETUNIZED.COM DTS004 - Vox Populi Synthesizer

Detunized has released DTS004 – Vox Populi Synthesizer, an instrument for Ableton Live, featuring the sounds of the Polivoks.

All 5 original Polivoks waveforms where captured and integrated carefully into our unique Multiwaveform Oscillators. Each waveform is represented by 32 single samples that cover all five registers of the original Polivoks: 32´ | 16´ | 8´ | 4´ | 2´

Due to the semi-modular principle of Live we could extend the Vox Populi Synthesizer far beyond the original Polivoks layout. We designed 4 different types of Multiwaveform Oscillators capable of Waveform Shaping, Frequency Modulation, Amplitude Modulation and Pitch Modulation.

Also we created 24 additional oscillators containing further sets of multisampled Polivoks timbres. Each one of these 28 different oscillators is hot-swapable and can be used easily to extend the sound spectrum of the Vox Populi Synthesizer.

DTS004 – Vox Populi Synthesizer features

  • Synthesizers: 3 + Vintage FX Box.
  • Keyrange: full (C-2 to G8).
  • OSC Types: 28 + Noise Module.
  • Patches: 22.
  • No.of Samples: 459 (24 Bit, 44,1 kHz).
  • Download Size: approx. 200 MB.
  • Installation instruction and tutorial video included.

The Vox Populi Synthesizer is available as an instant download for 6.98 EUR (subscribers pay 4.98 EUR). A ReFill for Reason (5 basic waveformsets plus 23 multisample patches, ~150 MB download) and FL Studio Directwave bank (5 basic waveformsets + 34 multisample patches, ~231 MB download) are available as well.

More information: Detunized / Vox Populi Synthesizer


Precisionsound releases Retro Gadgets Vol.4

Precisionsound Retro Gadgets Vol.4

Precisionsound has released Retro Gadgets Vol.4, a sample library featuring rare and unique sounding instruments.

We recreated the sounds of these keyboards and also used the potential of the sampler engines to create polyphonic pads, leads etc. based on the core sounds. This technique to use the multisampled keyboard sounds as oscillator’s gives a more analogue and organic result than using VA oscillators, in our opinion.

Retro Gadgets Vol. 4 is more that authentic sounding toy instruments it’s a collection of unique and inspiring sounds for HALion and NI Kontakt.

Retro Gadgets Vol.4 features

  • Sampled instruments: Polivox Faemi mini, Concept 2000, Mix Me DJ, Yamaha PS1, Stylophone Woodstyle.
  • 453 24bit mono wav files.
  • 4 Rx2 files.
  • 38 programs for HALion 1.1 and above.
  • 42 programs for NI Kontakt 1.2 and above.

Retro Gadgets Vol.4 is available for download for $25 USD (+$11 USD for optional CD/DVD-rom).

More information: Precisionsound / Retro Gadgets Vol.4