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PowerFX releases Vocaloid Big Al

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PowerFX Big Al

PowerFX has released Big Al, a voice synthesis tool for Windows.

Have you ever dreamed of having your own Vocal Avatar who will sing back the words you type in to your PC? Have an idea for a song and you would like to hear it sung back immediately or how about sending a singing email message?

Sound futuristic? Well it’s here and now with the latest release from PowerFX, Big Al.

Big Al was developed using the latest VOCALOID 2 software from Yamaha and is the perfect tool for any creative, digital music maker. Type in words or lyrics, select a melody and hear the results “sung” back. You can use the included tools and effects to improve or manipulate your results. Big Al can sing up to 16 times simultaneously, so you can create backing vocals or choirs with unmatched range and control.

Big Al´s vocals come from a real singer who was recorded extensively, enabling PowerFX to create a comprehensive library of his vocal sounds. VOCALOID software users type in words and assign melodies or import midi files to Big Al. He then emulates the words and notes given to him. Expressive effects, vibrato and dynamics can also be added to his singing from the VOACALOID editor. All of this makes for an exciting process with lots of creative possibilities.

Big Al is available to purchase for Windows PC (Standalone/VST/ReWire), priced at $149 USD for the download version or $179 USD for the DVD.

More information: PowerFX / Vocaloid Big Al

PowerFX adds Virtual Instruments to Soundation Studio Beta

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Soundation Studio Beta

PowerFX has announced the introduction of 3 synths, a drum machine and a noise generator for everyone to use in their web based sequencer, Soundation Studio.

The addition of instrument channels adds a whole new dimension to making music on the web to go along with the existing sound tools in this innovative application, like 400 loops, 9 real time effects and publish to web functionality.

New virtual instruments

  • Simple, a 4 oscillator synth with Saw, Square, Sine and Noise waveforms complete with Amp and Filter envelopes.
  • Mono, 2 oscillator synth with a mix pot to blend the saw and square waveforms.
  • SuperSaw, 7 oscillators with Detune, Spread and Amp envelopes.
  • Drum Machine, with 8 classic 808 style sounds and individual drum sound settings for Gain, Pitch, Hold and Decay.
  • Noiser is a white noise generating synth with an Amp envelope for the romantics in us all.

Note clips and a side chain emulator called “Fakie” are other new developments to Soundation Studio.

More information: Soundation

PowerFX releases Funktronica

PowerFX Funktronica

PowerFX has announced the release of Funktronica, a collection of acoustic and electronic instrument loops to help any production get a groove on.

Funktronica combines funky, retro guitar comps, soulful basses and jazzy percussion with the contemporary synth riffs, house breaks and booming basses for a full on booty shaking, party vibe.

This downloadable package includes over 1.3 GB´s of pure content in wav files (1050) with no redundant formats.

Also included are 2 PC VST Instruments, Anatude and Array, to make this a total production package and great value.

Funktronica features

  • 1.38 GB content: 1,050 loops, 23 construction Kits / 415 files.
  • Bass Loops 130 (Synth and Electric), Guitar Loops 75, Keyboard Loops 80, Drum Loops 150, Drum Hits 169, Percussion loops 80, FX Loops 40, Music Loops 35.
  • Array, a great synth for basses, keys and pads
    • 4 Oscillators
    • LFO
    • Multimode Filter
    • Chorus effect
    • Dis-Array randomizer function
    • Velocity response
    • Preset manager
  • Anatude, a powerful 2 oscillators synth
  • 2 OSC with 6 waveforms
  • Amp. Envelope
  • Octave & fine-tuning
  • Advanced pulse modulation
  • 2 LFO with 6 waveforms
  • 2 Filter (4 modes)
  • Osc 1/2 Balance
  • Osc sync
  • Velocity response knob
  • OSC & Filter route
  • 7×14 Matrix panel
  • 3 Effects: Chorus, Reverb & Drive

Funktronica is available to purchase as a digital download for $49 USD.

More information: PowerFX / Funktronica

PowerFX releases Soundation Studio (Beta)

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PowerFX Soundation Studio

PowerFX has announced the release of a public beta of Soundation Studio, a web based sequencer that enables you to make music, ringtones and audio clips directly from the internet without downloading any software.

This beta version includes over 400 royalty free audio loops, 9 different effects, track automation, basic loop editing, time stretching, master channel control, publish to web and download to desktop features.

All processing is done locally so the performance and amount of tracks you can use is based on your personal computer setup and internet connection. The real time effects can be chained together to create multiple manipulation possibilities and all the loops are 16 bit, 44.1 stereo wav files. You can start using Soundation Studio at and follow the developments and see tutorial videos on

More information: Soundation Studio

PowerFX releases Nu Club Producer

PowerFX Nu Club Producer

PowerFX has released Nu Club Producer, a new sample collection for producers and DJs.

Nu Club Producer is the quintessential sample product for today´s producers and DJs with a whole slew of great new club loops from a variety of latest musical styles like Funky UK, DubStep, Progressive House, Minimal Tech House, Electro Hip Hop and Club Anthems.

Produced by veteran sample producers Andrew Potterton and Andreas Tyson, Nu Club Producer is an entirely new collection that includes 865 acidized loops of bass lines, beats, synths, percussion and FX loops compiled keys and tempo information in the file names for ease of use with your favorite sequencer.

Nu Club Producer features

  • 1.26 GB (655 MB download): 222 bass loops, 192 drum loops, 86 percussion loops, 248 synth loops, and 117 FX loops.
  • No hits, patches or redundant formats, just pure acidized wav loops.
  • Bonus: PowerFX sample pack “Grimebient” is included.

Nu Club Producer is available for purchase for $59 USD.

More information: PowerFX

PowerFX releases Grimebient

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PowerFX Grimebient

PowerFX has released Grimebient, a new downloadable sample collection.

Warped and wicked bass lines, downtempo grunge n grime beats are the chief sonic ingredients of this unique, new sample pack from PowerFX. The latest sounds and techniques are used to create throbbing tracks at slower tempos ranging between 80 and 100 bpm.

Grimebient features

  • 105 files totaling 219 MB
  • 39 basses
  • 44 beats
  • 7 synth loops
  • 5 synth pads
  • 10 FX

Grimebient is available for purchase for $19 USD.

Visit PowerFX for more information and audio clips.

PowerFX releases Progressive House

PowerFX Progressive House

PowerFX has released Progressive House, sample library that offers producers and digital music makers an awesome collection of loops and tools from the hottest underground club music style.

With over 425 acidized wav loops of throbbing bass lines, floor banging beats, sizzling synth and a section of individual drum stem loops for easy and creative mix and match, “on the fly” beat production, 253 rex files and a VSTi synthesizer with 54 instruments, Progressive House is a total production package.

Progressive House features

  • 682 acidized wav (429) and REX (253) loops: bass, beats (+ stems), percussion, synth FX and synths.
  • PowerFX Hütkins VSTi Synth PC only:
    • 54 Instruments (15 basses and 39 synths).
    • 3 Instrument Layers.
    • ADSR, level, pan and control for each instrument.
    • Filter.
    • LFO.
    • Send FX Chorus, Delay.
    • Master Reverb FX.

Progressive House is available for download for $49 USD.

Visit PowerFX for more information and audio demos.

PowerFX releases DSK Music sample libraries

PowerFX has released five new DSK Music sample libraries.

DSK Music sample libraries

DSK Music sample libraries

  • DSK Vintage Keys Vol.1 — Clavinet, Dyno Rhodes, DX7 Rhodes, Hohner Pianet, Fender Rhodes & Wurlitzer. +270 samples, velocity zones.
  • DSK Saxotopia — Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax & Alto Sax. +130 samples, velocity zones.
  • DSK Dynamic Guitars 1 — Acoustic guitar, Nylon guitar & Steel guitar. +250 samples, velocity zones, big dynamic range!
  • DSK Classic Grand Piano — Classic Grand, Classic Grand Bright & Classic Grand Damped. +170 samples, velocity zones.
  • DSK Brass, Brass (Ensemble, Orchestra & Shot), Horns (Flugel, French, French Mute), Harmon Mute, Piccolo Trumpet (+Staccato), Sax (Alto, Soprano, Tenor), Trombone (+Cup Mute, Strt Mute, Wah Mute), Trumpet (+Cup Mute, H. Mute, Staccato, Swell), Tuba (+Staccato). +250 samples, velocity zones.

The DSK Music sample libraries include SoundFont, NI Kontakt, Giga & SampleTank formats and are available for download at $29 USD each.

Visit PowerFX for more information and audio demos.