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PowerFX releases HumBox VM1

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PowerFX HumBox VM1

PowerFX has released HumBox VM1, a VSTi synth with advanced structure for manipulating sounds that allows a quick creation of quality backing vocals and solo lines, realistic scat melodies and original sound effects.

It sounds unique as a melodic line, scat or backing vocal simulation as well as an effect for a Movie & Game soundtrack. VM1 is very sensitive to what you’re playing. Press a few MIDI keys and you’ll feel it! Listen to demo examples and have a blast using the HumBox!

HumBox VM1 features

  • 10 Voice Banks and 50 Styles, so each virtual vocalist has a few variations, in which he or she can perform.
  • Banks and Styles are named to help identify specify vocal character.
  • All Styles can be used in Solo, Dual or Poly mode, which increases possibilities for the user.
  • Automatic “phrasing” and “breathing”. VM1 has phrase Volume and Pitch envelopes and inserts noises in pauses, which animates the voices considerably.
  • Context Dependent Expressive Synthesis — an advanced system of patch parameters calculated on the base of musical context: Velocities, Note Numbers and music Intervals.
  • Easy interface with intuitive controls amd QuickHelp.

HumBox VM1 is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC for $49 USD.

Visit PowerFX for more information and a demo mp3.


PowerFX releases Hoodtronica

PowerFX Hoodtronica

PowerFX has released Hoodtronica, a production tool for making Nu Urban Music that combines the latest in urban and electronica production techniques.

Hoodtronica is the total production lab that comes packed (1099 files/960 MB) with the essential samples, tools and control you need to create modern masterpieces. Includes two VSTi´s, PowerFX Mini Drumz and the 3 layered power synth, Hütkins, and a collection of relevant midi files to drive the VSTi´s. Also, construction kits, additional beats, basses and synths, FXs and Rex files. This is a must have production for any producer working in electronica and or hip hop.

Hoodtronica features

  • Construction Kits: 28 folders/336 files/378 MB
  • Drum & Percussion loops: 181 files
  • Bass loops: 132 files
  • Synth loops n stabs: 143 files
  • FX sounds: 85 files
  • Rex: 227 files/105 MB
  • Midi: 152 files
  • Drum Hits: 142
  • PowerFX Hütkins VSTi Synth
    • 54 Instruments (15 basses and 39 Synths)
    • 3 Instrument Layers
    • ADSR, level, pan ansd control for each instrument
    • Filter
    • LFO
    • Send FX Chorus, Delay
    • Master Reverb FX
  • PowerFX Mini Drumz VSTi
    • Includes 40 kits!
    • Retro Beat Boxes (Ace Tone Rhythm Ace, DMX, Linn 9000, Drumulator, SP-12)
    • Electro Drumsets (Simmons, Tama Tech Star)
    • Electro Hip Hop custom kits
    • Individual Midi Channel select
    • High Pass and Pole Filtering
    • Loads custom SF2 drum kits

Hoodtronica is available for download for $79 USD.

Visit PowerFX for more information and audio demos.


PowerFX releases eXode Trance, Scandinavian Roots and Hip Drums

PowerFX eXode Trance
PowerFX Hip Drums
PowerFX Scandinavian Roots

PowerFX has released eXode Trance, Scandinavian Roots and Hip Drums, three ReFills for Reason.

The eXode Trance Refill is the latest offering from Reason guru “eXode”, who has previously created an expansion Piano refill for Propellerheads, a soundset in Reason 4 and the popular Mjolnir Refill. The Trance Refill contains over 350 Thor, Combinator, sequence and effects patches with a hard slant towards electronic dance music. The download is for REASON 4 only and is available for &eruo;45 EUR.

The Hip Drums Refill was created from recordings of the Yamaha Hip Gig drumset. These drums have a tight, focused sound which is ideally suited for musical styles Pop, Funk and Rock. The refill includes 252 Rex files and 2 multisampled NN-XT key mapped kit patches in General Midi format. This ombination makes the Hip Drums Refill a complete drum production tool and the download is available for €25 EUR.

Scandinavian Roots opens up a whole new world of sounds and historical instruments from the enchanted lands of the North. With 19 multi-sampled instruments like the Hurdy Gurdy, Kantele, Swedish Bagpipes, Pump Organ and the Offerdahl Pipe and over 980 REX file loops, this is a creative paradise of those looking for acoustic and organic sound sources. Additionally, the refill contains 26 NN-XT patches and 28 Combinator patches and is available for €53 EUR.

Visit PowerFX for more information and audio demos.


PowerFX releases Tribal Tech House

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PowerFX Tribal Tech House

PowerFX has released Tribal Tech House, a sample library featuring constuction kits, loops and hits.

This exciting new collection of beats, basses, synths and FX combines the sound and energy of Tech House with the ritualistic rhythms of Tribal to create a new and unique musical genre. Organized into construction kits,loops,and a bonus section of ethnic percussion hits and vocal cut-ups, Tribal Tech House provides an inspirational, all-in-one source for creating hypnotically irresistible dance tracks.

Tribal Tech House features

  • 32 Construction Kits (272 Acidized loops all with tempo and key information).
  • 125 Bonus Loops (Acidized with tempo and key information).
  • 371 Hits (Drums, Djembe, Darbouka, Congas, Bongos, Bells, Shakers, Frame Drums, Vocal Cutups and more…).
  • 215 Rex files of beats and percussion loops.

Tribal Tech House is available now for $79 USD.

Visit PowerFX for more information and audio demos.


PowerFX releases Tekniks Ghetto Grooves 3

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PowerFX Tekniks Ghetto Grooves 3

PowerFX releases Tekniks Ghetto Grooves 3, a 1.73 GB sample library.

Produced with sheer quality in mind, GG3 is packing more heat than ever before. From head knockin grooves to gut busting basses, illest keys & hundreds of single hits this is the ONLY collection for today’s hiphop and RnB Producer.

Tekniks Ghetto Grooves 3 features

  • 525 original loops weighing in at 827 MB.
  • 1157 sound files in total.
  • Drum loops are sliced and diced into Rex files.

Tekniks Ghetto Grooves 3 is available as a download for $79 USD.

Visit PowerFX for more information and audio demos.


PowerFX releases All Them Beats

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PowerFX All Them Beats

PowerFX has released All Them Beats, a collection of regional, stylistic and historical beats and rhythms in MIDI, REX and Wav formats.

True to the PowerFX signature, the extensive beat library is expertly produced and organized within three categories, including: “Regional” featuring Brazilian (bossa nova and the samba), African, European, and other regional beats; “Genres” showcasing jazz, rock, country, and blues styles (Chicago shuffle, Texas shuffle); and “Greatest Breaks” such as the Funky Drummer, The Amen Break and Walk This Way, among many others.

All Them Beats features

  • 1.42 GB library including 430+ MIDI rhythm and beat files and over 1,000 acidized wav loops and rex files.
  • MIDI files were recorded live with an electronic V-Drum kit, assigned to General MIDI files.
  • Each MIDI file has been assigned appropriate sounds and tempo and has been exported as an acidized wav file and REX file.
  • Bonus selection of drum loops culled from PowerFX’s award-winning samples.

All Them Beats is available as a download and on DVD for $69 USD. The MIDI files are also available as a separate download for $39 USD.

Visit PowerFX for more information and audio demos.


PowerFX releases DopeTank Drumhead

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PowerFX DopeTank Drumhead

PowerFX has released DopeTank Drumhead, a wide collection of high quality drum and effect sounds.

DopeTank Drumhead features

  • 100 REX loops (plus 100 identical wav loops).
  • 10 loops each in these 10 category folders: Big Beat, Breakbeat, Chemical, Drum n Bass, Electronic, Future Rock, Hip Hop, House, IDM Beat, Techno.
  • 1900+ drum hits recorded in 24 bit: Bass Drums (Distorted, Synthetic and SubBass), Snares (acoustic, electronic, synthetic, short snares, snare cuts, various), Claps, Cymbals (crash, Ride), Hi Hats (acoustic, electronic, synthetic), Various Slices (combination hits and fxs), FX.

DopeTank Drumhead is available as a download for $49 USD.

Visit PowerFX for more information.


PowerFX releases Evolutionary Pads Of Beyond

PowerFX Evolutionary Pads Of Beyond

PowerFX has released Evolutionary Pads Of Beyond, a collection of samples by Retro Sampling.

These banks are made for film scores in the genres of thriller or dark science fiction but could easily be used for ambient or cold chillout. It instantaneously gives you associations of that something is going to happen, so play it wisely and create sonic psychological tunes to push the listener in the right direction.

Evolutionary Pads Of Beyond features

  • Four banks: Cloustrofobic Within / Digital Wastelands / Fog Of Divinity / Gothic Darkness.
  • 1,800MB content (699 MB download size).
  • Compatible with Wav / HALion / Kontakt / NNXT / Refill / GIGA / Maize-Standalone / VSTi formats.

Evolutionary Pads Of Beyond is available for $59 USD.

Visit PowerFX for more information and audio demos.