Practical-Sampling Bass Instrument, EXS24 sample library

Practical-Sampling Bass Instrument

Original-Music has released Bass Instrument, a bass sample library by Practical-Sampling.

‘Bass Instrument’ contains 488 samples, split into eight instruments: ‘Buzz’, ‘Metal’, ‘Blip’, ‘Round’, ‘Raw’, ‘Dark’, ‘Smooth’ & ‘Trickle’

Sampled from a vintage ”Kawai SX-240” synthesizer, ‘Bass Instrument’ allows you to switch between eight different voices.

Bass Instrument features

  • 8 Bass Voices.
  • Key Switching using keys.
  • EXS24 format.
  • 488 Sampled Notes.
  • 980mb.

Bass Instrument for Logic EXS24 is available to purchase for £8 GBP.

More information: Original-Music / Bass Instrument


Practical Sampling Electric Piano, virtual EP for Logic EXS24

Practical Sampling Electric Piano

Original-Music has announced the release of Electric Piano, a virtual electric piano instrument by Practical Sampling. have combined with to bring you a classic collection of keyboard multi samples. These instruments are for use with ‘Logic’s EXS24′ or any other sampler that will allow you to map your own keyboard sounds.

Our first instrument of this collection is a electric piano. It has been modeled on a classic ‘Fender Rhodes Seventy Three’. We plan to release more instruments in the future & have have them available in various formats.

Practical Sampling Electric Piano features

  • EXS24 Electric Piano, modeled on a ‘Fender Rhodes 73′ electric piano.
  • Includes up to four layers of multi velocities allowing you to play this classic electric piano on a midi keyboard.
  • 232.5MB content, Mac.

The Practical Sampling Electric Piano is available to purchase for £5 GBP.

More information: Original-Music / Practical Sampling Electric Piano


Practical Sampling releases Lexicon 960L Impulses

Lexicon 960L

Practical Sampling has released some free Lexicon 960L impulse response samples.

Thanks to Randy Hetherington for providing these files! I have been using them regularly in Logic 8 with Space Designer and they are really great. Of course you cannot customize them as you would when using the actual 960L, but Space Designer has its own set of awesome tools.

The Lexicon 960L impulse response samples are available as freeware from the downloads page.


Practical Sampling releases free EXS24 sampled instruments

Audio Sampling book

Practical Sampling has released some free EXS24 sampled instruments in support of Audio Sampling, a book published by Focal Press.

These instrumets were submitted as student projects for a sampling class offered at the University of Colorado’s Denver campus. More will be added in the next week or so. Enjoy!

Instruments currently available

  • Toy Piano
  • Toy Accordion
  • Simple Guitar
  • Bilhorn Organ

You can download these instruments free of charge here. More instruments may be posted in the future.