Precious Sound releases PreBrute for Kontakt

Precious Sound PreBrute

Precious Sound has announced PreBrute, the worlds first sample based Kontakt synth based on the Arturia MiniBrute.

We were lucky to get our hands on one and decided that it would be a ideal synth to sample for our engine. We have spent many months painstakingly sampling the synth with 4 different signal chains.

Our flavour system is just that you can select along the 4 oscillators what waveform and flavour (sampling chain) to choose from, so you have 20 waveform choices but 80 possible choices per Osc including the different flavours.

While sampling PreBrute we pushed our preamps hard to imprint characteristics of the actual pre to the sound resulting in subtle/extreme changes.

We also tracked the raw sound to cassette tape using a Tascam 122mk3, we tracked at a slow speed to naturally roll off some of the high end giving the tape waveforms a really warm and smooth sound.

PreBrute features

  • 2.16GB Kontakt 5 Library.
  • 7,612 24bit samples.
  • “4Scoop” engine for Kontakt.
  • Includes 45 presets.

PreBrute is available at a special 25% off festive discount until January 7th, 2013, priced at £30 GBP (regular £39.99 GBP). Prices inc. VAT. Owners of any “4Scoop” based product are entitled to a additional 10% discount part of a newly established Loyalty Scheme.

More information: Precious Sound / PreBrute


Precious Sound launches with Presid sound library for Kontakt & Maschine

Precious Sound PreSid

Precious Sound has announced the release of PreSid, a sample library for Kontakt 5 and Maschine.

Presid is the most comprehensive 8580 Sid chip based library on the market.

PreSid is the first product based on our propriety “4Scoop” engine. Further releases will follow using the exclusive Precious Sound “4Scoop” engine. Our “4Scoop” engine has been developed to allow new features to be implemented and we have an open road map for our engine.

PreSid features

  • 4 Oscillators with independant Amp ADSR/Filter ADSR, 2–Switchable Envelopes per Osc Amp Adsr (Normal/Punch).
  • 20 WAveforms sampled from Sid chip–4 Selectable Flavours Per Osc (Raw/1073/512C/Tape).
  • 2 LFOs per Osc, each with adjustable Speed, Depth and Sync–Shape: Sine, Triangle, Rectangle, Sawtooth, and Random/Destination: Filter Cutoff, Filter Resonance, Osc Volume, Osc Pan, Osc Tune and Osc Fine Tune.
  • Octave function to shift +/- 3 octaves per Osc (natively plays samples does not tune sample)–Inv Phase per Osc, Sample start adjustment per Osc.
  • 7 FX per Osc–Lo-fi/Distortion/Flanger/Phaser/Chorus/Saturation/Limiter.
  • 6 selectable Filters per Osc–LP/HP/BP/Notch/Phase/Vow, Adjustable Key track and Velocity amount.
  • Copy paste Osc settings to another Osc.
  • Global Dual LP/HP Filter–Global filters can be linked to behave like a BP Filter.
  • Global summing mixer–Global Insert effects Width/Distortion/Tape Saturation/Eq/Limiter, Global send effects Phaser/Flanger/Chorus/Ir Reverb/Delay, Unison (up to 8 voice), Global Amp ADSR with a softer curve.
  • Onboard Preset system (load and save presets via the global panel)–All sounds heard in demo’s on site and in product video are availible in the preset folder, 45 presets to help get you started.
  • Intuitive design–Large LED info Panel for a visual aide when setting up the synth.
  • Double clicking the Precious sound icon will Init the synth (top right hand side).
  • 3.85GB Kontakt Library–1.31GB First instance 140mb per instance after.
  • 149 MB Maschine package.
  • Deluxe/Maschine pack only
    • 415 Raw Sid drums and FX.
    • 397 Processed Sid drums and FX, 88.2 24Bit Files (can be used in any sampler), Mapped and organised in Maschine, neat folder structure.
    • 20 Maschine kits (including patterns).

PreSid for Kontakt is avaialble to purchase for £39.99 GBP inc VAT/$49.99 USD; PreSid Maschine is £14.99 GBP inc VAT/$19.99 USD, and the PreSid Deluxe (Kontakt + Maschine) is £49.99 GBP inc VAT/$64.99 USD.

An introductory offer of 20% discount is available for the Deluxe pack until 15 October, 2012.

Precious Sound has also announced the “PreSid 8Bit Homage Competition”, in which you have the chance to win a free copy of PreSid Deluxe.

PreSid 8Bit Homage Competition Video.

Name the composer and the game the homage tracks 1/2/3 originated from. Please comment on the youtube video, the first person to guess all three correct we will contact and send out a free copy.
The tracks are also located on our website (Homage 1/2/3)

More information: Precious Sound