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Freshtone Lost Tapes Vol 1 now available from Time+Space

Freshtone Lost Tapes Vol 1

Time+Space have announced a new partnership with UK sample library developers Freshtone.

Freshtone Samples features the work of producer musicians Matthew Corbett and Mike Wilkie who are best known in the world of samples for their work with Zero-G, including ‘Sounds of the Seventies’, ‘Vocal Forge’ and ‘Vocal Foundry’ which were all released to critical acclaim. They are also successful Film, TV and Production music writers with their tracks having been featured on many hundreds of productions around the world.

Time+Space has been appointed as the official worldwide distributor of Freshtone’s sample libraries and are pleased to announce the first release – Lost Tapes Vol 1 – which is available now as a DVD or download.

Lost Tapes Vol 1 features

  • 43 Funk and Soul construction kits, all recorded to tape using only mics, instruments and equipment from the sixties and seventies.
  • In WAV, Aiff, Acid WAV and Rex 2 format, Lost Tapes was recorded in a unique environment.
  • The tracks were played on a wide range of sixties instruments from legendary manufacturers such as Burns, Baldwin and Dan Electro into vintage Selmer and Vox amplification.
  • Premier and Ludwig kits also from that decade were recorded using a selection of rare ribbon mics and old tone wheel Hammond B3 and A100 organs further evoke the past. All tracks were recorded onto an old Studer 1” tape machine via an EMI Redd desk which once resided in the famous Decca Studios.

The Freshtone Lost Tapes Vol 1 is now available from Time+Space for RRP £39.95 GBP / 47.95 EUR / $63.95 USD.

More information: Time+Space


Drum Werks releases Studio B Kick Drum Sample Library

Drum Werks

Drum Werks has announced the released of the Studio B Kick Drum Sample Library, a new collection of bass drum samples for a wide range of rock, hard rock, alt rock, and metal styles.

The Studio B Kick Drum Sample Library offers a versatile and powerful mix-ready kick drum sample collection of DW, Pearl, Premier, and Tama kick drums.

Studio B Kick Drum Sample Library features

  • 9 unique kick sample sets featuring DW, Pearl, Premier, and Tama kick drums.
  • 691 multi-velocity samples, 580 MB total in the entire Studio B Kick Drum Library.
  • 24-bit, 44.1khz stereo kick drum samples.
  • Wide variety of tunings, from dry and aggressive, thick and punchy, to open and resonant.
  • Mix-ready sounds.
  • For all styles of rock, hard rock, alt rock, pop, and metal for ultra versatility and variety.
  • Use in any DAW (ProTools, Cubase, Sonar, ACID), software sampler (Battery, Kontakt), sequencing program (FL Studio, iDrum) or drum replacement software (Drumagog, Slate Trigger).

The Studio B Kick Drum Sample Library is available as an instant download for $14.99 USD. Individual kicks starting at $2.99 USD.

More information: Drum Werks


Native Instruments releases Abbey Road 70s Drums

Native Instruments Abbey Road 70s Drums

Native Instruments has announced the release of Abbey Road 70s Drums, the second of Native Instruments’ collaborations with Abbey Road Studios London.

This KONTAKT Instrument contains no emulations or modeling of any kind – ABBEY ROAD | 70s DRUMS is built entirely of high-quality samples of two distinctive vintage drum kits from the 1970s, made accessible via an easy-to-use interface newly created in conjunction with the Abbey Road experts. Made up of thousands of painstakingly sampled hits, every sound in this KONTAKT Instrument was recorded in Abbey Road’s legendary Studio Two using classic vintage equipment from that period.

Abbey Road 70s Drums features

  • 2 complete drum kits:
    • The Open Kit is a Ludwig™ Vistalite Tequila Sunrise from 1972 with a 26″ kick drum, 14″ rack tom and 16″ and 18″ floor toms. Recorded in the legendary Studio Two of Abbey Road, this kit provides the big roomy sound immortalized on countless classic rock recordings.
    • The Tight Kit is a vintage 1970s Premier model with 22″ kick drum, 13″ rack tom, 14″ and 16″ floor toms. The samples from this kit were also recorded in Studio Two of Abbey Road, but dedicated acoustic panels were put around the kit to achieve the tight, punchy and dry sound that was very popular throughout the 70s.
  • Over 32,000 samples
  • 24-bit, 44.1 kHz samples
  • 6.4 GB library size, using the new KONTAKT 4 sample compression (15.6 GB uncompressed!)
  • Up to 34 velocity layers for a single articulation
  • Up to 6 variations of drum hits at the same velocity for added realism
  • Separate vintage and modern mic samples for direct, overhead and room mics
  • Two snare options for each kit
  • Separate Right and Left hand samples for the most common Snare, Tom, and Hihat articulations
  • Snare Top/Bottom and Kick In/Out samples
  • Optional snare bleed samples for many drums
  • Includes a wide range of mapping templates for instant use with E-DRUMS and other Drum Modules / software: General MIDI, V-Drums™, DrumIt Five™, EZplayer®, BFD™*, iMap™, Addictive Drums™

Abbey Road 70s Drums is available to purchase for 99 EUR / $199 USD.

More information: Native Instruments / Abbey Road 70s Drums


XLN Audio releases Modern Jazz – Sticks

XLN Audio Modern Jazz - Sticks

XLN Audio has announced the release of Modern Jazz – Sticks, a new ADpak for Addictive Drums.

Modern Jazz – Sticks features a beautiful Premier Gen-X kit with a Ludwig Acrolite snare along with cymbals and percussion from Sabian, Meinl and Paiste. The drums have been tuned up slightly for a modern jazz sound.

Get instant access to production styles typical for modern jazz. Tune the kit up or down, go fat or thin, stay really close or spread out with lots of ambience. Control each mic separately and combine them for your perfect sound.

Over 300 live recorded grooves and fills are included in a large range of tempos, styles and different lengths for natural variation. Use them for inspiration or to build complete tracks in minutes.

Modern Jazz – Sticks features

  • 12 Piece Jazz Kit, Played With Sticks
  • 300 Live Recorded Rhythms
  • 30 Crisp Production Presets

Modern Jazz – Sticks is available for purchase for 59 EUR / $59 USD.

More information: XLN Audio


XLN Audio releases Modern Jazz – Brushes ADpak

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XLN Audio Modern Jazz - Brushes

XLN Audio has released Modern Jazz – Brushes, an ADpak (expansion pack) for Addictive Drums, the virtual drum instrument for Windows and Mac.

This ADpak features a beautiful Premier Gen-X drum set and a mint condition Ludwig Acrolite snare drum famous for its rich sound and tone. The drums have been tuned up slightly for a Modern Jazz sound. With a setup of some of the finest cymbals on the market this kit gives you everything you need for your jazz drum tracks.

With brushes it’s all about feeling and nuances. RealSweep allows you to make accents in the sweeps without interupting the sweep motion. You can also stop the sweep at any time for pauses. This gives you extremely realistic circle motions and an irresistible groove!

In the included rhythms you’ll find a section featuring realistic brush sweep grooves putting the RealSweep technology to good use!

Modern Jazz – Brushes features

  • 12 Piece Jazz Kit, Played With Brushes.
  • RealSweep Technology.
  • 350 Live Recorded Rhythms.
  • 30 Clean & Natural Jazz Presets.

Modern Jazz – Brushes is available for purchase for 59 EUR / $59 USD.

Visit XLN Audio for more information and audio & video demos.


Future Imperfect Sounds releases sample libraries

Future Imperfect Sounds sample libraries

Future Imperfect Sounds has released two high-fidelity drum sample libraries and two loop libraries.

Future Imperfect Sounds sample libraries

  • Drum Artillery: Rock-Fusion Kit – multi-sampled, velocity sensitive Premier Cabria drumset complimented by Zildjian cymbals, ready for use in your favorite sampler. 278 (13 velocity layers per piece) 24Bit 96kHz drum samples, 6 ready mixed kits for Battery 3 and Ableton DrumRack.
  • Drum Artillery: Electrothermal Kits – 25 kits for Native Instruments Battery drum sampler. Electrothermal differs from other electronic drum soundsets in that they are designed to be original, creative, and (perhaps best of all) useful for a broad spectrum of electronic and other popular music styles.
  • Drum Odyssey 24/96 – a literal adventure in bold, skillful, genre defying rhythms and sound textures. Meticously crafted and captured in high fidelity 24Bit/96khz resolution, each loop is offered as unaffected 2-bar segments; as well as four separate effected variations. Suitable for electronica, industrial, urban, rock, and everything inbetween. 1800 ACID/wav loops.
  • Pestilence – a 600 two bar ACID/Wav drum loops library designed for Industrial, Aggrotech, Dark Wave, Glitch, Noise, and the like.

The sample libraries are available for download with prices ranging from $19.95 to $39.95 USD.

Visit Future Imperfect Sounds for more information and audio demos.