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Prime Loops releases 8-Bitstep sample pack

Prime Loops 8-Bitstep

Prime Loops has launched 8-Bitstep, a sample pack featuring 340MB+ of glitch dubstep, including half-tempo heavy drum loops, glitchy synths, devious basslines & much more.

Fusing low-fi sounds with Dubstep, 8-Bitstep is the latest audio experiment to breakout from the Prime Loops audio lab, so put on your surgical mask and get ready to dissect this brand new sample pack.

Extracting the cells of two downright twisted genres, we’ve poised them against one another to create another expertly-blended sample smash! Will Dubstep steal the limelight or will 8-Bit neutralise the competition? When these two team up, you’re in for a double-whammy of wobble-glitch sample superiority. We’ve taken some inspiration from the likes of Oblivion, Terror Danjah and Caspa who have all demonstrated fearless Dubstep prowess whilst invading and dominating the Glitch Hop scene too.

Weighing in at over 340MB 8-Bitstep will clog your download folder with 6 bulging folders containing Arps, Bass, Drums, FX, Lead and Synth loops. From anvil-heavy half-tempo beats to glitchy anarchic arps, unbridled bass deviations, dominant leads and greasy synths, there’s a substantial helping of slime to pour into your productions. Swipe any of these samples from your download folder and they’ll sync instantly with any major sampling software. Just click on your selected sample, drag it over your DAW and drop it in. It’ll sync instantly with any pre-existing mix and you can adjust the tempo by clicking the end of the stem and adjusting the length to meet the BPM that you require. Each sample is mastered in blissful 24-bit high definition clarity to cut through the dirt!

The sample pack costs £16.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops / 8-Bitstep

Prime Loops releases Greatest Drum Hits – Hip Hop

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Greatest Drum Hits Hip Hop

Prime Loops has released Greatest Drum Hits Hip Hop, a collection of 350+ of the tightest and most hard hitting drum one-shots Hip Hop has to offer.

Hand-picked from across the entire Prime Loops hip hop catalogue, this series delivers to you over 350 of the best and biggest hip hop drum sounds on the market. The series will be spread across the most popular genres in music today, so you can choose the pack that best suits your production needs.

This pack brings you over 90MB of ultra-official, hard hitting drum hits Hip Hop has to offer, plucked from the most expertly crafted Prime Loops Hip Hop releases. Choose to un-wrap this bad boy and you’ll find kicks, snares, claps, hats and percussion, narrowed down from our vast array of drum loops to leave the absolute best hit ammunition for your tracks.

In addition to the explosive kicks, we’ve also included 20 brand new drum kit sampler instruments so you can start making beats straight out of the box. We’ve mixed and matched different Hip Hop vibes and flavours to bring you these 20 inspirational hip hop drum kits, available for all the major soft samplers including NI’s monstrous Maschine.

The sample pack costs £12.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops / Greatest Drum Hits Hip Hop

Prime Loops releases Dubstep Conspiracy sample pack

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Prime Loops Dubstep Conspiracy

Prime Loops has launched Dubstep Conspiracy, a sample pack featuring 470MB+ of sinister basslines, drum loops & one-shots, synth loops and more!

We’ve infiltrated Dubstep’s inner circle to bring you ‘Dubstep Conspiracy’, hi-jacking and fusing sounds from the Trap and Drumstep worlds to give you musical weapons to fight in every corner. The bass, drum, synth and SFX loops included in this pack are finally ready to see the light of day, so throw them into only the most sinister Dubstep productions for addictive effect. Plot your audio heist now and grab this pack quickly before it disappears back underground!

Follow the deceptive wobbles to uncover over 470MB of fresh sounds, with over 200 audio files arranged into 6 folders of Basslines, Drum Loops, Synth Leads, Mixed One-Shots, Instrumental Loops and SFX Loops. Delve deep into the murk that is ‘Dubstep Conspiracy’ and you’ll find a host of cocky, daredevil basslines designed to drive any mix to new levels of intensity, maniacal percussive impacts programmed at that foot-stomping half-speed swagger and a wide array of synths from the sordid to the sombre.

The sample pack costs £17.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops / Dubstep Conspiracy

Prime Loops intros Electro Producer Bundle Deal

Prime Loops Electro Producer

Prime Loops has launched Electro Producer, a bundle deal comprising 1.9GB of electro loops and samples from 6 popular sample packs.

Mixing together no less than 6 of our dirtiest sample packs from amidst our bulging catalogue, you’ll find sonic inspiration in the form of charged synths, nasty basslines, shocking SFX and hits, and of course, some extra thumping drum loops!

We’ve spared no expense in bringing you this genre-defining, cash-saving bag of Electro shocks!

Electro Producer features

  • Big Nasty Electro Basslines – Over 300 powerful, aggressive Electro basslines, synth chord progressions and bass one-shots at a slamming 128BPM!
  • Complex Electro Synths – 200+ heavily fragmented Electro Synth and Bass Loops arranged over 25 Synth Construction Kits for Electro, Dubstep, Main Room, Complextro, House and more!
  • Dirty Pitch – Over 120 ultra-nasty Electro Synth Loops, Analogue Lead Hooks and Dutch House inspired Portamento Licks.
  • Electro House Shoxx – Over 240 electrifying Electro House Basslines, Drum Loops, Synth Loops and SFX Loops, supplemented by over 100 hard hitting Drum One Shots.
  • Electro Synth Sessions – 210MB+ of essential, electronically charged synth action, featuring Electro Basslines, Synth Chord Progressions and Combined Synth Loops to shock the right reaction from the crowd!
  • Hyper Vocals – Over 120 Robot Vocals, Machine Hypes & Vocoder Samples for Dubstep, Electro, Techno, Urban & Dance!

The bundle costs £49.95 GBP (regular price individual packs £109.95 GBP).

More information: Prime Loops / Electro Producer

Prime Loops intros D&B Producer Bundle Deal

Prime Loops D&B Producer Bundle Deal

Prime Loops has launched D&B Producer, a Bundle Deal collection of sample packs for drum and bass music production.

2GB+ Earth Quaking D&B loops; Featuring sub basslines, thumping drum loops, rasta vocals, monster sfx & much more to smash the club!

Looking for that extra boost of bass to keep the D&B crowd from slowing down!? Then you need to get your hands on our latest load of prime sample content, the massive ‘D&B Producer’ Bundle Deal! Peek inside and you’ll find all you need and more to make that next club smash!

Mixing together no less than 6 epic sample packs from amidst our bulging catalogue, you’ll find sonic inspiration in the form of electrifying leads, quaking sub basslines, monster SFX and hits, and of course, those indispensable drum breaks!

The bundle is available to purchase for £49.95 GBP (regular price individual packs £109.95 GBP).

More information: Prime Loops / D&B Producer

Prime Loops releases Studio Drums sample pack

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Prime Loops Studio Drums

Prime Loops has launched Studio Drums, a collection of 420MB+ of expertly recorded live drum loops & one-shots, featuring over 250 live drum grooves and fills.

Recorded in a purpose-fit studio, complete with Neve channel strips, Thermionic Culture compressors and Prism Sound converters, Essential Studio Drums draws its influences from the sickest live beats in the game – whether you’re smashing Rock snares, riding Pop hi hats or bouncing off of some Dance kicks, we’ve hammered all angles into one neat, dynamic live loop pack. Fix up any genre with our specially crafted drum sound, created using a classic Pearl Export kit and a whole lot of sweat! Designed for maximum impact, this collection is inspired by only the hardest-knocking tunes in Dance, Rock and Pop today, from Daft Punk and Prodigy to The Chemical Brothers and beyond.

This powerful live library weighs in at over 420MB and lands in the form of expertly played live grooves and drum fills, pre-mixed and mastered so you can throw them into your production and get going straight away. Loops are arranged into 4 folders by tempo, including 100, 110, 120 and 128 Bpm. We’ve also tossed in a folder of live drum one-shots for good measure, so you can construct your own live rhythms at the drop of a hat!

The sample pack costs £19.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops / Studio Drums

Prime Loops releases Mainroom Nation

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Prime Loops Mainroom Nation

Prime Loops has launched Mainroom Nation, a sample pack featuring 450MB+ of epic Mainroom samples.

Get ready to tear up the mainroom with the freshest, most epic club samples around! Prime Loops’s notorious EDM squad has built this ultra-professional audio suite for you spearhead the ongoing EDM revolution: ‘Mainroom Nation’ delivers a floor-shaking sound statement that cuts straight through the global conventions, helping you to build your own trademark sound from their shattered remains!

If you want to cut to the core and unleash your raw edge, we suggest you get to grips with ‘Mainroom Nation’! Replenish your sound library with this 450MB sample pack of acerbic synths, abrasive bass and infectious beats to reach that pure, unrefined worldwide vibe! Load up on fresh cuts from 9 folders of Bass Samples, Bass Loops, Drum Loops, Drum One-Shots, SFX Hits, SFX Loops and Synth Loops!

The sample pack costs £19.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops / Mainroom Nation

Prime Loops releases Heavy Impacts sample pack

Prime Loops Heavy Impacts

Prime Loops has released Heavy Impacts, a collection of 270MB+ of hard hitting impact sounds, epic subs, metal hit samples & cinematic sound effects.

We’ve been messing with the gravity, moonwalking on the ceiling and plummeting to the ground with immense velocity in the build up to our latest sample pack ‘Heavy Impacts’!

Launching fresh sounds from the roof of the Prime Loops studio, way up high in the London skyline, we’ve been colliding these unsuspecting audio files into the cold dirty ground to create the phattest tremors possible.

The sample pack costs £14.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops / Heavy Impacts