Quiet Art releases Defaulter clip gain plugin for

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Quiet Art has launched Defaulter, a clip gain normalizer plug-in for Pro Tools.

Quiet Art Defaulter

Defaulter is a clip gain normalizer Audio Suite plugin for ProTools 10 & 11. It brings the clip gain up or down to meet user set peak levels. It also has a threshold adjustment to ignore clips below required levels.

Defaulter sends couple of key commands to the system so that you can automate its function using your favorite macro app on your computer.

Defaulter for Mac (AAX) is available for purchase for $89 USD.

More information: Quiet Art / Defaulter


Hal Leonard intros Mixing & Mastering with Pro Tools 11 and Producing Music with Pro Tools 11

Mixing & Mastering with Pro Tools 11

Hal Leonard has announced it has published Mixing and Mastering with Pro Tools 11 and Producing Music with Pro Tools 11, two new Quick Pro Guides by certified Pro Tools trainer Greg Lorbecki and Avid pro audio specialist Greg “Stryke” Chin.

Given Pro Tools 11’s high-tech enhancements in delivery speed, ultra-low latency, inclusion of the Avid Audio Engine, and HD video-editing capability, users need practical guides to get up and running quickly and efficiently. In these focused guide, Lorbecki and Chin unlock the full potential of ProTools 11 as a professional mixing and mastering platform. They put the best of ProTools at the reader’s fingertips, with plenty of online sessions, audio examples, and video tutorials to guide them along the way.

Published as a Quick Pro Guide by Hal Leonard, both books are designed to help the readers quickly implement professional techniques into their music productions. These straightforward, task-driven, and easy-to-understand books cover material in a way that gets to the point and helps maximize creative and technical accomplishments. The books also include online media that provides audio and video demos as well as helpful key command charts and chapter review quizzes to reinforce key concepts.

The books are available for purchase for $19.99 USD each.

More information: Hal Leonard Books


NUGEN Audio releases Visualizer 2 analysis suite

NUGEN Audio has announced the release of version 2 of Visualizer, an update to the audio analysis suite and real-time comparison toolset designed for high-end audio professionals.

NUGEN Audio Visualizer

Ideal for music mixing and mastering as well as audio post-production, Visualizer provides comprehensive audio analysis for recording, mixing, and mastering in a single tool — now available as a plug-in or a stand-alone version. The standardized reference set of professional tools is designed to help audio engineers work faster, avoid mistakes, repeat past successes, and leverage the success of others. With version 2, Visualizer features numerous user interface enhancements in response to customer input, and is now available in a version supporting Avid Pro Tools HDX as well as a stand-alone configuration.

“Visualizer version 2 demonstrates our ongoing commitment to our thousands of existing users, as well as the Avid community, by including many highly requested user interface features and the latest techniques for comparative audio analysis and usability. In fact, this version is our first Pro Tools HDX plug-in,” said Jon Schorah, founder and creative director, NUGEN Audio. “Through more flexible use of display real estate and more robust diagnostic power, Visualizer is now the most powerful single analysis tool on the market. Engineers can access precisely the information they need, when they need it, and with no unnecessary clutter.”

Visualizer Version 2 now includes a fully resizable interface, enabling users to set up the exact screen configuration to suit their individual workflows. A new multiview feature enables engineers to compare multiple sources using a single plug-in, and a new difference view shows the contrast of two input signals. Visual “solo” controls for all views enable rapid switching to full screen mode and highly efficient in-depth investigation of individual analysis views.

In addition, Visualizer now includes a moveable vectorscope boundary to further enhance view configuration, and a new Correlation by Frequency view for analyzing how certain frequencies can affect correlation.

Visualizer now works with the NUGEN Audio “Send” plug-in to allow two sources to be overlaid or compared, for example, to reveal differences clearly before or after the mastering chain or for notching out.

With version 2, Visualizer is available as a stand-alone application that works outside of the DAW/NLE environment. Visualizer version 2 is also available in a hybrid HDX version designed for power users of Pro Tools HDX systems.

Visualizer 2 is available for purchase for MSRP $199 USD (native) / $249 USD (Pro Tools HDX). A free upgrade is available for customers within the 3-month grace period. Other existing users may upgrade for $99 USD, or for $149 USD to upgrade to the Pro Tools HDX Version.

More information: NUGEN Audio / Visualizer


Avid intros new Pro Tools licensing, incl. access to future Cloud features & software upgrades

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Avid has announced new licensing for Pro Tools, adding value for Pro Tools | Software and Pro Tools | HD Software by including upcoming features – such as future cloud collaboration capabilities, as well as a standard Avid Support plan – with new purchases, upgrades, and crossgrades for one full year.

Customers who buy or upgrade to Pro Tools 11 by December 20, 2014 receive extended coverage through March 2016. Building on the software deployment flexibility of Avid Everywhere with this new licensing, Avid is making it easy for Pro Tools customers to get on the Avid MediaCentral Platform and stay current into the future.

“Pro Tools is the most frequently used and highly trusted digital audio workstation in the industry because of its unrivaled sound quality, power, and versatility for music and audio post production,” said Chris Gahagan, senior vice president of Products and Technology at Avid. “And now we’re making it easier for all customers to elevate their music and audio production immediately—and then take it to a higher level as cloud collaboration and other new features become available later.”

Pricing upgrade/crossgrade to Pro Tools 11 (starting November 2014):

  • Owners Pro Tools 9, Pro Tools 10, or any version of Pro Tools Express, Pro Tools LE, or Pro Tools M-Powered can upgrade or crossgrade to Pro Tools 11 for $199 USD.
  • Owners of Pro Tools | HD 9 or Pro Tools | HD 10, or Pro Tools 9 or 10 with the Complete Production Toolkit, can upgrade to Pro Tools | HD 11 for $599 USD.
  • New customers can purchase version 11 of Pro Tools | Software with Standard Support for $899 USD.

These updates/crossgrades include standard Avid Support through March 31, 2016.

More information: Avid


Avid releases Pro Multiband Dynamics & Pro Subharmonic plugins

Avid has announced the release of Pro Multiband Dynamics and Pro Subharmonic, two new Avid Artist Suite series audio plug-ins that help audio professionals quickly and easily create optimized audio mixes that stand out from the crowd.

Avid Pro Multiband Dynamics

The new Avid Pro Multiband Dynamics and Pro Subharmonic audio plug-ins, part of the newly expanded Pro Series, deliver on Avid Everywhere™ by giving customers the efficient, flexible, and high-quality tools they need to quickly and easily create optimized audio mixes that stand out from the crowd.

Avid Pro Multiband Dynamics and Pro Subharmonic are designed for professionals who demand the highest-quality tools for audio post and music production. These new plug-ins build on the openness and flexibility that are key tenets of Avid Everywhere, featuring compatibility with AAX Native 64, AAX DSP 64, and AudioSuite 64 formats for Pro Tools® | HDX, Pro Tools | Native, and other systems running Pro Tools 11 and higher.

These new plug-ins join the existing Pro Compressor, Pro Expander, and Pro Limiter options to form a complete suite of audio processing tools that offer professionals a powerful, easy way to handle complex audio post sessions and low-latency monitoring during multi-track recording sessions. Additionally, Avid Pro Series plug-ins are capable of working with 7.1 surround sound formats, enabling users to efficiently create the high-quality, complex mixes that clients today demand.

“The world’s leading audio professionals use Pro Series plug-ins to create high-quality mixes in the most demanding music and audio post-production environments,” said Chris Gahagan, senior vice president of Products and Technology at Avid. “The new Pro Multiband Dynamics and Pro Subharmonic plug-ins help customers take on the most demanding projects with even greater power and flexibility, and deliver high-quality mixes faster and easier than ever.”

The plug-ins are available for purchase for MSRP $299 USD, 239 EUR excluding VAT. Rental pricing: 31-day rental $49 USD, 7-day rental $19 USD.

More information: Avid


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