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Producertech launches Dubstep Beat Production in Logic production course by FracTroniX

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Producer Tech Dubstep Beat Production by FracTroniX

Producertech has announced Dubstep Beat Production in Logic, a brand new online course for Logic Pro, which teaches the secrets of producing Dubstep or similar heavy styles of music.

The course has been created by FracTroniX, the producer behind the eclectic, bass-driven vibes of Metaphra and the upfront, experimental drum and bass of Defazed. Having produced for a multitude of record labels and taught production for a number of institutes, FracTroniX is now sharing his experience and knowledge with the online Music Courses community.

The course takes students through each of the main stages of making a heavy dubstep track and is broken up into parts, which allows students the option of choosing any specific area that they wish to learn about, rather than having to buy the complete course.
This not only makes it more affordable but means people can try out one of the parts before deciding whether to invest in the rest of the course.

The first part on creating beats is now available at, and shows each of the processes involved with making a fat dubstep break. The lessons guide you through the various considerations when selecting samples, showing how the samples look on an analyzer to help visualize each choice. The samples are then sequenced into a chunky break, percussion is added to create extra syncopation and rhythmic interest, samples are reversed, then the levels are tweaked to get a good balance. Finally, the drums are processed with insert effects, predominantly compression and EQ, to eliminate problems and improve the sound, before creating a submix track, which allows all the drums to be glued together and fattened up.

After signing up to the course, students can access the streamed module movies, and also download the Logic demo project, which can then be freely edited and examined, to allow each technique to be inspected more closely. At any point, FracTroniX and the other Producertech tutors can be contacted via the forum, which allows Music Courses students and any dubstep enthusiasts to discuss issues and interact with one another.

The FracTroniX course is currently available at an introductory sale price of 25% off.

More information: Music-Courses / Dubstep Beat Production in Logic

Producertech launches Mastering Now – The Complete Guide & An Industry Example video tutorials

Producertech Mastering Now

Producertech are proud to present 2 brand new Mastering courses, available now at

Both courses have been created by Nicholas D’Ombrain, the director of Zeitgeist Mastering, who crams his years of experience mastering big names and record labels across Berlin and beyond into this series of tutorials, in order to pass on his valuable tips and mastering know-how.

The first course, Mastering Now – The Complete Guide, is a comprehensive, in-depth look at audio mastering and will give you exactly what you need to begin or go further with your audio mastering with real confidence. The course consists of over 6 hours of dedicated mastering tutorials, including 3 real life example tracks mastered from start to finish, a guide to the tools of the trade, some of the more secret tools and processes used, and a look at how to improve your critical decision making. There is undoubtedly something in this course for everyone!

The second course, An Industry Example, is an hour-long step-by-step guide to mastering a dance track from start to finish, using predominantly Waves plug-ins. This is also one of the last three example tracks from the Complete Guide, so anyone wanting to try out that course can sign up to this shorter course first to see an example of the content and delivery, before deciding whether to upgrade to the full course, which can then be done at a discounted rate.

After signing up to the course, students can access the streamed module movies 24/7 for as long as they need, allowing them to be watched and rewatched until everything has sunk in. At any point, Nicholas and the other Producertech tutors can be contacted via the forum, which allows Music Courses students and any mastering enthusiasts to discuss issues and interact with one another.

Sign up to the Music Courses website today to check out the trailer movies and sample module from the courses, which include a free pre-mastering lesson, covering the necessary steps and essential tips to preparing your track for optimum mastering results.

The courses are available to purchase at 15 EUR for An Industry Example and 60 EUR for The Complete Guide.

More information: Music-Courses / Mastering courses

Synth Courses launches NI Maschine House Production Course

Synth Courses Maschine House Production Course

Synth Courses has introduced its NI Maschine House Production Course, a new online training.

Want a little help figuring out how to make music with Maschine? Wondering what the stages of putting a classic house track together are?

This course helps satisfy both requirements by showing you how to make a classic house track with Maschine, from the initial beat creation, right through to final mastering of the output bus!

The length lesson, in 2 parts, is the final module from the full Maschine course (out December 2012), which goes through every individual process in more detail – a complete beginner may want to check out that instead. However, someone with a little experience of Maschine already, or a fast learner, can enrol right away to learn a whole host of tricks for music making with Maschine and taking your house production skills to new levels!

The course is now available priced at 24.78 EUR.

More information: Music Courses / NI Maschine House Production Course

Producertech launches Guy J Remix Contest – Win a Novation MiniNova + 25% off Guy J sample pack

ProducerTech Guy J Remix Contest

Producertech has launched the Guy J Remix Contest, a chance to remix a track from Guy J’s Transitions EP and win a Novation MiniNova.

Producertech are excited to offer you the opportunity to remix a track from Loopmaster’s new Producer Sample Pack, the Guy J Transitions EP. This sample pack is a brand new concept, containing the mastered tracks from an EP, along with all the content used to make them – all the loops, hits and stems, as well as Rex files and Sampler patches.

Entrants to the competition are provided with most of the audio and presets from one of the EP tracks ‘Transitions’, free of charge, which can be downloaded here.

Guy J Remix Contest Prizes

  • First place winner: Novation MiniNova, 2 Producertech Courses and 5 Loopmasters sample packs of your choice. In addition to this, the track will potentially be released on Guy’s label Lost and Found in February 2013.
  • Second, third and fourth place winner: 1 Producertech Course and 2 Loopmasters sample packs of their choice.

The deadline for submitting your entry is December 10th, 2012. The winning track will selected by Guy J.

Loopmasters is offering a 25% discount on the full Guy J Transitions EP sample pack. Use coupon code GUY25 at checkout to take advantage of this offer.

More information: Producertech / Guy J Transitions EP

Producertech launches Synth Courses: 3 new online courses—Omnisphere, Massive & Sylenth + Free lessons and 20% off

Synth Courses

Producertech has announced its Synth Courses online synth training portal.

Producertech’s Synth Courses have been designed to teach you the inner workings of the most popular software instruments available today, in order to teach you how to skilfully edit patches as well as create your own from scratch, which is an essential part of music production.

The courses, which are delivered via streamed movies, thoroughly explain the key stages of synthesis and give numerous examples of patch creation throughout, to help put all of techniques taught into perspective. In addition to the instrument presets and written notes that accompany the lessons, there are a host of extra patches or samples provided by Producertech’s sponsor LOOPMASTERS. Furthermore, students have direct access to tutors either via email or on the forum when help is required.

Synth Courses

Producertech is offering a 20% discount on these courses until the end of November, 2012. Use coupon code XVPZU169 at checkout.

More information: Synth Courses

Producer Tech intros Soft Synth Courses — 20% off intro offer on online courses

Music Courses Soft Synth Courses

Producer Tech has announced the launch of Soft Synth Courses, a series of online courses on software synthesizers available at

Want to learn how your soft synths work, and how to create your own patches?

Our brand new online courses are now available taking you through the inner workings of some of the most popular soft synths on the market, including Massive, Omnisphere and Sylenth.

Use promo code GEYJE157 at checkout to take advantage of the 20% off introductory offer.

More information: Music-Courses / Soft Synth Courses