Producer Tech adds new Live 9 Lessons to Live Courses

Producer Tech has announced that it has added new Live 9 lessons to Live Courses. The Live Courses site has now been updated to include new tutorials that teach many of the new features in … read more

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Producertech launches Making Fat Basslines in Logic Pro course by FracTroniX

Producertech has introduced Making Dubstep Basslines, the second part of the production course for Logic Pro by FracTroniX. If you own Logic Pro and want to know how to produce dubstep or similar heavy, hard-hitting … read more

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Producertech intros Maschine The Complete Guide tutorial

Producertech has launched Maschine – The Complete Guide, a new video tutorial course by Rob Jones. This course takes you through every part of the Maschine software and hardware, slowly explaining how each one works … read more

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Producertech intros In the Studio with DJ Santé production course

Producertech has announced In the Studio with DJ Santé, a new course that uncovers the secrets behind making a classic house track, by one of Berlin’s hottest up and coming DJs and Producers, Santé. The … read more

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Producertech launches Dubstep Beat Production in Logic production course by FracTroniX

Producertech has announced Dubstep Beat Production in Logic, a brand new online course for Logic Pro, which teaches the secrets of producing Dubstep or similar heavy styles of music. The course has been created by … read more

Producertech launches Mastering Now – The Complete Guide & An Industry Example video tutorials

Producertech are proud to present 2 brand new Mastering courses, available now at Both courses have been created by Nicholas D’Ombrain, the director of Zeitgeist Mastering, who crams his years of experience mastering big … read more

Synth Courses launches NI Maschine House Production Course

Synth Courses has introduced its NI Maschine House Production Course, a new online training. Want a little help figuring out how to make music with Maschine? Wondering what the stages of putting a classic house … read more

Producertech launches Guy J Remix Contest – Win a Novation MiniNova + 25% off Guy J sample pack

Producertech has launched the Guy J Remix Contest, a chance to remix a track from Guy J’s Transitions EP and win a Novation MiniNova. Producertech are excited to offer you the opportunity to remix a … read more

Producertech launches Synth Courses: 3 new online courses—Omnisphere, Massive & Sylenth + Free lessons and 20% off

Producertech has announced its Synth Courses online synth training portal. Producertech’s Synth Courses have been designed to teach you the inner workings of the most popular software instruments available today, in order to teach you … read more

Producer Tech intros Soft Synth Courses — 20% off intro offer on online courses

Producer Tech has announced the launch of Soft Synth Courses, a series of online courses on software synthesizers available at Want to learn how your soft synths work, and how to create your own … read more