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Producertech launches all-new Live Courses website + 30% off

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Producertech has announced the launch of its all-new Live Courses site, originally released back in 2009.

Live Courses

With core courses created by certified Ableton Live trainer Rob Jones, this site has become widely known as one of the best platforms for learning about the software and music production, at an affordable rate and during times that suit you best, all from the comfort of your own home.

With brand new tutorials made with Live 9, a vastly improved look and functionality, as well as updated technology that features optimum compatibility with all computers, tablets and phones, the new Live Courses is set to define new standards in online learning once again.

Accompanying the core courses on the site, for beginner-intermediate and advanced Live users, are a whole host of additional courses on certain styles of music or aspects of production, created by Producertech tutors Paul Maddox, DJ Fracture and Nicholas D’Ombrain, covering techno, tech house and drum and bass production, and also how to master professionally with Live’s built-in devices.

Live Courses is offering an introductory discount of 30% off all courses in March using the coupon code LCLCH30. Click on C on the Courses page to apply the discount.

More information: Live Courses


Producertech intros Recording with real instruments in Reason 7

Producertech Recording with real instruments in Reason 7

Producertech has announced the release of Recording with real instruments in Reason 7, an online video course by Jared Meeker.

Producertech are happy to announce a brand new course on Reason 7 by Jared Meeker, a professional musician and composer who’s performed with LA hiphop artists Nate Dog and the Eastsidas, Snoop Dogg and Myka Nine, and has a string of sound design credits that include Dexter and Smash. In this comprehensive set of tutorials, Jared shows how to record and process live parts, like the guitar lines that form the basic structure and embellish the song, as well as focusing on the 5 major elements of composition – melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre and form. The lessons teach a wide variety of subjects, including instrument programming, numerous mixing and production techniques, creative audio editing and also many of the new features in Reason 7, like the Audiomatic Retro Transformer and updates to the main mixer.

Signing up to the courses not only allows unrestricted 24/7 access to the tutorials for as long as you need but also means you can download the Reason song file made throughout the course and 300MB of extra bonus samples from the Loopmasters packs used in the movies.

The course is now available to purchase at Music-Courses.

More information: Music-Courses


Producertech offers 50% off Learn to DJ – Beginners Guide

Producertech idjcourse promo

Producertech has announced a 50% discount on the Learn to DJ – Beginners Guide video tutorial.

Anyone wanting to learn to DJ but without a clue where to start can now come to us for help! Our Beginners Guide provides lessons on all the basic skills needed to DJ on any format, from vinyl decks and CDJs to software like Traktor.

The final two modules teach a multitude of scratching techniques and provide an insight into the life of pro DJ Santé.

The course is available to purchase at 50% off by using coupon Code LMIDJ50 at checkout.

More information: idjcourse


Producer Tech launches Fractronix Dubstep Production Course Part 3

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FracTroniX Dubstep production course

Producer Tech has announced part 3 of the Logic Pro Dubstep Production Course by FracTroniX: Arrangement, Synths and FX.

The third part of FracTroniX’s awesome course on Dubstep production in Logic Pro is now available at

This brand new set of tutorials shows how to take a drum and bass groove and turn it into a track, creating accompanying synth parts and FX and showing how to arrange and develop them in order to build a track.

The course is currently on sale at a 25% discount.

More information: Music-Courses / FracTroniX Dubstep Course Part 3


Producer Tech adds new Live 9 Lessons to Live Courses

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Live-Courses Live 9

Producer Tech has announced that it has added new Live 9 lessons to Live Courses.

The Live Courses site has now been updated to include new tutorials that teach many of the new features in Live 9.

These lessons are free updates for existing students. More tutorials on Live 9 and also Push are planned for later in 2013.

For anyone wanting to sign up, take advantage of the 30% off promotion that’s currently running using the code: AC30

More information: Live-Courses


Producertech launches Making Fat Basslines in Logic Pro course by FracTroniX

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Producertech FracTroniX

Producertech has introduced Making Dubstep Basslines, the second part of the production course for Logic Pro by FracTroniX.

If you own Logic Pro and want to know how to produce dubstep or similar heavy, hard-hitting styles of music then this course is for you!

The course is brought to you by FracTroniX, the producer behind the eclectic bass-driven vibes of Metaphra and the upfront, experimental drum and bass of Defazed, and is split into several parts. Each part focuses on a different area of production, with this one uncovering the secrets behind producing massively twisted basslines!

The course comes complete with the Logic Project used in the lessons so you can see exactly how everything is done and therefore truly get to grips with every technique explored in this in-depth course.

The course is now on sale at a 25% discount.

More information: Music-Courses / Making Fat Basslines


Producertech intros Maschine The Complete Guide tutorial

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Producertech Maschine The Complete Guide

Producertech has launched Maschine – The Complete Guide, a new video tutorial course by Rob Jones.

This course takes you through every part of the Maschine software and hardware, slowly explaining how each one works and the ways they can be used to create a variety of different styles of music.

After every aspect has been covered, the course ends with a lengthy, 2-part tutorial, showing how to construct a classic house track from scratch, which is also available as a separate course for anyone who already knows Maschine quite well but simply wants some new tips for producing with it. Check out the individual Maschine House Production course, here.

The course comes with written notes to follow, as well as the Maschine projects created in the movies. Plus, there are 240MB of royalty-free samples from Loopmasters included in the course pack.

Maschine The Complete Guide features

  • Comprehensive guide to Maschine by Producertech’s certified trainer Rob Jones.
  • Covers every aspect of the software and hardware and numerous production techniques in different styles of music.
  • Includes a 2-part lesson on producing an entire track from scratch.
  • Written notes and Maschine projects for every lesson, as well as £25 worth of additional royalty-free samples.
  • Tutor available on the Producertech forum for support when required.

The course is available now at Music-Courses for £49.95 GBP.

More information: Music-Courses / Maschine The Complete Guide