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Propellerhead releases Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2

Propellerhead has announced the release of Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2, major updates to its award-winning music software line.

Propellerhead Reason
The latest versions inspire musicians to create more and better music with deep, streamlined mixing and a complete rack for all types of instruments.
Propellerhead ReasonPropellerhead Reason

Reason’s renowned music-centric design focuses around a virtual rack of software instruments, effects and processors connected to a world-class mixing console. Users can go from ideas to music, literally in minutes, designing their of the dreams in the process while never stopping their creative flow. Now, version 7 offers integration of all instruments—in and out of the “box”—with MIDI out. Automatic audio slicing and audio quantize enable quick fixes or style changes of recorded performances—even conversion of those recordings into REX loops for further creative possibilities in the rack. For mixing, Propellerhead adds a spectrum analyzer with visual EQ controls to “see” the audio and tweak equalization settings of any tracks in mixer. One-click group and parallel mix channels go beyond what is possible in physical large format mixers—instantly exposing the world of modern parallel effects and automation. And to inspire, Reason 7 makes importing audio from users’ music libraries and the web with support for mp3, aac, wma and more a snap. An enhanced Factory Sound Bank comes with tons of new loops and drum kits supplying the latest sounds ready to be thrown into tracks.

Audiomatic Retro Transformer takes its place alongside over 100 third-party instrument, effect and utility Rack Extensions (RE) already available for Reason. Designed for use on any instrument, channel or even group mix, Audiomatic oozes character to the sound. Inspired by retro phone apps, Audiomatic, with 16 snapshots going from Vinyl and VHS tape to PVC pipe and Gadget, immediately evokes an auditory mood, place or time. The RE is included free in Reason version 7 but is available to owners of Reason 6.5 and Reason Essentials too, as a separate purchase. As with any Rack Extension, all users can try a fully functional version free for 30 days.

Reason 7 & Reason Essentials 2 are now available at the following suggested retail pricing:

  • Reason 7 EUR €405 / USD $449
  • Reason Essentials 2 EUR €120 / USD $129
  • Reason 7 Upgrade (from any previous Reason version) EUR €129 / USD $129
  • Reason Essentials 2 upgrade from any previous version FREE
  • Balance (includes upgrade to Reason 7 for earlier versions of Reason) EUR €429 / USD $449
  • Audiomatic Retro Transformer Rack Extension (RE) EUR €39 / USD $49 (FREE for Reason 7 owners)

Purchasers of certain previous-version Reason products may qualify for a free upgrade to Reason 7.

More information: Propellerhead Software

Propellerhead Software intros Radical Instruments Bundle

Propellerhead Radical Instruments Bundle

Propellerhead has introduced the Radical Instruments Bundle, a discounted bundle featuring the Radical Piano and Radical Keys Rack Extension instruments.

Radical Keys brings you three classic keyboard instruments in a great-sounding package: the Rhodes Mk1, the Wurlitzer and the Pianet-T. Radical Piano comes with three sampled pianos paired with the technology to make an infinite number of your own. A flexible and bendable piano that goes from ultra-clean to creakingly natural.

Thanks to Propellerhead’s cutting edge Radical Engine, these instantly playable instrument have sonic capabilities ranging from the ultra realistic to the utterly outlandish.

The Radical Instruments Bundle costs 119 EUR (25% off individual prices).

More information: Propellerhead / Radical Instruments Bundle

Soundcells releases Thor Source v4 ReFill

Soundcells Thor Source v4

Soundcells has announced the release of its Thor Source v4 ReFill for Propellerhead Reason featuring the sounds of the Source synthesizer by Moog.

Thor’s modular design gave us the chance to rebuild the Source’s details with great accuracy. Then we copied our favorite Source patches with great ease into Thor and after this we managed to take those sounds numerous steps further. The sounding results however stayed amazingly close to the Source’s character. In this ReFill’s documentary folder you’ll find proof of this. Thor makes the Source polyphonic and velocity sensitive as well. By now you’ll understand that this ReFill goes way beyond only emulating the past.

Thor Source offers you deep and fat basses, retro and nu style leads, wonderfull keyboard sounds, mouth watering pads, analog drums and more. Version 2 & 3 added four sampled raw oscillator settings from the original synthesizer as also fully sampled Moog Source sounds, new combinator patches and new backdrops.
Version 4 adds 15 new combinator patches, 10 new rex loops and a reworked folder structure for a much easier use of this ReFill.

Thor Source v4 features

  • 229 combinator patches.
  • 25 original documentary patches each in 4 versions.
  • 74 combinator patches making full use of Reason’s devices.
  • 55 combinator patches based on the sampled raw oscillator settings and the fully sampled ones.
  • 40 new rex loops.
  • 370+ Moog Source samples in 44Khz / 24 bit.

The ReFill is available to purchase for the introductory price of 17.90 EUR until March 31st, 2013 (regular 24.90 EUR).

More information: Soundcells / Thor Source v4

Synapse Audio updates Antidote RE to v1.2

Synapse Audio Antidote

Synapse Audio has released version 1.2 of the Antidote Rack Extension synthesizer for Propellerhead Reason.

Antidote RE is a brand-new virtual-analog software synthesizer for Propellerhead Reason. This Reason-exclusive device manages to combine the highest audio quality, flexibility and a fast work flow in an extremely easy-to-use Rack Extension. Antidote has been specifically developed to complement Reason, and to perfectly integrate into its environment.

Changes in Antidote RE v1.2

  • Sallen-Key low pass filter type added to the filter section.
  • Two more wavetables added to the oscillator section.
  • Reverse Delay effect added to the delay section.
  • Back panel gains CV Outputs for both LFOs and all envelopes.
  • New patches added.

Antidote RE is available to purchase for 119 EUR.

More information: Synapse Audio / Antidote RE

kiloHearts launches Faturator RE for Reason

kiloHearts has announced the release a Rack Extension version of its Faturator saturation/distortion unit.

kiloHeats Faturator RE
Front and back panels of the Faturator Rack Extansion for Reason.

“What Faturator brings to the table is a really fast way of tuning the character of a sound, bringing out more crisp and clarity, focusing on a specific tone or, for that matter, just totally destroying it with distortion”, says Anders Stenberg, CTO. “Considering the positive response we have gotten about the VST/AU versions of Faturator it was really a no-brainer to make it available as a Rack Extension as well”

Faturator is a saturation/distortion unit, providing effects ranging from subtle warm saturation to harsh digital fuzz. On top of this, included coloring and stereo widening allows for changing the character of the sound in a quick and easy way. Contrary to many distortion effects, Faturator will preserve the dynamics of your sound and apply its effects on it regardless of input gain.

Like all kiloHearts’ products, focus lies on ease of use while providing powerful functionality at a low price point. Faturator’s simple user interface puts all controls at the fingertips of the user, making it easy to quickly find the sound you want. “A lot of plugins these days try to compete with feature lists, often forgetting that they’re part of a creative process”, says Per Svanberg, developer and co-founder. “We want to isolate the most important parts, and make them as quickly and easily accessible as possible.”

Faturator RE is available to purchase at the Propellerhead Shop, priced at 15 EUR / $19 USD.

More information: kiloHearts / Faturator RE

Propellerhead reveals Reason 7 & Reason Essentials 2

Propellerhead has announced Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2, a new major version of its award-winning Reason music software.

Propellerhead Reason 7
Reason 7 brings a slew of enhancements to help you create more and better music—and have even more fun doing it.

With over 90 third party Rack Extensions expanding Reason’s rack of instruments and effects already available, Propellerhead has focused its attention on new creative and inspirational improvements for the mixer, the rack and the sequencer.

With Reason 7, users can integrate all their instruments into Reason with MIDI out, automatic audio slicing and audio quantize, and even convert their recordings into REX loops for further creative possibilities in the rack. For mixing, Propellerhead is introducing a spectrum analyzer with visual EQ controls; group and parallel mix channels; and many workflow improvements to help users sound better, easier. To inspire, Reason 7 makes it easier to import audio from users’ music libraries and the web with support for mp3, aac, wma and more. The enhanced Factory Sound Bank comes fully loaded with tons of new loops and drum kits, while the new Audiomatic Retro Transformer effect unit adds a futuristic-vintage sound to any tracks, never more than a mouse-click away.

Reason users are invited to sign up for the limited public beta testing at the Propellerhead web site.

Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2 begin limited public beta testing today and will be available for purchase worldwide in Q2 of 2013 at the following suggested retail pricing:

  • Reason 7 EUR €405 / USD $449.
  • Reason Essentials 2 EUR €120 / USD $129.
  • Reason 7 Upgrade (from any previous Reason version) EUR €129 / USD $129.
  • Reason Essentials 2 upgrade from previous versions FREE.
  • Balance (includes upgrade to Reason 7 for owners of previous versions of Reason) EUR €429 / USD $449.

Propellerhead is also offering a grace period for purchasers of current versions of Reason, Reason Essentials and the Balance audio interface. Purchasing and registering a qualifying product today makes users eligible for a free upgrade to Reason 7.

More information: Propellerhead / Reason 7

PEFF releases Directre audio router for Reason

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PEFF has released Directre, an audio routing utility designed to work as a hub for a live performance using Propellerhead Reason.

PEFF Directre
Directre Audio Router is a utility device with synchronized audio switching capabilities designed to be a control center for real-time performance applications.

Directre’s audio switching synchronizes to the tempo of a song. With a press of a button, a channel switch is cued to open or close at the beginning of a measure, beat, or 1/8th note.

DIRECTRE can function as either a 1×8 splitter device or as an 8×1 summing bus. In addition to the quantized switch capabilities, the switch can be adjusted to fade in and fade out with a touch of a button.

Directre features

  • Eight Channel Summing.
  • Eight Channel Audio Split/Distribution.
  • Level Controls with +6dB gain.
  • Synchronized Audio Muting on Bar, Beat, or 1/8th Note.
  • Selectable Crossfade Times
  • Adjustable Fade Time from 0ms to 6 seconds.
  • Switch CV Outputs that also synchronize to tempo.
  • MIDI Playability from a Keyboard or Control Surface.
  • Control Voltage Source that Syncs to Tempo.
  • Localization support for English, French, German, and Japanese.

Directre is available for the introductory price of $15 USD / 12 EUR for the first 1000 licensees or until May 1st, 2013 (regular $29 USD / 25 EUR).

More information: PEFF / Directre

Red Rock Sound releases RE 60 & Measure Rack Extensions

Red Rock Sound has released two new Rack Extensions for Propellerhead Reason.

The RE 60 is a real time spectrum analyser modeled after Klark Teknik’s DN60, originally developed in 1980.

Red Rock Sound RE60
The RE 60 is modeled after the classic DN60 spectrum analyzer.

The Red Rock Sound RE60 real time 1/3 octave Spectrum Analyser combines ease of use, accuracy and versatility in one economical, reliable unit.

The Measure is a sophisticated metering and measurement tool that allows you to visually analyze your audio signal in several useful ways.

Red Solid Rock Measure
When folded, Measure shows the key indicators on the front panel.

Too loud mixes often sound squashed, and in long mixing sessions your ears often get used to the squashed sound so you´re losing objectivity. The Measure will show you Peak and RMS values of your mixes, phase correlation between Left and Right and the number of Overs. When working with a stereo signal, choose Sum/Diff mode to make sure there is no energy drop in the sum which could be caused by phasing problems and that the difference (diff) is not too low compared to the sum.

Both Rack Extensions are available at the Propellerhead Shop, priced at 29 EUR for RE 60 and 12 EUR for Measure.

More information: Red Rock Sound