Taleweaver Orchestra releases Ancient Wooden Piano & Bowed Psaltery

Taleweaver Orchestra has announced the release of Ancient Wooden Piano and Ancient Bowed Psaltery, two new sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Taleweaver Orchestra Wooden Piano

Ancient Wooden Piano

The „Ancient Wooden Piano“ is an Instrument Library for Native Instrument’s Kontakt Sampler. The samples sound like an old piano with ancient mechanics and wooden hammers.

If you need a piano that sounds like back in 1750-1800, the Ancient Wooden Piano is your choice. This instrument breathes and lives its own life so it’s slightly out of tune here and there creating its unique charm.

Ancient Wooden Piano features

  • 88 Keys fully recorded.
  • 44 kHz / 16 bit, wave format.
  • Soft & Normal patches referring to the softness of the hammer-impact on the string.
  • Panned and Mono Patches for both Soft & Normal.
  • Contains a very small amount of original room reverb so it’s not completely dry, but it can easily be wrapped into custom reverbs.
  • 3 Velocity-Layers, 5 Round-Robins each.
  • About 1300 samples.

Ancient Wooden Piano is available for the introductory price of 40 EUR (40% off regular).

Taleweaver Orchestra Bowed Psaltery

Ancient Bowed Psaltery

The „Ancient Bowed Psaltery“ is a Psaltery Instrument Library for Native Instrument’s Kontakt Sampler.

You need something that cuts through the mix? Something with a silvery sounding color? This is your choice.

Ancient Bowed Psaltery features

  • Bowed & Plucked patches.
  • 21 recorded original tones + a few pitched extra tones.
  • 44 kHz / 16 bit, wave format.
  • Bowed: 3 Velocity-Layers, 3 Round-Robins each + Release Samples.
  • Plucked: 3 Velocity-Layers, 5 Round-Robins each.
  • About 500 Samples.

The Bowed Psaltery library is available for the introductory price of 18 EUR (40% off regular).

More information: Taleweaver Orchestra


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