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PSP Audioware releases PSP N2O, semi-modular multi-effect plugin

PSP Audioware has announced the release of PSP N2O, a semi-modular multi-effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

This semi-modular multi-effect offers unparalleled flexibility and total sound creation freedom in a compact plug-in. The high-quality sound processing modules can be routed in any configuration, allowing for endless musical journeys. While built upon the same basic concept as PSP Nitro, PSP N2O, with its new modules and extended modulation features, explores completely new sonic areas. The plug-in engine has been rewritten and redesigned from scratch in order to improve the sound and take full advantage of the optimizations offered by modern CPUs. The enhanced user interface improves the experience of both sound designers creating their own soundscapes as well as everyday users who aren’t as fond of looking under the hood.

PSP Audioware PSP N2O
PSP Audioware PSP N2O

PSP N2O features

  • Up to four sound processing operators at a time; among the available types are: morphing resonant and formant filters, eq, delay, reverb, pitch-shifter, compressor/expander, bitcrusher, distortion, full-wave rectifier and many more.
  • Up to four modulators at a time; the list includes: LFO, envelope detector, ADSR step sequencer.
  • Eight assignable knobs with quick MIDI learn option for convenient access to the most essential preset parameters.
  • Built-in limiter that uses algorithms from our extremely well regarded PSP Xenon hi-definition mastering limiter.
  • Three displays, simplified modulation setup, keyboard and mouse wheel support for easy preset creation and tweaking.
  • Animated response plots.
  • Sidechain (key) input.
  • Extensive SSE optimization.
  • 192 factory presets.
  • Expandable architecture – new operators and modulator types to be added in future versions while preserving backward compatibility.

PSP N2O is available to purchase for $149 USD. A crossgrade offer for PSP Nitro users is available at $69 USD until 31 December, 2010. The upgrade is free of charge for users who bought the PSP Nitro after 1 October, 2010. (prices exclude taxes).

More information: PSP Audioware / PSP N2O

PSP Audioware updates MasterComp to v1.7.1

PSP MasterComp

PSP Audioware has released version 1.7.1 of PSP MasterComp, a compressor effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

PSP MasterComp is a high fidelity stereo dynamics processor (plug-in VST, RTAS for Windows; AudioUnit, RTAS, VST for Mac OSX Universal Binary).

Its double-precision (64-bit floating point) and double-sampled (FAT – Frequency Authentication Technique) processing offers transparency even at extreme compression settings and high sample rates.

Changes in MasterComp v1.7.1

  • Turning PSP MasterComp or PSP MicroComp into Off mode does not stop the internal processing – it just sets the plug-in into bypass mode except the situation when the SCMonit button is on.
  • Demo mode screen audio glitches solved.
  • Demo early expiration problem solved.
  • Authorization key problem solved.
  • Minor compatibility issues solved.
  • Blocking audio solved.
  • Fixes in RTAS for Mac: PSP MicroComp now appears properly.

PSP MasterComp is still available to purchase for $99 USD (offer extended to 5th November, regular price $249 USD). Prices exclude taxes.

More information: PSP Audioware / MasterComp

PSP Audioware updates MasterComp to v1.7 + 60% discount

PSP MasterComp

PSP Audioware has released version 1.7 of PSP MasterComp, a compressor effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

PSP MasterComp is a high fidelity stereo dynamics processor (plug-in VST, RTAS for Windows; AudioUnit, RTAS, VST for Mac OSX Universal Binary).

Its double-precision (64-bit floating point) and double-sampled (FAT – Frequency Authentication Technique) processing offers transparency even at extreme compression settings and high sample rates.

Changes in MasterComp v1.7

  • Now includes two plug-ins: PSP MasterComp (mainly designed for mastering compression and expansion) and new PSP MicroComp disgined for using on buses and track processing during mixing.
  • 64bit support for Mac OSX and Windows.
  • Non ilok version available for Mac OSX and Windows.

PSP MasterComp is available to purchase for $99 USD until 31 October, 2010 (regular price $249 USD). Prices exclude taxes.

More information: PSP Audioware / MasterComp

PSP Audioware PSP 85, advanced delay effect plug-in updated

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PSP Audioware has released PSP 85, a delay effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

PSP 85 is the product of our eternal fascination with the endless possibilities offered by variable sample rate delay lines.

PSP 85 benefits from aggressive algorithm optimization and adds numerous significant new features while retaining full preset and bank compatibility with our renowned PSP 84 delay.

The plug-in comes with sixty wild and twisted new presets designed to highlight its exciting new attributes, in addition to a supplementary bank containing more ‘bread and butter’ PSP 84 factory programs.

PSP Audioware PSP 85

PSP 85 features

  • Predelay for creating complex rhythmic patterns.
  • Delay line output panning.
  • Delay gating offering extended control over number of echoes and their level.
  • Automatic ducking (with auxiliary sidechain input option), the invaluable tool helping to preserve sound clarity by attenuating superfluous echoes that would have been otherwise masked by hot input signal.
  • Filter resonance modulation.
  • LFO song position synchronization for repeatable playback results.
  • Input muting allowing to connect the delay lines in series when used on mono tracks.
  • 64 bit audio stream support (only refers to VST format).
  • Continuous control over delay time with little harmonic distortion thanks to real-time multipoint resamplers.
  • Modulation signal generator consisting of LFO with five click-free waveforms and an envelope follower.
  • 12dB/oct filter with adjustable cutoff and resonance as well as saturation.
  • Flexible filter routing capabilities.
  • Vintage reverberation module for faithful simulation of spring and plate reverb characteristics.
  • Edge-filtering of abrupt parameters changes for smooth and click-free operation.
  • Support for sampling rates of up to 192kHz.
  • MIDI and VST automation of all parameters.

PSP 85 is available to purchase as an effect plug-in for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) for $149 USD excl. VAT. A crossgrade is available to PSP 84 users.

More information: PSP Audioware / PSP 85

PSP Audioware updates PSP VintageWarmer2 to v2.5

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PSP VintageWarmer

PSP Audioware has released version 2.5 of PSP VintageWarmer2, a high-quality digital simulation of an analog-style, a single- or multi-band compressor/limiter.

It combines rich, warm analog processing with a straightforward user interface, and comes with a comprehensive library of presets. The plug-in processor is highly flexible and can be used for both softknee compression and brick-wall limiting. This makes it an essential tool for mixing and mastering engineers. Careful attention has been paid to PSP Vintage Warmer’s overload characteristics with the processor being capable of generating saturation effects typical of analog tape recorders. PSP Vintage Warmer also incorporates professional VU and PPM metering together with accurate overload indicators thereby assuring professional quality results.

Changes in PSP VintageWarmer2 v2.5

  • New member of the PSP Warmer family: PSP MicroWarmer which provides the same sound quality as it’s big siblings, but with a simplified single-band interface and low latency performance optimized for use on individual tracks.
  • PSP VintageWarmer2 now compatible with hosts running in 64-bit mode on Windows and Mac OS X.

PSP VintageWarmer is available to purchase for $149 USD. Current VintageWarmer2 customers can upgrade to v2.5.0 for $29 USD until 23 June, 2010, after which the upgrade goes up to $39 USD until 31 June, 2010 (regular upgrade price $49 USD). All prices exclude possible sales or VAT taxes.

More information: PSP Audioware / PSP VintageWarmer

Sony Creative Software releases Acid Music Studio 8 and Sound Forge Audio Studio 10

Sony Creative Software has announced new versions of its consumer software product line, which includes music creation and mixing software Acid Music Studio 8, and Sound Forge Audio Studio 10, an audio editing and production software for Windows.

Sony Creative Software ACID Music Studio 8

ACID Music Studio 8 provides users with a comprehensive toolset for music and mashup creations. There are several new features, including an audio and MIDI mixing console, enhanced remixing tools, and exclusive élastique Pro timestretching tools that add more options to ensure users are limited only by their imaginations when producing original music projects. The leading software application in multitrack, loop and beat matching functionality, ACID Music Studio 8 now comes with over 3,000 high quality music loops and includes the Studio Devil™ British Valve Custom guitar amp, as well as the TruePianos™ Amber Lite piano plug-in. You can also upload your project to the social networking and music website directly from within the interface.

New in ACID Music Studio 8

  • Audio and MIDI Mixing Console: The new Mixing Console provides an integrated view of all tracks and busses in your project with the appearance of a traditional hardware-based mixer. The look can be customized to provide you with the best view of even the most complex session. The new audio and MIDI Mixing Console has additional routing options, allowing for a more flexible and efficient studio recording environment.
  • Zplane élastique Audio Timestretching and Pitch Shifting:, Zplane élastique Pro technology allows users to perform dramatic time stretches and pitch-shifts of Beatmapped tracks while retaining maximum sound quality.
  • Enhanced remixing tools: For remixing your favorite songs, only ACID Music Studio software has the Beatmapper tool. This feature automatically finds the tempo of a complete song, making it easy to remix songs with different beat structures. New markers in ACID Music Studio 8 allow you to Beatmap songs with varying tempos and time signatures.
  • Cross-Track Event Drag and Drop: This new feature allows users to easily create mixes by simply cutting, copying, or pasting events across multiple tracks for faster editing.
Sony Creative Sound Forge Audio Studio 10

Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 offers professional tools for mastering audio projects with ease.

The new workflow enhancements, including floatable/dockable windows, improved maximum audio bitrate, and enhanced vinyl restoration wizard, enable users to record audio, edit, and master with pro-level control. The software is perfect for anyone wanting to record, edit, and convert audio from almost any source. Prepare audio files for export to the PSP®, iPod®, iPhone®, and burn audio to CDs or create files for the Web.

New in Sound Forge Audio Studio 10

  • Enhanced Vinyl Recording Wizard: Advanced automatic track detection and editing in Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 now makes it easier to convert vinyl and cassettes to digital files. These new features allow users to adjust the start/end times of tracks and fine-tune adjustments prior to CD burning or converting to MP3 for digital conversion or archiving.
  • 24-bit/32-bit Float 192 kHz Audio Support: Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 supports 32-bit IEEE float bit-depth and 192 kHz sample rate so users can work with the highest audio resolution for superior sound quality.
  • Customizable Window Layouts: Users can create and save multiple layout configurations, and easily recall a window layout for specific editing tasks for a more personalized editing process.
  • Floating Window Docks: Windows can be docked and grouped within the Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 interface in order to customize the environment to fit the particular way a user prefers to work.

ACID Music Studio 8 and Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 for Windows PC are now available to purchase for $69.95 USD each.

More information: Sony Creative Software

Short links for February 9th, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently:

# MStretchSynth Demo – Kevin Schlei (2010)

'MStretchSynth' uses multi-point (multi-touch) data streams to create a synthesis instrument driven by the relationships between points. Instead of mapping touch positions (X and Y coordinates) directly to synthesis parameters, relationships such as angle, distance, and velocity compared to other points are used.

'MStretchSynth' uses angle, distance and total velocity between points to map to synthesis parameters pitch, amplitude and delay depth.

Harmonic Ratio Arpeggiator

# Harmonic Ratio Arpeggiator

John Fisher writes:

This is my first system for making melodies and chords in just intonation: a harmonic arpeggiator. There are two different tables containing numbers for the numerator and denominator, and these tables can be moved through independently, at different speeds. Midi input triggers notes, but only the time and octave of the input notes is taken, and the rest is controlled by the ratio sequencers. I have implemented this system in both my Nord g2 modular and in Reaktor, so I can make them work together.

# Gotta Groove Records – "Groove With Us"

Nick Cavalier’s short documentary about a new vinyl pressing plant in Cleveland Ohio, called "Gotta Groove Records".

They specialize in 7" and 12" Vinyl creation/manufacturing using PVC molding. Check them out here:

# Five EQ mistakes and how to avoid them

Kim Lajoie writes:

EQ is one of the most important tools available to audio engineers. Used correctly, instruments sound great and seem to fit together effortlessly. Used incorrectly, the mix resembles a battlefield with every instrument trying to destroy the others while fighting to be heard. One of the difficulties of EQ is that it is relative – the right settings depend entirely on the raw sound and the mix; there are no specific settings that will work every time. The key to using EQ effectively is to learn how to listen to the raw sound and identify what tonal changes will emphasise its best qualities and make it work in the mix.

# K-Def x Beaterator

Wax Poetics partnered with Rockstar Games to create a series of short films showcasing the new mobile studio/beatmaker for the PSP, Rockstar’s Beaterator.

More from Wax Poetics Beaterator videos here.

PSP Audioware updates sQuad with PSP McQ

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PSP Audioware has released an updated version of PSP sQuad, adding PSP McQ to the bundle of equalizer plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

PSP Audioware McQ
PSP Audioware McQ

PSP McQ captures the sonic character and functionality of various classic console equalizers such as the versatile MCI console EQs. However, while PSP McQ was inspired by these analog classics, we added several modern features such as adjustable high pass and low pass filters, steepness (resonance) control for the shelving filters, optional bell filters for the low and high bands, and three nominal Q values for the midrange filters. We packed the PSP McQ full of musical features, such as gain following Q factors for the midrange bell type filters. By this, we mean that the Q factor of these filters gradually increases along with increases in boost or attenuation. The PSP McQ is especially suited for deep track tweaking in order to get a desired sound for a track, or to get great track separation in the mix.

PSP sQuad is available for $99 USD (excl. VAT) until 17 January, 2010 (extended “Winter Squad” offer, regular price $249 USD excl. VAT).

More information: PSP Audioware