Psychic Modulation updates Minimal to v1.5

Psychic Modulation has updated Minimal to version 1.5. Minimal is a mini groovebox style drum machine with onboard bass synth. Updated in v1.5 added patch randomization buttons to each drum, bass and keygrid sequencers now … read more

Psychic Modulation releases Cerebrum 3

Psychic Modulation has released Cerebrum 3, a groovebox-style synth/sampler hybrid drum machine featuring seven drumsynth modules as well as a bass synth module, each with it’s own dual A/B sequencer for beat-matching. Designed with live … read more

KVR DC: Psychic Modulation Cubix v1.0.1

Psychic Modulation has released Cubix v1.0.1, a drumsynth/sampleplayer with an onboard arpeggiated bassline synth officially designed for the KVR Developer Challenge. Cubix has 4 drum sections (Kick, Snare, Hihat and Perc, but they can be … read more

Les Productions Zvon updates ZAMP to v1.3

Les Productions Zvon has updated ZAMP to version 1.3. ZAMP is a freeware VSTi sample player which can load and play 3 wav files simultaneously. It was exclusively designed for Les Productions Zvon by Psychic … read more

Psychic Modulation releases Paradigm Shifter v3.0

Psychic Modulation has released Paradigm Shifter v3.0 VST. Paradigm Shifter is a freeware beat shifting delay mangler with lots of modulation options. Features Shifter Section: Can produce strange results from subtle phaser type effects to … read more

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Psychic Modulation releases Meteorite v2.0

Many improvements including new sophisticated filter section, onboard dual delay and a d-stabilizer for creating the analogue feel of unstable tuning. Previous 1.5 version released as freeware! Check the Psychic Modulation website for more information … read more

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