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LVC-Audio announces beta support for RTAS & AAX for Mac

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LVC-Audio has announced beta support for RTAS and AAX formats for Mac OS X for its PreAMPed, ClipShifter, and HotPhuzz effect plug-ins.

LVC-Audio HotPhuzz
HotPhuzz public beta for Pro Tools now also available.

In addition to support for RTAS and AAX formats, the updates also fix a common bug with the user interface. This prevented text entry on Macs, and made the text appear the incorrect size on many Windows and Mac computers. Although PhreePhuzz currently does not support RTAS/AAX, an update is provided to correct the text problem. To update, just proceed to the plugin pages to download the latest versions.

To celebrate the updates, you can get an 11% discount (for Pro Tools 11, of course). Just enter PT11 during checkout. This code will be valid until the end of May.

More information: LVC-Audio


u-he updates plug-ins to rev 2242 (public beta)

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u-he has launched a new public beta of its plug-ins.

As these builds have probably reached a state that is more stable than our official releases, I would like to push them through testing/public beta/release candidates as soon as possible.

Changes in rev 2242

  • Hopefully fixed crash bug in Bitwig on MacOS X (was a Cocoa drawing issue).
  • Put full Mousewheel support back into VST2.
  • Fixed All Notes Off issue with Zebra (abrupt releases).
  • Fixed Pan/Vol Mod Labels in ZebraCM.
  • Fixed MIDI Unlearn in AAX / Pro Tools.
  • Reworked Mac Installers with Apple recommended ownerships (System/Admin).
  • Correct Satin 1.1 user guide.
  • Added full resolution to 7-bit MIDI Learn.
  • Moved Runciter from Example to Harmonic category in PT.
  • Added host/os/bitdepth/plug-in format to logging facility.
  • Correct UI size for Satin in Live 32-bit VST.
  • Fixed erratic parameter loopback in Satin (possibly fixing a lot of random issues).

The new public beta versions of ACE, Diva, Filterscape, MFM2, Podolski, Satin, Triple Cheese, Uhbik, Zebra and ZebraCM are now available to download at the u-he forum at KVR Audio.

More information: u-he


XT Software updates energyXT 2.7 to beta 3

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XT Software has released public beta 3 of energyXT 2.7, a music production software for Windows and Mac.

XT Software energyXT

Changes in energyXT 2.7 beta 3

  • Object bar didn’t display note length in last beat, now fixed.
  • Fixed crash when loading XTC clips with missing VST plugin.
  • Fixed crash when adding MIDI out device to a tack containing a VST.
  • Fixed issue with custom volume knob image and old skin. Skins made in 2.7 beta v2 may have to be fixed manually.
  • Added Trim control to sequencer mixer strip.
  • Minor fixes to light skin and added option to skin color of eq curve in mixer (FX > decoration color).
  • Resizing and transposing events with keyboard shortcuts didn’t update object bar, now fixed.

energyXT is currently available to purchase for 39 EUR (regular 59 EUR). The latest beta is available to download here.

More information: XT Software


u-he updates ACE, Zebra, DIVA & more plug-ins to rev 2228

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u-he has released revision 2228 of its plug-ins, including Satin, DIVA, Zebra, and ACE.

These hopefully fix the most pressing issues. We know of some bugs with VST3 and you better don’t automate parameters with an LFO in Bitwig.

Changes in rev 2228

  • should really fix AAX (autosave) crash bug for good.
  • added missing buttons/drop down graphics to Filterscape.
  • fixed missing Sync button in ZebraCM.
  • fixed possible crash in VST.
  • fixed automation-stops-when-editor-opens bug in Live/Bitwig.
  • reworked Mac Installers (solve permissions issue?).
  • updated Filterscape, Satin user guide.
  • changed initial open/close laws for preset folder.

Rev 2228 is available to download from the u-he forum at KVR Audio.

More information: u-he


Image-Line releases Minihost Modular Beta 2

Image-Line has announced a second beta of Minihost Modular, a free modular plugin host for Windows and Mac.

This beta includes improvements and fixes based on user feedback so far. We thank the beta-testers for their enthusiastic response to Minihost Modular.

Minihost Modular is a modular environment for hosting/interconnecting VST/AU plugins based on a custom modular engine especially developed for this purpose. As a standalone, Minihost Modular can be used as an advanced VST or AU host with modular routing with some sequencing recording/playback capabilities. As a VST or AU plugin, Minihost Modular can be used to extend the capabilities of your existing DAW software with its powerful modular, recallable, environment. Minihost Modular bares some similarities to FL Studio’s Patcher but has an extended capability as a self contained host.

The new beta installers for Windows & OS X are available to download for registered Image-Line users (registration is free).

More information: Image-Line / Minihost Modular Beta 2


LVC-Audio releases PhreePhuzz (beta) free saturation plugin

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LVC-Audio has launched a beta of PhreePhuzz, a free saturation effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

LVC-Audio PhreePhuzz
PhreePhuzz utilizes many underlying technologies used to create PreAMPed.

PhreePhuzz can be pushed into overt distortion; however, it excels at more gentle saturation effects. Each of the four saturation settings has emphasis on different frequency components.

PhreePhuzz can be used to give a track low-end saturation without dulling the high frequencies, or it can be used to give a shimmering high-end sparkle without muddying the bass.

PhreePhuzz features

  • Virtual analog saturation simulator.
  • 4x oversampling using linear phase filtering to ensure great high-end response.
  • Four distinct saturation types, including separate saturation algorithms and multiband settings.
  • Standard LVC-Audio controls, like A->B knob comparison and fine adjustment of knobs.

The public beta of the plug-in is available to download for Windows and Mac (VST/AU).

More information: LVC-Audio / PhreePhuzz


KV331 Audio releases SynthMaster Player & SynthMaster Player Free (beta)

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KV331 Audio has released public beta versions of its SynthMaster Player and SynthMaster Player Free virtual instruments for Windows and Mac.

KV331 Audio SynthMaster Player

SynthMaster Player is a simplified version of SynthMaster targeted at musicians who use presets rather than create their own during music production.

There is also a free version of SynthMaster Player, which comes with 150 presets selected from SynthMaster’s factory library.

SynthMaster Player features

  • Available in VST, AU and RTAS formats.
  • Comes with 600 presets selected from SynthMaster’s factory library.
  • Users can edit 12 easy parameters assigned by the sound designer for each preset.
  • Users can turn on & off effects assigned by the sound designer for each preset.
  • Users can purchase and use preset banks released by KV331 Audio.

SynthMaster Player Beta is available to purchase for $19 USD until April 1st, 2014. SynthMaster Player Free can be downloaded from the KV331 Audio website.

More information: SynthMaster