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Push Button Bang releases Skrillbahton

Push Button Bang Skrillbahton

Push Button Bang has introduced Skrillbathon, a sample library featuring loops, samples and Massive patches.

Skrillbahton takes you on a thrilling journey to the dark side of the modern dancefloor, providing an inspirational array of blistering original demonic bass and mutant modulations, high impact tribal influenced drum parts and original track production tools.

Taking its cue from skrillex-style, dark monster moombahton, this lighting hot collection of loud and dangerous club audio is designed for you, to instantly and easily unleash, that huge, uncompromising, RAW 112 style sound thats been tearing up the clubs from south american slum parties, european city clubs to holiday beach destinations.

Combining trance-inducing tribal influenced rythms with fire fueled, high impact shock and awe synthesis, putting you firmly in control of an army of hard hitting, fire breathing massive moombahton style presets, construction kits, mind-bending basslines, drums and warped production fx.

The Skrillbahton pack costs £29.95 GBP. Individual parts are also sold separately.

More information: Push Button Bang / Skrillbathon


Loopmasters launches Summer Sale – Up to 40% off sample packs

Loopmasters Summer Sale

Loopmasters has launched its Summer Sale, offering up to 40% off sample libraries from various labels.

The Summer is here!

Perfect time to give you some extra juice for the hot summer parties. We’ve set up 25 sales for you and that’s well over 1000 sample and synth preset packs to choose from! Just click here and you will see all the sales which are happening right now at Loopmasters.

Enjoy the Summer – The Loopmasters Team!

Loopmasters Summer Sale

The sale ends August 15th, 2013.

More information: Loopmasters / Summer Sale


Push Button Bang releases W&W Style Kicks

Push Button Bang W&W Style Kicks

Push Button Bang has launched W&W Style Kicks, a collection of kick drum samples for electronic music production.

W&W Style Kicks recreates the sought after modern kick sound of artists such as W&W, arming you with hundreds of variations for easily creating your own huge, main stage signature kicks.

The kicks have been hand crafted to be instantly usable in modern main room house, techno, hard style and more.

The collection uses well shaped hard, attack transients on the initial clicks, combined huge variety of saturated tails from subtle to the extreme. These elements are guaranteed to get your kick drum right in the mix and give your track the strong foundation it deserves.

W&W Style Kicks features

  • 180 Kick Drum Samples
    • 30 Code Style Kicks—Kicks similar to those found in W&W productions such as “The Code” and Thunder.
    • 90 Dynamic Main Room Kicks—Many variations on the typical main room modern kick sound, each featuring individual dynamics and compression.
    • 30 Hardstyle Fx Layer Kicks—Harder versions with experimental saturation, for sound design and interesting cuts.
    • 30 Stereo Mid Hi Kicks—These kicks are MONO up to around 1.5. kHz, with the mid hi range affected with subtle forms of stereo processing and saturation.

The sample pack is available from Loopmasters for £9.95 GBP.

More information: Push Button Bang / W&W Style Kicks


Push Button Bang releases Vedo: Club Electro Fruity Loops Template

Push Button Bang Vedo Club Electro

Push Button Bang has released Vedo: Club Electro, a template sound pack for use with Image-Line FL Studio.

New music producer Vedo unleashes his first Fruity Loops Template track, perfectly primed with exclusive samples, presets and channel settings for you to tweak and create your very own dance floor electro hit.

This template give you immediate access to Vedos tricks and techniques for building a club electro style track with minimum hassle and maximum effect, including complete bus layouts, track automation and plug in settings specifically designed to get the most out of your FL arrangement.

Every part inside the midi based template can be altered to your needs, including pitch, rhythm, quantization, instrumentation, aux processing, melodic arrangement and much more.

The sound pack is available to purchase for £9.95 GBP.

More information: Push Button Bang / Vedo Club Electro


Push Button Bang releases Fight Sounds – Hand Combat SFX

Push Button Bang Fight Sounds

Push Button Bang has released Fight Sounds – Hand Combat SFX, a sample pack featuring sound fx designed for fight scene creation, brawling impact promos, transitions and audio sequences.

Designed for game/app and media production, as well as layering with musical elements to create high octane action impacts and jaw-breaking audio interludes.

This one of a kind, hand combat sfx collection features a diverse array of fight sound elements, ranging from realistic foley recordings, hypersonic movie fx to game/cartoon style hits,bangs,wallops and slaps.

Fight sounds provides 300 individual Wav Fx, expertly edited, named with specific descriptions and arranged into a clear, “easy-find” folder structure.

The sample pack costs £14.95 GBP.

More information: Push Button Bang / Fight Sounds Hand Combat SFX


Push Button Bang releases Orchestro – Classical Complextro & EDM FX

Push Button Bang Orchestro

Push Button Bang has released Orchestro, a sample collection featuring classical complextro and EDM fx.

A new take on orchestral based EDM, Orchestro is an experimental loop and single hit library designed for the boundary pushing electronica enthusiast.

Taking classical instrument phrases, stabs and movements, splicing them with dark bass and twisted momentum, to create a unique sound collection of weird and wonderful complextro-style combinations.

Orchestro features

  • 488 loops and samples, 420MB content.
  • 140 full loops and 130 half bar cuts, 128 bpm.
  • Includes 16 big hits, 7 choir cuts, 13 fx, 54 instrument hits, 33 mixed hits, 20 small hits.
  • Plus 1 synth chord kit containing 75 chord hits.

The sample pack costs £14.95 GBP. The loops and hits are also sold in separate packs for £9.95 GBP and £8.95 GBP respectively.

More information: Push Button Bang / Orchestro


Push Button Bang releases Sylenth Builds & Breakdowns

Push Button Bang Sylenth Builds & Breakdowns

Push Button Bang releases Sylenth Builds & Breakdowns, a collection of Sylenth1 patches for generating original epic melodies, crescendos, builds and breakdowns in all your favourite EDM styles.

From main room and progressive house, to trap, dubstep, futuristic electronica and even mainstream pop – everything is here to create rich melodic parts and gigantic fx to spur the emotions of your listeners.

The collection is divided into two banks, with each bank containing one hundred hand crafted, unique presets.

The melody bank contains a rich tapestry of tonal content – including searing leads and bass, electro stabbers, awesome arps and phrases, wops, wiggles, mods and stabs.

The build and fx bank contains a huge array of up-lifters, down-lifters, drop fx, noise tools and modulated builds to go from zero to epic in the turn of a mod wheel.

The soundset costs £19.95 GBP. The Melody and Build & FX banks are also sold separately for £12.95 GBP each.

More information: Push Button Bang / Sylenth Builds & Breakdowns