Pyjaman releases ctr and hrmnx

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Pyjaman ctr
Pyjaman hrmnx

Pyjaman has released ctr and hrmnx, two freeware plug-in effects for Windows and Mac.

ctr & hrmnx features

  • ctr cuts the sound in sync (bpm) with a simple envelope of ADSR values which you can draw.
    It also features equalizer and delay effects.
  • hrmnx is a simple trigger.
    You can mix and add to your source: rect, sin, pink noise, etc. (tunable with by drawing).
    The plug-in has individual pan controls & mute buttons and it furthermore features a random pan button, downsample, equalizer and overdrive effects and a dry/wet control.
    You can set the trigger level manually.

ctr and hrmnx are available as freeware plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

Note: you will need the Pluggo runtime to run these plug-ins. Get it here.

Visit Pyjaman for more information.


Pyjaman releases tgr v0.5 (Pluggo)

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Pyjaman tgr v0.5

Pyjaman has released version 0.5 of tgr, a freeware random sample player for Windows PC.

tgr v0.5 features

  • 2 sample slots
  • piezzo sensibility
  • 4 store slots for each sample
  • random repetition
  • sequencer
  • pitch and random control
  • random and size control

The plug-ins require the Pluggo run-time.

Visit Pyjaman to download tgr.


Pyjaman releases dtrk (Pluggo)

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Pyjaman dtrk

Pyjaman has released dtrk, a new freeware Pluggo VST plug-in for Windows.

dtrk is a freeware VSTi sample player for long mp3 files featuring controls for speed, time and groove.

Pyjaman’s plug-ins require the Pluggo run-time, which you can download freely from the Cycling ’74 website.

Visit Pyjaman’s website to download dtrk.


Pyjaman releases sqfx, sqrp and sqrpd (Pluggo)

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Pyjaman has released three new Pluggo VST plug-ins, sqfx, sqrp and sqrpd.

sqfx includes reverb, degrader and frequency shift effects, which can be triggered by a step sequencer. It has many randomize options (seq, fx, level & release, all).

Pyjaman sqfx v0.1
Pyjaman sqfx v0.1

sqrp is a step sequenced arp. Controls include speed & swing, the amount of bars for the sequences and a number of randomize options. It also features MIDI in.

sqrpd is simular to sqrp, with the addition of a sample player. You can enable looping of the sample and set loop start/end points. The sample can also be fine tuned.

The plug-ins require the Pluggo run-time.

Visit Pyjaman’s website to download sqfx, sqrp and sqrpd.


Pyjaman releases mdtnr1 and mdtnr2 (Pluggo)

Pyjaman mdtnr2

Pyjaman has released mdtnr1 and mdtnr2 , two free Pluggo VST effect plug-ins.


  • 2 buffers with level and size controls
  • buffer pitch and freeze (mdtnr2 only)
  • level in
  • sine/rect/noise level and release controls
  • midi file select and reset (mdtnr1 only)

The plug-ins require the Pluggo run-time.

Visit Pyjaman’s website to download mdtnr1 and mdtrn2.


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