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Rabbit Ears Audio releases REA007 Brooks Streams Waterfalls

Rabbit Ears Audio Brooks Streams Waterfalls

Rabbit Ears Audio has released REA007 Brooks Streams Waterfalls, a sound fx library.

REA 007 is a celebration of moving water in nature. From small trickles to rushing torrents, Brooks Streams Waterfalls is for those who need a variety of water movement in their library.

Locations were chosen based on their variety of elements. Water sounds most unique when it has something to pass through that changes its flow. The brooks and streams in this collection feature currents that are shaped by rocks, boulders, and downed trees. The waterfalls chosen range from small falls fed by babbling mountain brooks to large rushing waterfalls fed by strong relentless currents.

Brooks Streams Waterfalls features

  • 45 files that clock in at 68 minutes.
  • Tracked on a Sound Devices 744T with a Cooper CS-104 as the front end. Both Schoeps (MK4/MK8) and Sennheiser MKH (30/40) Mid-Side pairs were used. The Schoeps were the “go to” pair, but the MKH’s got a workout as well.
  • 24 Bit 96 kHz, 2.66 GB download, 3.77 GB unrar’d.

REA007 Brooks Streams Waterfalls is available to purchase for $50 USD.

More information: Rabbit Ears Audio / REA007 Brooks Streams Waterfalls

Rabbit Ears Audio releases REA006 Bells sound library

Rabbit Ears Audio Bells

Rabbit Ears Audio has released REA006 Bells, a sample library featuring bell sounds.

Bronze, brass, chrome, gold, stainless steel, and steel are just some of the materials that forged this library. We spent a day at one of the few remaining bell foundries in the United States and we rang bells until our ears nearly fell off. We hit them with mallets, clappers, and shook them with our bare hands. We also spent time on an old barge and percussion rental facility for rare and unusual bells.

Each bell was recorded from multiple perspectives . . . if you need a heavy attack or just a warm roomy bell toll . . . we’ve got it.

The Bells sound library is available to purchase in two editions:

  • Bells Hi Res+ ($70) – 24 Bit 192 kHz, 440 sounds, 2.2 GB download, 4.76 GB unrar’d.
  • Bells Hi Res ($50) – 24 Bit 96 kHz, 440 sounds, 982.3 MB download, 2.36 GB unrar’d.

More information: Rabbit Ears Audio

Rabbit Ears Audio releases REA005 Military Vehicles sound fx library

Rabbit Ears Audio Military Vehicles

Rabbit Ears Audio has released Military Vehicles, a sound fx sample library.

5 Tanks, 2 Armored Personnel Carriers, 3 Days, and 1 Military Library!

Military Vehicles is a collaboration between Rabbit Ears Audio and Rob Nokes of Over the course of 3 Days we recorded almost non-stop with the help The Fort Snelling Military Museum in Minnesota. They were kind enough to open their doors and their tanks to us.

Each vehicle is available for purchase individually or the library can be purchased as a complete collection at a discounted rate.

More information: Rabbit Ears Audio / REA005 Military Vehicles

Rabbit Ears Audio releases REA004 Metal Machines sound fx library

Rabbit Ears Audio has released Metal Machines, a sound fx library featuring recordings of train maintenance tools.

I visited a shop whose primary focus is repairing old steam locomotives and building replicas for use around the country (Thomas The Tank Engine is big business). This library features 11 pre-1950s tools that will get your motor running and add texture to your mechanized needs. I hired a machinist to perform the following mechanical masterpieces of the industrial age: Wheel Lathe, Metal Planer, McCabe Metal Flanger, Metal Shaper, Summit Engine Lathe, Summit Engine Rapid Traverse, Hendy Engine Lathe, Vertical Turret Lathe, Bridgeport Milling Machine, Large Air Needle Scaler, Small Air Needle Scaler.

All of the machines have such wonderful qualities that smooth computer-controlled contemporary machines don’t possess. Metal Machines is here to bring on the flap, whirr, grind and whine that your work needs.

Metal Machines pricing:

  • Hi-Res+ $70 usd – 24 Bit 192 kHz, 301 sounds, 4.07 GB content
  • Hi-Res $50 usd – 24 Bit 96 kHz, 301 sounds, 2.02 GB content
  • Std $25 usd – 24 Bit 48 kHz, 138 sounds, 661.1 MB content
  • Basic $9 usd – 16 Bit 44.1 kHz, 66 sounds, 291.6 MB content

A free pack of samples is available from the product page as well.

More information: Rabbit Ears Audio / REA004 Metal Machines

Rabbit Ears Audio REA001 Rockets, sound fx sample library

Rabbit Ears Audio Rockets

Rabbit Ears Audio has released Rockets, a sound fx sample library featuring the sounds of rockets.

Amateur rockets. When you first hear those words, an image of little Jimmy in the backyard launching a tiny rocket comes to mind. Forget little Jimmy and, instead, imagine adults building high-powered rockets in their free time and launching them in remote locations. The rockets come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and are remarkably sophisticated considering NASA is not involved in their production. From ignition, to launch, to misfire, to misadventure in mid-air, these rockets pretty much rule.

The rocket engine sizes are rated by letters. The largest rocket I saw was an “M,” but there were also a lot of “J”s and “K”s. There is a tremendous diversity of sound within those rocket types. These recordings could be the basis of weapon sounds, launch sounds for vehicles, as well as many other things.

The REA001 Rockets library is available to purchase in three versions.

  • ROCKETS HI-RES $50 — 24 Bit 96 kHz | 113 Sounds | 227MB download.
  • ROCKETS STANDARD $25 — 24 Bit 48 kHz | 41 Sounds | 49.5MB download.
  • ROCKETS BASIC $9.00 — 16 Bit 44.1 kHz | 15 Sounds | 9.4MB download.

More information: Rabbit Ears Audio