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Rankin Audio releases Tokyo To Berlin Techno

Rankin Audio Tokyo To Berlin Techno

Rankin Audio has released its Tokyo To Berlin Techno sample library.

Deep techy sounds with super crisp and clean production gives the pack a feel that is both warm and exact. A full range of both synth hits and riff with all the bleepy techno goodness you could ask for. Clean, punchy, well processed drums with single hits, full loops and perc loops.

Containing a full range of basslines in a solid range of keys, there is everything you need in this pack to get to work on your 1st or next Berghain anthem! All lovingly processed and designed to be dropped straight in without the need for any additional processing. Unless of course you want to go wild with the effect to get those hands in the air at 10am on a sunday!

The sample pack is available at Loopmasters for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Rankin Audio / Tokyo To Berlin Techno


Rankin Audio releases Female Dubstep Vocals 2

Rankin Audio Female Dubstep Vocals 2

Rankin Audio has introduced Female Dubstep Vocals 2, a vocal sample pack for dubstep music production.

Featuring 5 different vocal talents Female Dubstep Vocals 2 is an essential pack for anyone wanting to add a quality vocal flourish to their production.

Recorded at 140bpm in the best keys for Dubstep this pack is both easy to use and super effective. Featuring a range of soft laid back vocals, adlibs and full of belters there is the perfect array of styles for any dubstep production.

Vocals are provided dry, ready for you to layer on FX as you please and are organised by singer and Key info. All recorded at the highest possible quality by professional session singers, these are perfect for either a big vocal anthem or for being chopped, effected and turned into something completely unique.

The sample pack costs £19.95 GBP.

More information: Rankin Audio / Female Dubstep Vocals 2


Rankin Audio releases Trap Massive Presets

Rankin Audio Trap Massive Presets

Rankin Audio has released Trap Massive Presets, a collection of trap sounds for the Massive software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

If you’ve not heard of Trap you must have been living under a rock or maybe in the cupboard of an ageing techno producer. Either way, Trap is here and making some serious moves.

Contained in the pack is a collection of everything you need to master the synth elements of the genre and style out a Trap monster of your very own. All the pitch- bent, bubbly goodness you can eat, harnessing the power of the one and only Massive. Just run some earth moving 808s underneath and you’re in business.

All presets specially crafted by the mysterious team of lunatics at Rankin Audio HQ and ready to be dropped straight into the DAW without any further processing. Thats not to say you can’t chain the living daylights out of them with effects for extra chuckles but thats down your your own dark and twisted imagination.

The soundset costs £14.95 GBP.

More information: Rankin Audio / Trap Massive Presets


Rankin Audio releases Ultimate Dubstep 3

Rankin Audio Ultimate Dubstep 3

Rankin Audio has released Ultimate Dubstep 3, a sound library for dubstep music production.

Complete with a tasty little collection of NI Massive presets for those looking for some gritty growling bass work. Punchy and full drum hits to make sure that your drops have the impact you want them to, all EQ’d perfectly to just be dropped straight in to the mix. A selection of music and synth loops to add some musicality and body to your tracks and even a collection of chord stabs to add a bit of flavour to your drops.

Pads and textures are there to bulk out your mix and add an extra layer of depth. Rich organic pads and long full drones are just what the doctor ordered. All the bass one shots you can eat if you feel the need for a fully processed bass sound to give you track that extra little flare. Basslines a plenty to be chopped up, mashed together, reversed and glitched until your heart’s content. Plenty of SFX for the extra touches that give your track a professional and highly produced feel. This pack has everything you need to make an absolute monster.

The sound pack costs £24.95 GBP.

More information: Rankin Audio / Ultimate Dubstep 3


Rankin Audio intros Stenchman – Dark & Dirty Dubstep

Stenchman Dark & Dirty Dubstep

Rankin Audio has released Dark & Dirty Dubstep, a sample library by Stenchman.

Rankin Audio is now excited to present a collection exclusive sounds made by the maniac in the mask. Sickening bass hits, pounding basslines, wild drums and twisted FX all ready to be dropped straight into the mix if you so dare.

There is plenty here to be both inspiration at the beginning of a track and to add final flourishes to set your production apart. Tight bleepy synth riffs, stabs and chords to be mangled and mashed together, effected and pushed to the max. Punchy drum hits to give your track a bold and rich tone and plenty of percussion to add that last, essential bit of flavour.

Stenchman Dark & Dirty Dubstep features

  • 554 MB content, 24 bit quality.
  • Includes 43 Bass One Shots, 37 Basslines, 50 Drum Hits, 30 Drum Loops, 25 FX, 28 Percussion Loops, 50 Synth & Music Loops, 45 Synth Hits.

The sample pack costs £22.95 GBP.

More information: Rankin Audio / Dark & Dirty Dubstep


Rankin Audio launches Ableton Live Projects

Rankin Audio Ableton Live Projects

Rankin Audio has introduced Ableton Live Projects, a collection of tracks for use in Ableton Live.

Using the ammunition in the Rankin Audio archives we have created 5 complete tracks in Ableton Live 8 using the DAWs built in plugins and NI Massive.

You will be able to edit, rework, remix, chop, screw and do anything you like to them. You will be able to see how each channel is made up, the FX chains, drum racks, the EQ, the compression, the side chaining, gating, everything. You will be able to look in depth at how the bass is balanced with the drums, where to put different synths in the mix and beyond.You can see how the drums are programed, how each hit is effected and placed in the mix. For the first time you can look at a track from the ground up and rework the principles with your own style into new productions.

Focusing as always on the heavy dancefloor driven bass music this pack come with 5 tracks including Dubstep, Drumstep, Trap, Drum & Bass and 110bpm. This gives you the perfect spectrum of bass music for you to delve in to.

The sound library is available to purchase for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Rankin Audio / Ableton Live Projects


Rankin Audio releases Counterstrike present Hard Drum & Bass

Rankin Audio Counterstrike Hard Drum & Bass

Rankin Audio has released Counterstrike present Hard Drum & Bass, a collection of 420+ MB drum and bass samples.

Collectively producing since 1998, Counterstrike have had over 50 releases on various high profile Drum & Bass, Crossbreed, Electro and Dubstep labels such as Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak, Rob Playford’s legendary Moving Shadow, Dieselboy’s Human, Black Sun Empire Recordings and Excision’s Rottun. Apart from their busy production schedule, they’re playing out constantly. 2011 saw them DJ in 18 countries.

Containing a full spectrum of sounds to make the hardest, darkest and most evil drum and bass known to man. Huge bass sounds, tearing reece basses, shredding hoovers and penetrating stabs. The pack contains an amazing collection of drums both in loops and single hits. Hits that have been layered and EQ’d perfectly for the sound and are ready to sound amazing without any further processing.

The sample pack costs £22.95 GBP.

More information: Rankin Audio / Counterstrike present Hard Drum & Bass