Ample Sound updates Ample Guitar series (incl. RTAS)

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Ample Sound has released a native RTAS version of its Ample Guitar virtual guitar instruments.

Ample Guitar RTAS

The update covers AGM, AGP, AGF, AGG. Ample Sound is planning to release Ample Guitar AAX version in the near future.

Changes in AGM v1.0.1

  • RTAS version.
  • Separate Detect mode and Select mode on the Strummer, on Detect mode, Chord switching will be fixed in the 12th chord selection box.
  • Fixed a bug when AGM can’t customize the instrument file path.
  • Added 64-bit standalone version for Mac.

Changes in AGG/AGF/AGP v1.2.3

  • RTAS version.
  • Expediated the loading speed of AU and VST plugins.
  • Improved multi-threaded stability during loading.
  • Added 64-bit standalone version for Mac.

The Ample Guitar update is now available to customers, free of charge.

More information: Ample Sound


Eric Beam RATuration, Amp Deluxe & Iso Booth, programs for Nebula 3

Eric Beam has released a number of new programs for Nebula 3, the software by Acustica Audio which allows authentic reproduction of hardware devices.

Eric Beam Iso Booth, RATuration & Amp Deluxe Nebula 3 programs
Eric Beam Iso Booth, RATuration & Amp Deluxe Nebula 3 programs.

New programs for Nebula 3

  • RATuration — “Vintage” mode rodent saturation/distortion with hefty low-end boost & bite. Captured @ 24bit/96k.
  • Amp Deluxe — Modified “Deluxe” amp with NOS JAN 6189w tubes, recorded via Hardy M1 preamps, includes:
    • Amp Deluxe Red – RED Type B microphone with R8 Lollipop.
    • Amp Deluxe MD1 – Hand built (Pre buy out) Model 1 tube microphone with NOS JAN tube.
    • Amp Deluxe PZM – Original Wahrenbrock PZM microphones & custom “wedge”. Off center alignment for true stereo imaging.
  • Iso Booth — Captured u87 & Earthworks m30 mics via a Neve console & treated Iso booth. The use of ambiance mics is a commonly used studio practice. It gives dimension without the heavy use of verb. Great for both vocal & instrument processing. Offset VST Plugin included (Windows only).

RATuration is available to purchase for $10 USD, Amp Deluxe is $30 and Iso Booth is $15 USD.

More information: Signaltonoize / Nebula Programs