Ghostwave Audio updates MixRight for Reaktor to v1.5

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Ghostwave Audio has released version 1.5 of MixRight, a track comparison utility for Native Instruments Reaktor 5.

Ghostwave Audio MixRight

MixRight is a Native Instruments Reaktor 5 ensemble designed as the easiest way to compare your current mix with the reference track of your choice. (.wav and .aiff formats only)

In only one click, you can alternate between the two to compare levels, phase correlation and frequency distribution and therefore find out the necessary adjustments for your current mix.

Changes in MixRight v1.5

  • Updated GUI with more contrast for better legibility.
  • Spectrum analyzer extended to 20 kHz (instead of 14 kHz).
  • Manual revised.
  • Spectrum analyzer zoom default setting which prevented the quietest frequencies from being displayed.
  • Scale on the spectrum analyzer and correlation meter.
  • Scale on the update rate knob.

MixRight is available for purchase for $9.95 USD until November 9th, 2014 (regular $12.95 USD).

More information: Ghostwave Audio / MixRight


ADSR intros Razor Dubstep 2 by Creature Audio

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Creature Audio Razor Dubstep 2

ADSR Sounds has introduced Dubstep Razor 2, a soundset by Creature Audio for the Razor synthesizer instrument by Native Instruments.

Introducing Dubstep Razor 2, an incredibly powerful preset pack for dubstep and any bass music genre by Creature Audio.

Packed with 35 ultra high quality presets and bonus drum and synth loops this pack is hands down the second best on the market for NI Razor… the first best is Razor Dubstep 1.

This is the ultimate tool if you’re a producer seeking amazing sounds no other producer has.

The sound pack is available from ADSR for $14.99 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Dubstep Razor 2


Multiples Pro sets free Dust: FM8 & Sinus Free packs

Multiples Pro has released two free sample packs, Dust: FM8 and Sinus Free.

Multiples Pro Dust: FM8 & Sinus Free

Recently, mrthebigman has moved the Multiples Pro store over to his main label website, Mr Records. We are planning a few releases over the next few months.

To that end, we are giving away two free sample libraries to everyone.

  • Dust: FM8 — 10 Multi-sampled sounds from c1-c4 for Kontakt, Reason and Reaktor
  • Sinus Free: — 10 Multi-sampled sounds from c1-c4 for Kontakt, Reason and Reaktor

They are both free to download over at our new new store.

More information: Multiples Pro


Boscomac releases Viola Organista free Reaktor ensemble

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Boscomac has announced the release of Viola Organista, a free instrument ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor.

Boscomac Viola Organista

There are those who remember from Leonard de Vinci numerous weapons designs, its war machines, other pictorial works, sculptures, his mathematical approach and some philosophical reflections, etc.

Then there are those who will remember his musical instrument. Yes, I did say “musical instrument” and among all his inventions, the “Viola Organista” is one of the most sensitive.

This is a keyboard instrument that offers a sound like a viol. The idea is ingenious: a system of wheels with horsehair is fixed for rub the taut strings. Under the action of a key, the sound begins to vibrate, result of friction. The expression of this instrument is impressive because the player can play Crescendo on a keyboard!

Leonard did never have built his idea and the first traces of such an instrument back to the early 17th century. Today there is a single copy dating from 1625 kept in MIM (Musee des instruments de musique / Brussels). And even today, there is a single virtual copy, available here in MIB (Musee des instruments de Boscomac / Web), for you, friends of the Baroque.

The ensemble is a free download at Boscomac. Donations are appreciated.

More information: Boscomac / Viola Organista


ADSR Sounds launches video tutorial course bundles

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ADSR Sounds has launched new course bundles of its video tutorial courses for Massive, Absynth, Reaktor, FM8, Sylenth1, and Zebra.

ADSR Massive 4 Course Bundle

Course Bundles at ADSR Sounds

  • MEGA Synth Masterclass Bundle – Take the guesswork out of music production with ADSR’s Masterclass series. for the world’s most popular soft synths in one comprehensive resource. Totalling 20 hours of practical instruction, theoretical insight and professional tips & tricks, literally every knob, button and slider on every synth is explained and demonstrated.
  • Zebra Masterclass Bundle – Over 9.5 hours of instruction this amazing bundle of courses will expand you’re working knowledge of Zebra whatever your current skill level.
  • Reaktor Masterclass Bundle – 42 videos totalling over 6 hours of in-depth instruction step you through everything you need to know to start using Reaktor with sterling proficiency. You will learn it all – from navigating Reaktor and building, right through to the complex programming environment of Reaktor Core and the partials framework.
  • Massive Masterclass Bundle – Are you keen to learn how to use Native Instruments’ Massive like a pro? The Massive Masterclass Bundle offers you the complete package to gain expert command over this mega synth with over 10 hours of in-depth video!

The bundles are now available for purchase at a 30% savings on individual courses.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Video course bundles


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