Nucleus SoundLab releases Open Source Drumkit Reason ReFill

Nucleus SoundLab has announced the release of the Open Source Drumkit, a truly public domain drum sample library created by Real Music Media.

Nucleus SoundLab Open Source Drumkit

The kit contains a kick, snare, hihat, ride, crash, 3 toms and a gong. Nucleus SoundLab has brought this kit to the Propellerhead Reason 5 ReFill format, of course as a 100% free product.

The Open Source Drumkit is heavily velocity-layered, with upwards of 20 layers on many of the kit elements. Of course, we’ve mapped these kits in Kong, for ease of use and great sound quality. Additionally, the OSDK has been sampled with a dry, unprocessed feel which is great for using Reason’s excellent effects to produce your own unique kit. We’ve also got some patches to get you started with unique kits, since the OSDK ReFill includes some incredible customized Combinator kits by Lewis Osborne. Additionally, there is a template kit with all the samples mapped – meant as a great starting point for your own patches.

Open Source Drumkit ReFill features

  • 300+mb of raw 24-bit 44khz drum samples (compressed to ~150mb inside the ReFill).
  • 755 wav files.
  • 22 Custom Combinators by Lewis Osborne.

Note: This ReFill requires Reason 5+ in order to use the Combinator patches. Older versions of Reason can still load up the samples in NN-XT/19/Redrum.

The Open Source Drumkit is available to download at no cost by signing up for the Nucleus SoundLab newsletter.

More information: Nucleus SoundLab / Open Source Drumkit ReFill


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