Keith McMillen Instruments announces QuNeo integration for FL Studio, Reason, VirtualDJ & Spark

Keith McMillen Instruments has announced that its QuNeo 3D multi-touch pad controller is now supported by over 30 popular music applications, including new integration for FL Studio, Reason, VirtualDJ and Spark. QuNeo, the most expressive … read more

Korg releases Mono/Poly Rack Extension for Reason

Korg has launched the Mono/Poly Rack Extension, a virtual synthesizer for Reason. Propellerhead’s Reason gets the classic Mono/Poly synthesizer by Korg. Mono/Poly for Reason uses Korg’s proprietary CMT (Component Modeling Technology) to precisely model the … read more

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Propellerhead Software releases Thor synthesizer app for iPad

Propellerhead Software has launched Thor for iPad, a synthesizer app based on the flagship synthesizer in Reason. Designed for mobile music making, it features a responsive interface optimized for hands on control, an innovative keyboard … read more

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Zvork Audio releases Noxious synthesizer Rack Extension

Zvork Audio has released Noxious, a polyphonic additive synthesizer Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason. Noxious additive wave synthesizer for Reason. Additive synthesis consists of adding tens, hundreds or thousands of individual sinusoidal oscillators to create … read more

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Quadelectra releases 3Plex filter delay for Reason

Quadelectra has launched 3Plex, a 3-line filter delay Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason. 3Plex is not just a filter delay! It’s 3 True Stereo Filter Delay Lines packed in one device! Each Delay Line’s Filtering, … read more

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Red Rock Sound releases C1-L1 Vintage Compressor Rack Extension

Red Rock Sound has launched C1-L1, a vintage compressor Rack Extension effect for Propellerhead Reason. C1-L1 is stereo and mono audio signal dynamic range compressor. C1-L1 compressor has distinctive sound allowing its usage not only … read more

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Josh Levy releases BOOM 808 Percussion Synth for Reason

Josh Levy has released the BOOM 808 Percussion Synth, a Rack Extension instrument for Propellerhead Reason. Create the classic 808 sounds you love and completely new sounds that are limited only by your imagination. BOOM’s … read more

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BangBox releases EDM Step Styles Producer Kits

BangBox has released EDM Step Styles Producer Kits, a collection of 18 groove inducing drum and instrument kits for experimental Dubstep, Drumstep and DNB production. The kits have been crafted to each provide a particular … read more

Soundcells releases Antidote Signature v2

Soundcells has announced version 2 of the Antidote Signature ReFill for Propellerhead Reason. Antidote Signature is based on the Antidote Rack Extension from Synapse Audio and it brings highly playable and great sounding patches to … read more

Nucleus SoundLab updates Spring Synthesis ReFill Bundle with Viral Outbreak

Nucleus SoundLab has announced that it has added Viral Outbreak to the Spring Synthesis ReFill Bundle. Another Reason ReFill has been added to Nucleus SoundLab’s Spring Synthesis ReFill Bundle. Viral Outbreak ($69 value) is now … read more

The Loop Loft intros The Master Collection

The Loop Loft has announced the availability of the Master Collection, a bundle of all Loop Loft sound libraries in all formats. Introducing The Master Collection. Every loop. Every format. Instant access to everything The … read more

u-he releases Uhbik T & Runciter Rack Extensions + Bundle options

u-he has announced the release of Uhbik T and Runciter, two new Rack Extension effects for Propellerhead Reason. Tremolo – but if you think that just means ‘volume wobble’ you haven’t tried the mother of … read more

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Nektar now shipping Panorama P1 for Cubase, Nuendo & Reason

Nektar has announced it has started shipping the Panorama P1, a compact control surface with 66 real-time controls, a color high-resolution TFT display and deep integration for Cubase, Nuendo and Reason. Build on the established … read more

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Nucleus SoundLab offers Spring Synthesis ReFill Bundle

Nucleus SoundLab has announced a Spring Synthesis ReFill Bundle in collaboration with Sonic Elements, Tom Pritchard Sound Design and New Atlantis Audio. Spring is finally here and the sounds of Reason synthesis are drifting through … read more

Numerical Sound releases RiVerb reverb Rack Extension

Numerical Sound has released RiVerb, a reverb Rack Extension effect for Propellerhead Reason. Numerical Sound RiVerb: Up-Front Spaces brings world-class reverb to Rack Extension shop. It is both the first convolution reverb Rack Extension and … read more

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Rob Papen updates Predator RE to v1.0.7

Rob Papen has updated the Predator Rack Extension software synthesizer for Propellerhead Reason to version 1.0.7. Predator-RE is a killer synthesizer that combines inspiring preset’s and first-class features to make this your ‘go-to’ synthesizer for … read more

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Sounds And Effects releases Distressed Vinyl for Kontakt & Reason

Sounds And Effects has released Distressed Vinyl, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt and Propellerhead Reason. A must have for most modern music styles from downtempo to hip hop. Warm and inviting, yet mangled … read more

Propellerhead releases Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2

Propellerhead has announced the release of Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2, major updates to its award-winning music software line. The latest versions inspire musicians to create more and better music with deep, streamlined mixing … read more

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Samplephonics releases 909 drum sample library

Samplephonics has released 909, a multi-sampled drum hits sound library. The Kontakt version of Samplephonics 909 comes with a custom sequencer. Expect to find over 4000 24 Bit Wav samples, meticulously sampled through two inputs, … read more

Code Diggers releases D-Filter Rack Extension

Code Diggers has released D-Filter, a filter Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason. D-Filter is an extremely functional and easy-to-use 2-in-1 lowpass and highpass filter module. It can be used both as a high quality filter … read more

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