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Oscillicious releases free SongStarter Beta – Live Looping, Music Brainstorming Environment

Oscillicious SongStarter

Oscillicious Audio Labs has announced the immediate availability of SongStarter, a new software tool for rapid music prototyping and brainstorming. A free public beta is available for a limited time for Windows, Mac OS X, and Google Chrome.

SongStarter is a music brainstorming tool for quick composition and iteration using a live looping workflow. Designed to minimize setup time, SongStarter makes it easy to capture new ideas quickly or have spontaneous jams. Using the built-in instruments, musicians can quickly record melodies with the 32-beat live looper and layer them as musical ideas. To finish a jam, these melodies can be dragged and dropped directly into a DAW as MIDI files via the Instant Export feature, so musicians can continue arranging and producing with their existing workflows.

For quick setup, SongStarter includes 21 built-in instruments spanning a range of styles. The Jam Essentials collection features charming sampled instruments like the Dusty Piano. The built-in SodaSynth collection produces pristine, classic sounds from the flagship Oscillicious synthesizer engine. Lastly, the Analog Extracts collection provides quirky synth sounds sampled from a legendary analog modular synthesizer.

Also included in SongStarter is the Freestyle Recorder, a hands-free MIDI recorder with an alternative workflow for kickstarting jams. The Freestyle Recorder allows musicians to easily create seamless loops without worrying about manual chopping, and can instantly drop a beat over a recorded loop.

Oscillicious SongStarter
Oscillicious SongStarter Beta in Google Chrome.

SongStarter features

  • 32-beat live looper with overdubbing.
  • 14 built-in drum beats from producer Carlo Carosi spanning a range of styles.
  • 9 Jam Essentials Sampled Instruments.
  • 7 SodaSynth Presets.
  • 5 Analog Extracts Sampled Sounds.
  • Metronome.
  • Freestyle Recorder – Non-stop, automatic recording.
  • Instant Export: Drag and drop MIDI to any DAW that supports it.
  • Share to SoundCloud: Upload directly to your SoundCloud account.

The SongStarter beta is available as a free download for a limited time.

SongStarter can also be preordered during beta for $40 USD/35 EUR/£30 GBP from the SongStarter Preorder page. For a limited time, customers who preorder SongStarter will receive a free copy of BeatCleaver when it ships.

More information: Oscillicious / SongStarter

PreSonus AudioBox gets AB1818VSL Remote for iPad support in v1.2 update

PreSonus has announced it is shipping AudioBox 1.2, a free update that significantly enhances the performance and versatility of their AudioBox 1818VSL interface and also provides a number of new features for its AudioBox™ USB, AudioBox 22VSL and AudioBox 44VSL audio/MIDI interfaces.

PreSonus AB1818VSL Remote for iPad
The AudioBox recording systems get support for the AB1818VSL Remote app for iPad.

One of the biggest enhancements for the AudioBox 1818VSL is that support has been added for AB1818VSL Remote for iPad®. With this free app, you can control virtually every parameter in Virtual StudioLive for AudioBox 1818VSL from an iPad, including volume, pan, aux sends, FX buses, and Fat Channel parameters.

As a result, users can use an AudioBox 1818VSL and USB-connected laptop as a full-featured mixer/recorder for small gigs, rehearsal spaces, and mobile churches, with the iPad serving as a touchscreen mixing surface. In the studio, manage the monitor mixes from your iPad while dedicating your computer screen to a DAW.

A firmware update rescales the preamp tapers on the AudioBox 1818VSL to add more headroom; Virtual StudioLive for 1818VSL now sends all channels to outputs 7/8 (headphones) by default.

With the AudioBox 1.2 update, all AudioBox-series interfaces become compatible with USB 3.0-a rarity among audio interfaces.

This update also provides enhancements for specific AudioBox-series models:

  • The AudioBox USB gains a new, optimized Windows driver for improved performance and a new Windows control panel to adjust buffer size and sample rate.
  • The meters in Virtual StudioLive for all AudioBox VSL-series interfaces have been recalibrated to match the RMS meters in PreSonus’ Studio One DAW.
  • All AudioBox VSL-series interfaces have been integrated into Studio One™ Cue Mix, providing volume and pan control over monitor mixes with the same near-zero latency that Virtual StudioLive software provides.

This free update is recommended for all AudioBox-series users. AB1818VSL Remote is a free download from the Apple App Store.

More information: PreSonus / AudioBox

Tek’it Audio updates RECsoprano free soprano recorder plug-in to 1.1

Tek’it Audio has announced the availability of RECsoprano VST soprano recorder plug-in version 1.1.

RECsoprano is a free soprano recorder plugin instrument developed in collaboration with the musician Mihai Sorohan. RECsoprano 1.1 come with a bug fixed on the MIDI side, many optimizations and a small refresh of the user interface.

Changes in RECsoprano v1.1

  • BUG only MIDI channel 1 work resolved.
  • Many optimizations.
  • GUI cleaner layout.
  • GUI added icons on menu and controls.
  • Moved Randomize and Undo on main screen.
  • User manual updated.

RECsoprano for Windows (VST) is available as freeware.

More information: Tek’it Audio / RECsoprano

Alesis introduces IO Mix four-channel recorder/mixer for iPad

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Alesis IO Mix

Alesis has announced the IO Mix, the first device that turns your iPad into a powerful portable studio, allowing you to record multiple mics or instruments directly into GarageBand or any other compatible Core Audio app.

With the iO Dock, Alesis was the first to make your iPad studio-compatible. Now with the iO Mix, your iPad becomes your studio. All the connections you need are onboard, including four combo XLR-1/4″ input channels and balanced, stereo 1/4″ outputs. The iO Mix also has a video output, making it perfect for everything from presentations and corporate meetings to home entertainment and live performance visuals.

IO Mix features

  • The world’s first mixer/multi-channel interface for iPad.
  • Mix and record up to four channels, or a stereo mix into your iPad.
  • Works with mics, instruments, speakers, headphones, video monitors and projectors.
  • Four combo XLR-1/4″ input channels, each with trim, channel gain, pan, and low & high EQ.
  • Switchable 48V phantom power for use with studio condenser microphones.
  • Guitar-direct (DI) switch for guitar recording without an amp.
  • Balanced, stereo 1/4″ outputs and 1/4″ headphone output with separate volume controls.
  • Direct Monitor switch for latency-free input monitoring while recording.
  • Switchable limiter for clip-free recordings.
  • Hinged door completely encloses and secures your iPad.
  • Core Audio-compliant: works with virtually any app in the App Store.
  • Video output for connection to TVs and projectors: perfect for presentations, meetings and VJs.
  • Mountable to a mic stand using the Alesis Module Mount (sold separately).
  • Complete routing and signal-management controls.
  • Power supply also charges your iPad.

More information: Alesis / IO Mix

Roland intros Wireless Connect: wireless USB adapter + iPhone apps

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Roland has introduced Roland Wireless Connect, a new system that allows electronic musical instruments to communicate with the iPhone®.

Roland Wireless Connect

Consisting of a wireless USB adapter and two new iOS apps, Roland Wireless Connect makes it easy for Roland users to enjoy their instruments with the popular mobile devices from Apple®.

With the Air Recorder app, audio can be recorded from a Roland synthesizer or V-Accordion® directly into the iPhone. Songs can be played from the iPhone and sent to the instrument, where users can jam along and record the result back in Air Recorder.

V-Drums® Friend Jam for iPhone is an iOS version of V-Drums® Friend Jam, the popular social practice tool for drummers. While the Mac/Windows version of V-Drums Friend Jam requires a USB or MIDI connection from a V-Drums sound module to a computer, Roland Wireless Connect provides a direct, convenient connection from the module to the iPhone. The app allows V-Drums users across the globe to interact with each other while improving their drumming skills with play-along audio songs and practice evaluation features.

The hardware portion of Roland Wireless Connect is a simple, compact wireless USB adapter WNA1100-RL (manufactured by NETGEAR® and distributed by Roland) that plugs into the USB port on a Roland instrument. In order for the mobile device to communicate with compatible musical instruments, you need a wireless LAN access point with internet connection.

Compatible instruments (with firmware update) include:

  • Synthesizers: JUNO-Di / JUNO-Gi / JUPITER-80 / JUPITER-50 / Lucina® AX-09
  • V-Drums Sound Modules: TD-30 / TD-15 / TD-11
  • V-Accordions: FR-7x / FR-3x / FR-1x

Roland Wireless Connect, Air Recorder, and V-Drums Friend Jam for iPhone will be available in late spring.

More information: Roland / Wireless Connect

Rishabh Rajan releases Grainstretch for Mac

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Rishabh Rajan has released Grainstretch, a free granular audio app for Mac.

A granular audio manipulation program that also has a modulation section and a built-in recorder.

Grainstretch for Mac is a free download at

More information: Rishabn Rajan

DDMF updates Metaplugin to v2.1, ChordDetector plug-in + Virtual Audio Recorder released

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DDMF website

DDMF has updated its plug-in chainer Metaplugin to version 2.1, released Virtual Audio Recorder and a plug-in version of ChordDetector.

DDMF has released version 2.2 of the plugin chainer ‘Metaplugin’, now with a separate synth version to build not only metaeffects, but also metainstruments (now also with a 64 bit version for Mac, VST/AU).

Also, a plugin version of the previously standalone app ‘ChordDetector’ is now available for both Windows VST and Mac VST/AU (32/64 bit).

Finally, Virtual Audio Recorder has been released, which is a spin-off of Virtual Audio Stream and specifically designed to record Windows audio streams (the “stereo mix”). This program is Windows only.

More information: DDMF

Roland R-26 portable recorder shipping

Roland has announced it is now shipping the R-26 Portable Recorder, a handheld device that provides up to six simultaneous channels of pro-quality audio recording to SD/SDHC media.

Roland R-26 portable recorder

With two types of built-in stereo mics, XLR/TRS combo inputs, USB audio interface functionality, and much more, the compact R-26 is perfect for demanding applications such as solo and ensemble music recording, environmental sound capture, broadcasting, and audio/video production.

Designed from the ground up for superior sound quality and ease of use, the R-26 is filled with features that will satisfy both pros and hobbyists alike. For the ultimate mobile flexibility, the R-26 can be powered either with the included AC adaptor, four internal AA batteries, or an external battery.

Two stereo mic types — omnidirectional and XY — are integrated into the R-26’s stylish chassis, providing mic options to suit any style of audio recording. In addition, there are two XLR/TRS combo inputs with phantom power for connecting external mics or line-level devices, plus a stereo mini-jack for a plug-in powered mic. The preamps for all mic channels are derived from the hi-res preamps found in Roland’s R-44 commercial field recorder.

Audio from the onboard mics and external inputs can be mixed internally in the R-26 and captured to a single stereo file, or can be recorded as three separate stereo files (six channels total) for mixing together later. Resolutions up to 24-bit/96 kHz are supported, and available file types include WAV and BWF. MP3 is supported as well, and the unit can record both WAV/BWF and MP3 formats simultaneously.

The R-26’s large touch screen provides detailed level metering and convenient fingertip control over most functions, and is equipped with a high-luminance backlight for perfect visibility in any situation. Hardware controls are ergonomically organized and clearly labeled, with large input level knobs for precise adjustments and dedicated buttons for often-used functions. The R-26 also features AUTO-SENS for setting input levels automatically, as well as onboard waveform editing.

USB 2.0 allows for both data transfer and audio interface functionality with Windows and Mac-based computers. Users can connect the R-26 and use its built-in mics and external inputs as a high-quality input device for their favorite audio recording software. Loop-back recording is also supported, allowing multimedia users to combine audio from the R-26’s mics with streaming audio from the PC. The R-26 comes with Cakewalk’s SONAR X1 LE, a professional Windows-based DAW for general audio production in addition to mixing and processing R-26 recordings.

With its rear-panel mount, the R-26 can be easily installed on any standard camera tripod stand, or on a mic stand with an optional adapter. An extensive line of accessories is available to compliment the R-26, including the OP-R26CW Cover/Windscreen and the CS-10EM Binaural Microphones/Earphones to name a few.

The R-26 Portable Recorder is available to purchase for MSRP $599 USD.

More information: Roland / R-26