Bitley Fairlight CMI Legacy MKII [Supersonic], ReFill with classic sounds of the Fairlight synthesizer

Bitley has released the Fairlight CMI Legacy MKII, a new ReFill featuring the sounds of the Fairlight synthesizer. The amazing Fairlight CMI Legacy ReFill will now co-exist with a huge, vastly updated version. First projected … read more

Industrial Strength Jamie Ball Banging Techno, sample library for techno music

Industrial Strength Records has released Jamie Ball Banging Techno, a new sample library by producer Jamie Ball. Obsessed with the creation of sounds, and producing some of the most upfront Techno music on the planet … read more

Kick Back Samples announces Sonic Wave Drumbank

Kick Back Samples has announced Sonic Wave Drumbank, a collection of drum samples. Designed for all electronic music producers Sonic Wave Drumbank contains a flexible array of sonically pleasing electronic drum samples, digital percussion and … read more

Short links for June 1st, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently: # Craftsman Music Experiment – Kutiman takes on a bunch of Craftsman tools to create music. “What you are watching is built entirely from the sounds of Craftsman tools … read more

Prime Loops releases Da Sound Of Bounce

Prime Loops has released Da Sound Of Bounce, a collection of Hip Hop infused Electro House loops & patches. If you’re looking for the chillout room, you’re definitely in the wrong place! Right now we’re … read more

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Loopmasters releases Analog Explorer by XTront

Loopmasters has released Analog Explorer, a sample library by Industrial Strength’s XTront. The pack is jammed with over 2 gigs of content in all formats combined. Analog Explorer was produced by Xtront, a serious hardware … read more

New Atlantis Audio releases Lost & Found: New York City Nightscapes

New Atlantis Audio has released Lost & Found: New York City Nightscapes, a Reason 4 ReFill featuring dreamy sounds, from the city that never sleeps. This highly unusual Reason ReFill is powered by six years … read more

Soundcells updates Boost 309 to V2

Soundcells has released version 2 of Boost 309, a ReFill based on samples from the Rave-o-lution 309 by Quasimidi. Soundcells have created 90 brand new combinator drum machines for you with these samples. It all … read more

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Kick Back Samples releases Dubstep Drumbank

Kick Back Samples has released Dubstep Drumbank, a collection of samples drum for dubstep. “Fed up using low-quality drum samples? If you are looking for professional drums which pack a punch, look no further!” This … read more

Loopmasters releases BHK Drum & Bass Rough Connections Vol. 3 – Essentials

Loopmasters has released BHK Drum & Bass Rough Connections Vol. 3 – Essentials, a new exciting set of drum sounds and loops to add to your ever growing sample collection. Essentials Volume 3 contains new … read more

Loopmasters releases BHK Special Edition 3 – Dubstep

Loopmasters has released BHK Special Edition 3 – Dubstep, a Dub Step sample pack featuring drums loops at 140 BPM for easy drop and rock performance as well as 105 assorted broken down drum elements … read more

Sonic Reality releases free Ocean Way Drum Kit 10 Medium ReFill

Sonic Reality have releases Ocean Way Drum Kit 10 Medium Ambience Mix, a free ReFill for Reason 4. The original pre-packed size of this amazing drum kit is over 700 MB! This FREE kit includes … read more

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-008’ BeatBlog releases -008’ DruMutations ReFill

008’ BeatBlog has released -008’ DruMutations ReFill, a collection of drums for Reason 4. -008’ DruMutations is one crazy drum refill! 250 mutated -Kicks -Claps –Snares -Hats –Percussion The raw 24 bit drum samples are … read more

Loopmasters introduces Industrial Strength Records Sample Libraries

Loopmasters has released a number of sample libraries from the Industrial Strength Records stable. A new label with attitude. Straight out of New York City’s dungeons. A hard hitting crew of ruthless DJs and producers … read more

FatLoud releases FLOW (Construction King Series)

FatLoud has released FLOW (Construction King Series), a collection of 20 construction kits for Hip hop and R&B music. Get the sounds of Fat Joe, Xzibit, Eminem, Doctor Dre, Ja Rule, 50Cent, R. Kelly and … read more

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New Atlantis Audio releases Physical Therapy Volume 1: Mallet and Percussion

New Atlantis Audio has announced the release of Physical Therapy Volume 1: Mallet and Percussion, a unique collection of Combinators for Reason 4. Featuring exotic physically modeled mallet and percussion instruments infused with sounds of … read more

Soundcells releases Salad Bar

Soundcells has released Salad Bar, a collection of patches featuring sounds from previously released Soundcells ReFills, plus some exclusive patches only available in Salad Bar. Salad Bar’s patches will cover all kinds of music styles … read more

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Bitword releases Oxide 128 Volume 1

Bitword has released Oxide 128 Volume 1, a new ReFill for Reason 4. Forged in the pulse of 128 BPM, but open to temporal flux through the powers of Dr. Rex, these loops comfortably bend … read more

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SoundJump releases VDM Complete

SoundJump has released VDM Complete, a collection of drum machine sounds. This amazing collection of vintage drum machines was painstakingly created from the original drum machines and offers the “closest thing to the real thing” … read more

Cluster Sound releases Quantic House

Cluster Sound has released Cluster Sound releases Quantic House, a powerful download library for House producers: 800 Mb of punchy and worldclass quality construction loops and percussions, filtered micro breaks, sexy dark voices, fat basses, … read more