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Peace Love Productions Tough Breaks, free 10-year anniversary Reason ReFill

Peace Love Productions Tough Breaks

Peace Love Productions has announced it is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the release of Tough Breaks, a free Reason ReFill.

PLP has provided the world with royalty free loops for an entire decade and to celebrate they’re giving away Metachemical’s Tough Breaks Reason Refill fro free. No strings attached. Just download and enjoy.

Tough Breaks is for producing hard hitting Break Beat music. Sounds include drums, bass, and synth riffs. 163 loops, 33 Drum One Shots, and 65 midi files (drum beats, synth riffs, and basslines). Beats come separated drum stems for each instrument – ie kicks, snares, percussion, hi hats, and cymbals. Also includes synth riffs, basslines, and SFX. Supporting midi files are also provided for select loops. One shot drums are mapped out in both EXS24 and Redrum.

Tough Breaks is available to download from the Peace Love Productions website.

Peace Love Productions is also giving away a free 1 gigabyte taster (a sampling of the many different genres PLP has to offer) for those who register.

More information: Peace Love Productions


The Loop Loft releases Cinematic Drums Reason 5 ReFill

The Loop Loft Cinematic Drums ReFill

The Loop Loft has released Cinematic Drums, a ReFill for Reason 5.

Produced specifically with the big screen in mind, the Cinematic Drums ReFill for Reason 5 contains loops and samples that will quickly conjure up specific moods and imagery in your tracks. From thunderous walls of pounding toms, to angst-ridden, heart pulsing beats, this collection is a must-have for anyone who composes for the moving picture. We also meticulously sampled every individual drum, cymbal and yes, pot and pan, allowing you to quickly program your own grooves using our custom Kong and Redrum patches.

But don’t let the name of this collection fool you, Cinematic Drums can also add an extra sonic dimension to your pop, rock, dance and jazz tracks. Slide in some Civil War era field drums under a traditional drum set groove or layer timpani-esque toms on top of your 808 loops and you’ll quickly have the extra depth in your productions that standard loop sets simply can’t provide.

Cinematic Drums ReFill features

  • 167 REX2 Loops & Samples.
  • 13 Dr Octo Rex Patches.
  • 4 Kong Patches.
  • 4 ReDrum Patches.
  • High Quality, 24-bit 48 khz Audio.
  • File size: 105 MB.

Cinematic Drums for Reason 5 is available to purchase for $29 USD. WAV AIFF or REX2 versions are also available for non-Reason users.

Cinematic Drums is also included in the Reason 5 ReFill Bundle for $99 USD (save 35%).

We’ve bundled all four of our custom Reason 5 ReFills together, providing you with the latest collections from The Loop Loft consisting of world percussion, brush drums, cinematic drums and super-soulful saxophone.

More information: The Loop Loft


9 Soundware releases Chimera R, Redrum Patches

9 Soundware Chimera R

9 Soundware has announced the release of Chimera R, a set of patches for the Redrum drum sampler within Propellerhead Reason.

The theme of the sound set is hybridism. Its origins are in five previously released 9 Soundware titles. The drum kits are based on samples from the Heartbeat and Concussion EXS24 sound sets, as well as patches from the Fire Juggler, Vortex, and Ax releases for the Thor, Malström, and Subtractor synthesizers, respectively.

Chimera R features

  • 50 Redrum kits of Chimera R are based on 309 samples. Included are 293 samples from the Heartbeat and Concussion sound sets that have not been mapped in these patches.
  • 50 Redrum patches divided into four categories:
    • Human Heartbeats (based on samples from Heartbeat) – Human/synthesis hybrid. The idea behind this category is the transformation of recordings of the human heart and other internal organs with signal processing.
    • Found Objects (based on samples from Concussion) – Found object collisions. This category is based on acoustic impact sounds created entirely with found objects.
    • Synthetic (based on resampled patches from Fire Juggler, Vortex, and Ax) – The Synthetic category consists of Redrum kits that feature resampled drum patches from the Fire Juggler, Vortex, and Ax sound sets (for Thor, Malström, and Subtractor, respectively). The sub categories of drum kit components emulated by the patches include Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Hi-Hat (Closed, Open, and Pedal), Tom, Crash Cymbal, Ride Cymbal, Side Stick, and Hand Clap.
    • Chimera – The Chimera Redrum kits combine samples from the Human Heartbeats, Found Objects, and Synthetic categories. These patches also feature sample playback manipulation. This category consists of 10 Redrum kits.
  • 87 MB download includes 50 .drp files, 602 WAV files (24-bit/44.1kHz), 40 .thor files, 30 .xwv files, and 30 .zyp files.

Chimera R is available to purchase as a download for $49.99 USD.

More information: 9 Soundware / Chimera R


Kick Back Samples releases Techno Drumbank

Kick Back Samples Techno Drumbank

Kick Back Samples has announced the release of Techno Drumbank, a sample pack featuring drum sounds and loops.

A collection of specially made drum samples for techno producers aiming to bring you both classic and distinct sounds of the highest standard. Created from our range of classic analogue drum machines this sample pack contains all the kicks, snares, cymbals, percussion and FX you need to create great techno music.

Using a mix of analogue preamps, equalisers, compressors each sample has been meticulously crafted to deliver drum sounds ready for the mix. Whether you choose to manipulate the sounds within your chosen application or drop straight into the beat you will not be disappointed.

Although these sounds have been specifically created with techno in mind they will also be apt for many more styles of electronic music including trance, hardcore and psychedelic trance.

Techno Drumbank features

  • 200+ Drum Samples including 47 Kick Drums, 33 Snares + Claps, 22 Hi-Hats, 23 Ride + Crash Cymbals, 41 Perucssion Samples, 17 Bass Hits, 28 FX Hits, 5 Pre made drum kits, and all loops from the demo.
  • 24 Bit / 44.1kHz for PC and Mac.
  • Included formats: Wav, Battery, Kontakt, Redrum, Halion.

Techno Drumbank is available to purchase for £9.95 GBP.

More information: Kick Back Samples / Techno Drumbank


Industrial Strength Records releases BHK Special Edition Vol 4 Drumstep

Industrial Strength Records BHK Special Edition Vol 4 Drumstep

Industrial Strength Records has released BHK Special Edition Vol 4 Drumstep, a new sample pack by BHK.

Do you want the newest sounds of the underground right at your fingertips? Well look no further. BHK’s Special Edition 4 is back to satisfy your craving for the newest loops and bad ass bass grooves on the planet.

Drumstep is the newest emerging sound coming thru the Drum n Bass, Dubstep and Hardcore scene that is now taking hold in UK and the USA. London’s Bang Face Parties are a true testament to the style’s diverse appeal.

This power house sample pack contains 366 files of the fiercest Drumstep loops, Mad Effects and of course totally phat wobble loops to recreate this unique hard hitting style.

BHK Special Edition Vol 4 Drumstep features

  • Over 200 all new original samples to take your production work to the next level.
  • Includes hard hitting Reese bass sounds, mashed up breaks and dark pads.
  • 64 new signature BHK drum hits to create your own Drumstep, DnB and Dubstep drum patterns and all new wobbles and Dubstep sounds.
  • Patches for Kontakt 3, Battery 3, Redrum, Combinator, and NN-XT.
  • Includes The Wobbler, Rate Stepper and Kontakt Wobble instruments, made by BHK and Sonidiom to meet the demand for controllable sounds for any style of bass culture music.
  • Bonus: 20 loops from the upcoming Rough Connection 4 sample pack as well as 18 Combinator patches which were specially created for this pack.

BHK Special Edition Vol 4 Drumstep is available to purchase from Loopmasters for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / BHK Special Edition Vol 4 Drumstep


Soundcells releases Simple Sampling ReFill

Soundcells Simple Sampling

Soundcells has announced the release of Simple Sampling, a ReFill for Reason 4 and higher.

At first Soundcells started working on a fun ReFill based on a Stylophone only, which was recorded for sampling purposes. Besides programming a patch that matches the real thing, the NNXT sampler in Reason was tweaked to go some extra steps and some fat funky clavinet-style patches caught by surprise.

While producing the Stylofunk mini track (apart from the loop it’s entirely based on stylophone samples) some extra cool stuff was added to this ReFill: a “single-sample-rhodes”, a “single-sample-piano”, a “single-sample-kalimba” and a lot of other nifty stuff… “Simple Sampling” gradually turned into a product full of “simple samples” coming from different sound sources.

If you are looking for sampling like it was done in the old days instead of patches with hundreds of individual samples, you will love this ReFill. Super quick loading patches, very cpu-friendly and most of all full of character and very charming…

Simple Sampling features

  • 101 combinator patches for many different styles of music, subdivided in 6 folders: Bass, Drum Machines, FX & Atmo, Keys, Leads, Pads.
  • A note by note (a2 – e4) sampled and looped Stylophone including it´s typical release click.
  • “Simple Samples” coming from the Rhodes Mark 1, Doepfer MS404, Supernova 2, microKORG, G2, VL1…
  • The modules folder contains the basic NNXT patches which are used for the combinator sounds.
  • 10 Rex loops, 5 Redrum kits.

Simple Sampling is available for the introductory price of 14.90 EUR through October 2010 (regular price 19.90 EUR).

More information: Soundcells / Simple Sampling


Bitley Fairlight CMI Legacy MKII [Supersonic], ReFill with classic sounds of the Fairlight synthesizer

Bitley Fairlight CMI Legacy MKII ReFill [Supersonic]

Bitley has released the Fairlight CMI Legacy MKII, a new ReFill featuring the sounds of the Fairlight synthesizer.

The amazing Fairlight CMI Legacy ReFill will now co-exist with a huge, vastly updated version. First projected as “Bitley Supersonic”, the all-new Fairlight CMI Legacy MKII refill (Reason sound bank) marks our biggest release to date. The new refill contains all the data from all the previous refills. It’s all here. Fairlight CMI Legacy, Fairlight CMI Supremacy 1.4, The Prophet, Orlando JX10, DaBeat – as well as a good portion of supplementary material.

Quite a number of patches. Fairlight CMI Legacy MKII contains over 1,000 single NNXT patches. Over 450 Combinator patches. Over 150 ReDrum drum kits. A number of brand new signature patches from ThinkingMachine and Abstract Assasinator, two of Sweden’s best Reason programmers, in addition to a wide range of new patches from Patrick Fridh Aka Bitley, Reason user since the year 2000 and previously known for building factory patches for Propellerhead and Clavia as well as commercial ReFills for PowerFX.

Fairlight CMI Legacy MKII ReFill for Reason 4 and higher is available to purchase for $149 USD. A free update ReFill will be posted later this year, with patches using Kong and Octorex and new rex files to take full advantage of the Reason 5 features.

More information: Bitley / Fairlight CMI Legacy MKII