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Prime Loops releases Da Sound Of Bounce

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Prime Loops Da Sound Of Bounce

Prime Loops has released Da Sound Of Bounce, a collection of Hip Hop infused Electro House loops & patches.

If you’re looking for the chillout room, you’re definitely in the wrong place! Right now we’re on the mainfloor, electrifying and energising the atmosphere with one of the hardest hitting four-to-the-floor crossover sample packs on the market!

Every good producer likes to find new flavours, so tonight we’re inventing “Da Sound Of Bounce”, a devastating combination of street-style hip-hop vibes colliding with banging electro-house tunage, guaranteeing an adrenalin feast for non-stop dancers from Miami to Berlin.

This mainroom-ready collection is presented as a fully comprehensive sample pack, boasting a massive selection of sidechained and gated synth loops and patches, filtered and gritty electro basslines, pounding drum loops, perfectly prepared one-shot percussion, 50 dramatic FX samples and of course 30 full-fat vocals in the call-and-chant style. Slam these elements together to give an instant energy boost to your projects, finding your own “Sound Of Bounce” from the infinite possibilities available.

Da Sound Of Bounce features

  • Over 350 Hip Hop infused Electro House Loops & Patches, feat. pounding dance drums, street-style hip hop chants, cutting synth patches, grinding bass hooks and more.
  • Loops range from 125-140bpm.
  • All of the available formats also include synth patches for Kontakt, EXS-24 and Halion. The Ableton Live Pack also contains patches for Impulse and the Reason Refill contains patches for NN-XT and ReDrum.

Da Sound Of Bounce is available to purchase in various formats, priced at £24.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops / Da Sound Of Bounce

Loopmasters releases Analog Explorer by XTront

Industrial Strength Analog Explorer by XTront

Loopmasters has released Analog Explorer, a sample library by Industrial Strength’s XTront.

The pack is jammed with over 2 gigs of content in all formats combined. Analog Explorer was produced by Xtront, a serious hardware collector and analog gear enthusiast from Germany.

Xtront has been on the hunt for gear for the last 10 years and it became our mission to bring his massive gear collection and knowledge of equipment to sample pack format.

Analog Explorer features

  • 3,572 samples, 24 Bit 44.1 khz.
  • Sound sources include: Jomox xBase 999 , Future-Retro – 777, Vermona DRM-1 MK3, Dave Smith Instruments, Evolver Desktop, Studio Electronics Se-1x AWAVE Edition + ATC-Xi, Elektron Mono Machine SFX-60 + Machinedrum SPS-1 and two different Modular Systems.
  • Patches: 46 Battery , 74 Kontakt, 75 NN-XT, 10 Redrum.
  • Formats: ACID/WAV/AIFF/Apple Loops/REX2.

Analog Explorer is available to purchase for £35.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Analog Explorer

New Atlantis Audio releases Lost & Found: New York City Nightscapes

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New Atlantis Audio Lost & Found: New York City Nightscapes

New Atlantis Audio has released Lost & Found: New York City Nightscapes, a Reason 4 ReFill featuring dreamy sounds, from the city that never sleeps.

This highly unusual Reason ReFill is powered by six years of live nighttime field recording footage captured at various locations all over the Big Apple. Hand-selected gems were processed, resynthesized, combined, mangled and then processed again to produce a truly one-of-a-kind set of sounds for your Reason and Record productions.

Haunting carriage rides through Central Park, ships docking at South Street Seaport, the chatter of tourists and traffic in Times Square, street performers and other “interesting” folk, cars, trains, busses and more from the darkest hours of night in New York, transformed into a diverse, usable, weird and wonderful collection of sonic tools.

Lost & Found: New York City Nightscapes features

  • 24 bit Audio and Rex content
  • 30 Combinator Instruments
  • 10 Combinator Scenes
  • 2 Combinator Sound Effects Racks
  • 3 ReDrum Kits
  • 40 Drum Hits
  • 12 Drum Loops
  • 23 Field Recordings
  • 11 Field Rhythms
  • 10 Long Play Soundscapes
  • 34 Music Elements
  • 90 Rex Files Total

Lost & Found: New York City Nightscapes is available to purchase for $19.99 USD.

More information: New Atlantis Audio / Lost & Found: New York City Nightscapes

Soundcells updates Boost 309 to V2

Soundcells Boost 309 V2

Soundcells has released version 2 of Boost 309, a ReFill based on samples from the Rave-o-lution 309 by Quasimidi.

Soundcells have created 90 brand new combinator drum machines for you with these samples. It all ranges from the old original 309 thing to amazing and unique patches that could have never been created within the 309 itself. Besides cool beats and complex, crazy rhythms Boost 309 will offer you even more!

While closing version 2 of this ReFill we found ourselves putting 200 combinators into this product. Version 2 is a huge update which adds 20 new combinator patches, 40 rex loops making use of our “Boost 309″ drum machines and the original (!) Rave-o-lution groovebox, as well as completely redesigned and great looking backdrops…

Boost 309 V2 features

  • 110 combinator patches containing deep basses, great playable keys, surprising leads and awesome pads.
  • 101 NN-XT patches, 22 Redrum kits and over 300 samples.
  • The original 309 samples and waveforms.
  • The 90 combinator drum machines mentioned earlier are in fact 45 basic setups with their 45 shuffled counter parts (10 new machines since V2).
  • 40 REX loops making use of the “Boost 309″ drum machines as also the original machine.

Boost 309 is available to purchase for 19 EUR until the end of April, 2010 (regular price 29 EUR).

Soundcells has also announced a special offer on some of its products until the end of April:

With every purchase of “Pads – the BIG box”, “Afterglow”, “Analog Signature V2″ or “bitBUMPER deluxe V2″ the customer will get “Boost 309 V2″ or “Salad Bar V2″ for FREE !

More information: Soundcells / Boost 309

Kick Back Samples releases Dubstep Drumbank

Kick Back Samples Dubstep Drumbank

Kick Back Samples has released Dubstep Drumbank, a collection of samples drum for dubstep.

“Fed up using low-quality drum samples? If you are looking for professional drums which pack a punch, look no further!”

This drum collection contains samples from analogue drum machines, acoustic drums and percussion instruments. Each individual samples has been recorded using ‘class-A’ preamps and have then been carefully crafted using top quality EQ, compression and reverb.

This drum bank has been designed to offer the dubstep producer a tailored sound set of distinct and usable drum sounds. Ranging from deep kicks and epic snares through to crisp cymbals and percussion, this sample library offers everything you need for powerful dubstep drums! Each sound has been carefully produced to create a small but perfectly formed soundest with NO unnecessary filler hits! Although these sounds have been specifically chosen with dubstep in mind, they are also suitable for a range of other genres.

Dubstep Drumbank features

  • 200+ Samples: 13 claps, 11 crashes, 47 sound FX, 31 hi-hats, 33 kick drums, 25 percussion hits, 11 ride cymbals, 37 snare drums.
  • Loops & Kits: 5 kits made for Battery, Redrum, HALion & Kontakt.
  • All loops from demo included.
  • Samples have been captured at the professional level of -3db.
  • Format: 24 Bit 44.1kHz wav.

Dubstep Drumbank is available to purchase for £9.95 GBP.

More information: Kick Back Samples / Dubstep Drumbank

Loopmasters releases BHK Drum & Bass Rough Connections Vol. 3 – Essentials

Loopmasters BHK Drum & Bass Rough Connections Vol. 3 - Essentials

Loopmasters has released BHK Drum & Bass Rough Connections Vol. 3 – Essentials, a new exciting set of drum sounds and loops to add to your ever growing sample collection.

Essentials Volume 3 contains new loops layered drum hits all re-worked from Special Edition Volume 3 Dub Step , Rough Connection Volume 3 and Special Edition Volume 2 DnB.

A cool collection of new 24 Bit drum loops were also created specially for this pack. The BHK loops are in Acid wav, Rex.2 and Apple Loops for drop and rock performance in any Daw. The drum hits are in both 16 Bit Wav & Aiff. formats.

BHK Drum & Bass Rough Connections Vol. 3 – Essentials features

  • 531 Drumhits (Wav & Aiff): 148 Kicks, 142 Snares, 105 Hihats, 25 cymbals, 40 Percussions, 31 Ghost Snares, 13 Shakers, 27 Shuffles.
  • 16 x Reason Redrum kits.
  • 4 x Battery 3 Kits each with 4 combo drum kits.
  • 14 x D’n’B drumloops (Acid Wav & Apple Loops).
  • 14 x REX2.

BHK Drum & Bass Rough Connections Vol. 3 – Essentials is available to purchase for £17.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / BHK Drum & Bass Rough Connections Vol. 3 – Essentials

Loopmasters releases BHK Special Edition 3 – Dubstep

Loopmasters BHK Special Edition 3 - Dubstep

Loopmasters has released BHK Special Edition 3 – Dubstep, a Dub Step sample pack featuring drums loops at 140 BPM for easy drop and rock performance as well as 105 assorted broken down drum elements for more control.

The pack contains wicked drums loops at 140 BPM for easy drop and rock performance as well as 105 assorted broken down drum elements for more control. You can mix and match the patterns , cut them up to create new patterns or include them with your own samples to create your own custom drum loop. SE3 also contains Battery 3 kits and Reason Redrum Kits ready to go for the more advanced user.

In the case of Dub step the need for the savage bass is a must. BHK delivers intense Whobble loops , sub bass and massive Chainsaw sounds. The pack also contains Kontakt 3 and NN-XT templates so you can control the BHK Whobble sounds with ease. You can use the selected sounds we provide in the templates or use your own sample sounds. SE 3 now can become a powerful tool for each of your Dub Step creations.

BHK Special Edition 3 – Dubstep features

  • Total: 297 Samples 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz.
  • 31 x Drumloops, 19 x Bassdrops & Sweeps, 17 x Chainsaw Pads, 20 x FX Loops, 27 x Misc FX, 23 x Sound FX, 16 x Varios Loops, 39 x Whobble Loops, 19 x Kicks, 33 x Claps & Snares, 25 x Cymbals & Hihats, 28 x percussion.
  • 8 x Battery 3 Kits, 23 x Kontakt 3 Patches, 7 x NN-XT Patches, 8 X Redrum Kits.
  • Formats: WAV / ACID / Aiff / REX.2 / Redrum / NN-XT / Battery 3 / Kontakt 3.

BHK Special Edition 3 – Dubstep is available to purchase for £15.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / BHK Special Edition 3 – Dubstep

Sonic Reality releases free Ocean Way Drum Kit 10 Medium ReFill

Sonic Reality

Sonic Reality have releases Ocean Way Drum Kit 10 Medium Ambience Mix, a free ReFill for Reason 4.

The original pre-packed size of this amazing drum kit is over 700 MB! This FREE kit includes alternating hits mapped in both General MIDI and “iMap” (Sonic Reality’s proprietary drum mapping system for achieving greater performance realism and expression).

Ocean Way® Drums features larger-than-life sound, having been recorded in the legendary Studio B at Ocean Way® Recording in Hollywood, California where artists like Radiohead, Beck, Green Day, Kanye West, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, and countless other artists record. It was recorded and mixed by Grammy®-winning engineers Allen Sides and Steven Miller to offer users “album ready” drum mixes right out of the box.

Ocean Way® Drum kits have a natural acoustic sound that has presence, punch, and depth rarely found in drum sample libraries, winning accolades such as Keyboard Magazine’s Key Buy and Electronic Musician Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award. Now all Reason 4 users can have a FREE taste of this amazing drum sample collection to use right inside their Reason 4′s NNXT, ReDrum, and Combinator!

The free “Ocean Way® Drum Kit 10 Medium” Refill can be downloaded exclusively from Sonic Reality’s download site – DownloadableSoundz.

All Reason 4 users may click on this link and enter the following promo code: PROMO-OWDPROP

Or simply go directly here after first setting up a free download account with

More information: Sonic Reality / DownloadableSoundz