Nucleus SoundLab updates Spring Synthesis ReFill Bundle with Viral Outbreak

Nucleus SoundLab has announced that it has added Viral Outbreak to the Spring Synthesis ReFill Bundle. Another Reason ReFill has been added to Nucleus SoundLab’s Spring Synthesis ReFill Bundle. Viral Outbreak ($69 value) is now … read more

The Loop Loft intros The Master Collection

The Loop Loft has announced the availability of the Master Collection, a bundle of all Loop Loft sound libraries in all formats. Introducing The Master Collection. Every loop. Every format. Instant access to everything The … read more

Big Fish Audio releases Vintage Vibe for Kontakt and ReFill

Big Fish Audio has released the Vintage Vibe sample library, a collection of multi-sampled instruments that captures the great retro sounds of classic Rock, R&B, Soul, Funk, Country, and Jazz tracks from the 1960s and … read more

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Nucleus SoundLab offers Spring Synthesis ReFill Bundle

Nucleus SoundLab has announced a Spring Synthesis ReFill Bundle in collaboration with Sonic Elements, Tom Pritchard Sound Design and New Atlantis Audio. Spring is finally here and the sounds of Reason synthesis are drifting through … read more

Soundcells updates PolysixRE to version 2

Soundcells has announced version 2 of PolysixRE, a ReFill featuring the sounds of the Polysix Rack Extension, now featuring 15 new combinator patches, 15 new Polysix patches and a re-worked folder structure. The original Polysix, … read more

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Hot Music Factory intros Birthday Bundles

Hot Music Factory has announced the release of three birthday bundles in celebration of its 1st anniversary. Hot Music Factory Birthday Bundles HMF Birthday Bundle 2013 now $199 (retail $853.09 USD). 40+ HMF Products. 180+ … read more

Xclusive-Audio releases free Rave Drum Kit sample pack

Xclusive-Audio has announced the release of the Rave Drum Kit, a free collection of drum sounds. Need drums to drive the dance floor crazy? The rave drum kit has the sounds you need, that cut … read more

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30% off ReFills at The Loop Loft

The Loop Loft has announced a sale on its ReFills, offering a 30% discount for a limited time. Save 30% on our entire line of Reason ReFills and stock up on incredible loops and samples … read more

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Soundcells releases Thor Source v4 ReFill

Soundcells has announced the release of its Thor Source v4 ReFill for Propellerhead Reason featuring the sounds of the Source synthesizer by Moog. Thor’s modular design gave us the chance to rebuild the Source’s details … read more

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Music Weapons releases Drum Weapons v2.01 drum kits plugin

Music Weapons has released version 2.01 of Drum Weapons (previously Ill Drums), a collection of drum kits for hip hop music production. Ill Drums is now Drum Weapons! 10+ kits added weekly with each update … read more

Goldbaby releases Urban Cookbook Vol 2

Goldbaby has announced the release of the Urban Cookbook Vol 2 sample library. Time to cook up some more delicious beats… the cookbook has a sequel! Including more ingredients which are full of saturated fat, … read more

IK Multimedia releases iLectric Piano for iPad + 60% off virtual instruments

IK Multimedia has announced the release of iLectric Piano for iPad, a virtual electric piano. iLectric for iPad, the first studio-quality electric piano app for iPad, offers over 40 classic electric pianos, electric grands and … read more

123creative intros Sylenth1 Sizzlers & Inspirations ReFill

123creative has announced the release of the Sylenth1 Sizzlers soundset and the Inspirations ReFill for Propellerhead Reason. ‘Sylenth 1 Sizzlers’ is our first soundset for Lennar Digital’s Sylenth1. This collection contains 64 presets for harder … read more

Luftrum Ambient ReFills Bundle for Reason 50% off

Luftrum has announced a 50% discount on a bundle of its Ambient ReFills for Propellerhead Reason. I have added a discount to the early Luftrum repertoire: The old classic ambient ReFills for Reason. You can … read more

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Sonic Elements releases Malstrom Essentials ReFill

Sonic Elements has released Malstrom Essentials, the second library in a three part ReFill series. Each release will focus on a different synthesizer in Reason. Each release contains production ready combinator patches and templates. These … read more

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Soundcells releases Antidote Signature ReFill

Soundcells has announced Antidote Signature, a ReFill for the Antidote Rack Extension by Synapse Audio. Antidote Signature for Reason 6.5 and up is based on the Antidote Rack Extension from Synapse Audio – a synthesizer … read more

Detunized releases Polite 800 Live Pack and Refill

Detunized has announced the release of the Polite 800 Live Pack and Refill featuring the sounds of the Korg Poly 800. „Polite 800“ introduces another famous eighties synthesizer: the Korg Poly 800, a classic hybrid … read more

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Nucleus SoundLab releases Reason Wizardry Season Three video tutorials

Nucleus SoundLab has announced the release of Reason Wizardry Season Three, a compilation of the final eleven issues from the Reason Wizardry series of advanced video tutorials for Propellerhead Reason, compiled into a comprehensive video … read more

MrTheBigMan releases Dust : Imposcar – New Year Freebie

MrTheBigMan has released Dust : Imposcar, a free sample pack with sounds from Imposcar software synthesizer instrument by G-Force Software. Dust : Imposcar aims to bring you some great sounds to your sampler of choice. … read more

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New Atlantis Audio releases Reason ReFill Bundle

New Atlantis Audio has announced that its entire Reason ReFill catalog is currently available in a discounted bundle. We have just launched a shiny new home for our Reason ReFills at Going forward, this … read more

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