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Pure Shift releases Eccentric Autoharp virtual instrument

Pure Shift Eccentric Autoharp

Pure Shift Productions has announced the release of Eccentric Autoharp, a virtual instrument for Kontakt and Reason.

Eccentric Autoharp contains samples that are both plucked and strummed from an Oscar Schmidt autoharp.

Each of the 36 strings were sampled three times a piece and are mapped across the middle four octaves of the keyboard. The 12 chords of this autoharp were also sampled with three round robins.

When plucked, the autoharp has a very percussive sound that sits somewhere between a hammer dulcimer and a harpsichord. It can be used in anything from folk music to cinematic soundscapes.

Eccentric Autoharp is available to purchase for Reason and Kontakt 5, priced at $15 USD.

More information: Pure Shift / Eccentric Autoharp

Soundcells updates bitBUMPER deluxe to v3

Soundcells bitBUMPER deluxe v3

Soundcells has announced the release of bitBUMPER deluxe v3, the ultimate 4 and 8 bit Pandora Box filled
with hundreds of low bit surprises.

This ReFill is your best friend when you´re looking for inspiring new sounds with a character and a bite. To catch this character some amazing sources were sampled: RozzBox One v2, QuadraSID, the old grey Gameboy from 1989 with “Nanoloop 1″ and “Littlesounddj”, the Gameboy Advance SP from 2003 with “Nanoloop 2″ and the Nintendo DS Lite from 2006 with “DS Electroplankton” and “Korg DS-10″.

Version 3 adds new rex loops, 20 new combinator & 25 NNXT patches, as also lots of new samples …

bitBUMPER deluxe v3 features

  • 382 combinator patches.
  • 185 NNXT patches, 138 rex loops, 650 unique samples.
  • 12 demo tracks in Reason format included.

bitBUMPER deluxe v3 is available for the introductory price of 27.90 EUR until September 15th, 2013 (regular 39.90 EUR).

More information: Soundcells / bitBUMPER

New Atlantis Audio releases Nightshift sound library

New Atlantis Audio Nightshift

New Atlantis Audio has announced the release of Nightshift, a royalty-free cinematic sound and effects library designed to set a distinctly eerie and intense tone for your music and scoring productions.

Haunting outdoor scenes, steam-powered atmospheres, howling metallic drones and found sound machinery rhythms are just some of what you’ll find inside. With their gorgeous natural reverbs preserved, we captured the sounds of abandoned factories, an old steel mill, a machine shop powered by antique contraptions, steam tunnels, huge furnaces, acid baths, creaking chain lifts and more. One location even had its own spooky ass crow on the roof who makes an appearance, sometimes you just get lucky like that.

The material was processed in varying degrees to generate this one-of-a-kind collection of inspirational soundscapes, audio scenes, effects, rhythms and musical elements. The sounds range from quick, dramatic gestures and buildups, to deep evolving soundscapes that twist, turn and morph through environments, frequencies and textures – some nearly three minutes long! Also includes a bonus Reason ReFill with a selection of sampler-based Combinator instruments.

Nightshift costs $66.66 USD. The library is available at an introductory 25% discount for a limited time by using the social sharing buttons during checkout.

More information: New Atlantis Audio / Nightshift

Tom Pritchard Sound Design releases ThorKit II

Tom Pritchard ThorKit II

Tom Pritchard Sound Design has announced the release of ThorKit II for Reason 4 and above, the sequel to the popular ThorKit ReFill, featuring 200 new Thor patches.

ThorKit II contains 100 lush Chord patches, 50 evocative Polysynth patches, and 50 driving Sequence synths.

Chord patches use Thor’s Step Sequencer to mimic Chord Memory, a function found on some synthesisers whereby pressing a note plays an entire chord, resulting in some huge sounds. You can deactivate the chord with Button 1 and use these as 100 deep Polysynths if you prefer.

ThorKit II is available to purchase for £15 GBP.

More information: Tom Pritchard Sound Design / ThorKit II

Soundcells releases Nordic Red v2 ReFill

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Soundcells Nordic Red v2

Soundcells has released Nordic Red v2, an updated version of the Modular G2x ReFill.

Nordic Red is a marvelleous sounding ReFill based on samples from the Nord Modular G2x synthesizer and it´s simply an adventure to use the incredible sounding patches!

Nordic Red is especially great for film scores, game music, ambient and experimental music.

Version 2 adds 250 Mb of new Nord Modular G2 samples, new combinator patches and changes in detail …

Nordic Red v2 features

  • 140+ impressive combinator patches.
  • 170+ NNXT patches containing the basic patches which were used to build the combinators.
  • 850+ 44 khz 24bit samples, 1.3 GB uncompressed.
  • Great for film scores, game music, ambient & drones but also modern dance styles.
  • 11 demo files with ‘tutorialesque‘ value are included.

The Nordic Red ReFill is available to purchase for the introductory price of 18.90 EUR until July 15th, 2013 (regular 24.90 EUR).

More information: Soundcells / Nordic Red v2

The Loop Loft intros Blues Drums Vol 2 ReFill + 25% off ReFills

Loop Loft Blues Drums Vol 2 ReFill

The Loop Loft has announced the release of the Blues Drums Vol 2 ReFill, a sample library featuring a collection of authentic blues grooves.

From classic Bo Diddley-esque boogies, to sparse and slow 12/8 back beats, to Chicago-style shuffles, Blues Drums Volume 2 will round out your Reason groove arsenal with the 100% natural drum sound (and feel) the Loop Loft is famous for.

Each session contains dozens of groove variations, fills, and transitions, allowing you to easily build a custom drum track in seconds. We also meticulously sampled every drum and cymbal on a multitude of kits (Ludwig, Gretsch and Slingerland), giving you incredible flexibility for layering and designing your own grooves.

The Blues Drums Vol 2 ReFill costs $44 USD.

The Loop Loft is offering a 25% discount on all its ReFill libraries and bundles until June 10th, 2013.

More information: The Loop Loft / Blues Drums Vol 2 ReFill

The Loop Loft launches Memorial Day Sale – 40% off all packs & bundles

The Loop Loft has announced its Memorial Day Sale, offering a 40% discount on all its loops and samples (WAV, REX2, AIFF, Stylus RMX, Ableton, ReFills and more) for a limited time.

The Loop Loft Memorial Day Sale

Get a head start on your summer (and your savings) with our massive Memorial Day Sale. Save 40% on EVERYTHING at The Loop Loft with coupon: MEMDAY13

Discount Code: MEMDAY13

Sale ends May 28th at 12:00 EST

More information: The Loop Loft / Memorial Day Sale

Soundcells releases Antidote Signature v2

Soundcells Antidote Signature v2

Soundcells has announced version 2 of the Antidote Signature ReFill for Propellerhead Reason.

Antidote Signature is based on the Antidote Rack Extension from Synapse Audio and it brings highly playable and great sounding patches to the user‘s hand.

It´s not genre-specific, so Wurlitzer-like pianos, modern screaming but also classic hardware-like leads, punching basses, warm & rich pads and surprising textures emphasize why this little gem should be part of everybody´s portfolio … Version 2 features 15 new combinator & 20 new Antidote patches …

Antidote Signature v2 features

  • 85 combinator patches.
  • 120 individual Antidote patches: Atmos & Textures, Bass, Keys, Leads, Pads, Rhythmic, SFX.
  • Well balanced volume settings & carefully assigned modwheel and combinator buttons and knobs.

The ReFill is available to purchase for 9.90 EUR.

More information: Soundcells / Antidote Signature