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reFX releases Vengeance Effects Vol. 3

Vengeance Effects Vol 3

reFX has announced the new Vengeance samplepack Effects Vol. 3, a collection of sound fx.

The trilogy is complete! Vengeance Effects Vol.3 brings 750 samples of concentrated FX power that will bring your production to the next level.

Just like the Vengeance Ultimate Fills series, you will find many extra-long, detailed, and elaborate FX (128bpm, up/down lifter, 1-8 bars) for direct and tempo use. Get ready to explore this extensive library that includes vocal loops, impacts, FX oneshots, vinyl FX, crazy FX loops, sub FX, tonal synth FX, sweeps and tape-stop effects! If you are producing Electro, Trance, Dirty Dutch or Dubstep, with VFX3 you are ready for everything!

The sample pack is currently available to purchase for $80 USD as part of the Christmas Sale (regular $99 USD).

More information: reFX / Vengeance Effects Vol. 3

reFX releases Hip Hop & Swedish House Vol.1 expansions + Christmas Sale

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reFX Hip Hop and Swedish House Vol 1

reFX has announced the release of two new Nexus2 expansions.

New Nexus2 expansions

  • Hip Hop – Yo! Lookin’ for phat hip-hop beats that make the booties shake? You want synth RnB pianos, basslines, pads that sound so real you’d think they just got jacked from the music shop? Inspiration for arpeggios that will help you create the ultimate dolla-dolla bill hit single? Drums? FX? It’s all in tha hizzy!
  • Swedish House Vol.1 – Electro House conquered clubs with dominant drums, heavy percussion, the finest analog synths and prominent FX. The new Swedish House Expansion has this and more! With 150 of the highest quality presets, you’ll bring the sound of your House productions to the next level. Swedes know their sound!

Both expansions are currently available to purchase for 45 EUR as part of the reFX Christmas Sale.

It’s December again, and that means great discounts! Everything on the reFX website – from Nexus2 to expansions to samplepacks – has been discounted by up to 50%! These prices are only here for a limited time, so don’t miss out!

reFX Advent Calendar

And don’t forget to check out our advent calendar for great daily gifts for all customers; one every day until Christmas!

And finally, to kick off the Christmas Sale, we’re bringing back the free Christmas expansion for Nexus2!

The expansion has been greatly expanded, with twice as many sounds as before; this expansion is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit! Check out the demo sounds on YouTube and Soundcloud. Nexus2 owners can find the download link for this expansion in their account history.

More information: reFX

reFX introduces Rhythm Guitars Vol.1 by Vengeance

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Vengeance Rhythm Guitars Vol 1

reFX has announced Rhythm Guitars Vol.1, a new sample pack by Vengeance.

Finally! A guitar sample pack from Vengeance! With more than 1.4GB of data spread over 1150 WAV files, contemporary producers will find a whole world of guitars, perfectly tailored for modern dance music! Every guitar loop is recorded by an industry professional using the highest quality gear.

Layer guitar beneath your chart vocals in the break, or use them as the main element for your club track, everything you need is here! This pack is extremely flexible: each guitar construction kit contains guitar loops in each note, (C, C#, D, D#, etc.), in both major and minor!

The chords can be arranged just the way you want them. Just select the desired guitar (Nylon, Latin, Electro, Steel, Distortion, etc…), then choose and integrate the rhythm chords of your song. It’s that easy!

Rhythm Guitars Vol 1 features

  • More than 1000 professionally recorded guitar samples.
  • Contains guitar construction kits.
  • Each construction kit contains every note (c, c#, d, d# etc.).
  • Each construction kit in minor and major scale.
  • Guitars: nylon, electric, wha wha, steel, distortion etc.
  • Outstanding recording quality with the most expensive amps and mixers.
  • Played by professional guitarists.
  • Contains huge bonus folder with guitar melody loops.
  • Over 1400 MB material spread over 1150 files.
  • 16bit, 44.1khz, stereo, wav format.

The sample pack is available to purchase for 79 EUR.

More information: reFX / Rhythm Guitars Vol.1

reFX releases FX and (free) Halloween expansions for Nexus2 + 2.4.0 update now available

reFX FX and Halloween Expansions

reFX has released FX and Halloween expansion libraries for its Nexus2 rompler synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

With FX, Nexus provides sound effects, the essence of modern productions! 150+ state-of-the-art effect presets by Manuel Schleis. Great for electronic music genres, plus movie FX and trailers. Complex sounds with easy user controls. Try out the up/down lifters, impact hits, booms, drones, atmospheres, swooshes, slides, fx loops and arps. This is a great, all-inclusive package!

Halloween — Bats, Cats, Mad scientists and even the Count himself make an appearance in this free mini-expansion for all Nexus2 customers. You can find it in your purchase-history along the required 2.4.0 update. Happy Halloween.

reFX has also updated Nexus2 to version 2.4.0, including faster loading times.

Changes in Nexus v2.4.0

  • Most presets load about twice as fast now! If you have a fast SSD, loading times are mostly instantenous, even with bigger presets.
  • The mix-page had to be changed slightly. The oscillators are now on their own tab to make room for four additional layers (for a total of eight now) and four additional oscillators (also a total of eight now). Future exansions will utilize this. The free “Halloween”-Expansion already does this!
  • The support-file now detects Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 correctly.
  • Re-enabled the Live section. From now on updates are downloaded again.
  • Removed invisible, but audible, MIDI-CC #7 and CC #11. A few users unintentionally used these and thus changed the output-volume.
  • Fixed: Arp-glide was sometimes unintentionally enabled for some sequences at certain speeds and tempo.
  • Fixed: The reverb would flutter very lightly under very specific circumstances and only with VERY low frequencies.
  • Fixed: Minor bug-fixes and optimizations.

Nexus2 is available to purchase for 249 EUR. The FX expansion is 55 EUR, the Halloween expansion can be downloaded at no charge.

More information: reFX

Xenos Soundworks launches The Pop Collection of Vanguard

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Xenos Soundworks has announced The Pop Collection, a collection of sounds for the Vanguard software synthesizer by reFX.

Contains 143 professionally designed Vanguard presets for Pop, Electro House, Hip Hop and Breakbeat producers.

The emphasis has been put on “pure” sounds — mainly Leads and Basses (over 40 in each of those categories). Rounding out the bank are the other categories — Keys, Synth, Pads, FX, and lastly a token serving of Arps and Gates.

The soundset is available to purchase for $9.95 USD.

More information: Xenos Soundworks

reFX releases Vengeance Essential Dubstep Vol 1, Future Arps 3 released + Nexus2 updated

reFX has announced the release of the Essential Dubstep Vol.1 sample pack by Vengeance. reFX is now the exclusive distributor of all Vengeance samplepacks and soundsets.

reFX Vengeance Essential Dubstep Vol 1

The long awaited Vengeance Dubstep Sample pack is here! More than 2,500 furious dubstep and Complextro sounds representing today’s most popular music styles! At 1.2GB, this comprehensive compendium makes it possible to produce complete dubstep tracks from A to Z!

Included are perfect Dubstep coordinated kicks, cymbals, smashing power snares, powerful synths, massive up and down lifting FX, plus complete beats and phrases as loops. Of particular interest is the “Multi Loop” folder, where each loop is available, broken down into in its components (only hi-hats, just kick/snare, etc…). All loops and tonal Oneshots are included, as usual, with accurate BPM pitch indication. But the best thing about this is the ultra-present sound quality itself – more pressure is simply not possible!

Essential Dubstep Vol.1 is available to purchase for 79 EUR.

reFX has also released Future Arps 3, a new Nexus2 expansion.

reFX Nexus2 Expansions

Future Arps strikes back! Bigger, better, and fatter – Future Arps 3 offers 100% club smashing beats at the push of a button! Whether Dirty Dutch, Dubstep, Progressive House or Complextro, with the FARPS3 you have every must-have modern electro & club sound in your arsenal… Ready, aim, fire!

The Future Arps 3 expansion costs 55 EUR.

Furthermore, Nexus2 was updated to version 2.3.5:

  • Added 16 new modulation-destinations. All eight internal LFOs can now be speed- and depth-modulated via the modmatrix.
  • Fixed a bug where the delay-FX would sometimes be out of tune for the first note.
  • Improved auto-bypass logic for the internal FX.
  • Improved thread-syncronization (faster and more secure).

More information: reFX

Kreativ Sound releases Philty Filtatron Sounds & Daft PlastiCZ Sounds

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Kreativ Sound Philty Filtatron & Daft PlastiCZ

Kreativ Sound has announced the release two new sounds collections.

  • Philty Filtatron Sounds features 16 presets for Moog’s Filtatron iOS app.
  • Daft PlastiCZ Sounds features 102 presets for the reFX PlastiCZ synthesizer.

Kreativ Sound has also announced updates for the Morgana Animoog Sounds (16 new presets) and Growling Subtractor Sounds (10 new presets) sound sets.

All products are available to current Kreativ Sound Premium members. Membership is available to purchase for $39 USD per year.

More information: Kreativ Sound

reFX releases Trance Leads expansion + Nexus2 updated

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reFX has updated its Nexus2 ROM synthesizer-plugin for Windows and Mac to version 2.3.3, and a new expansion: Trance Leads is now available.

reFX NEXUS2 Expansion: Trance Leads

A new Nexus2 update (version 2.3.3) is now available which fixes a few minor issues (e.g. stolen keyboard in Logic, mouse-wheel in Cubase etc.).

Trance Leads follows in the footsteps of the wildly popular HandsUp Leads expansion. Dedicated to delivering 100% pure lead sounds for Progressive and Melodic Trance, you can be sure to find the main hook for your track here! Wide saw and square leads, fine plucked sounds, chords and lead bass lines; it’s all here!

The Trance Leads is available to purchase for 55 EUR.

More information: reFX