Reminder: Sounds in HD contest

A little reminder for those who’d like to participate in the Sounds in HD contest. You still have a few days left before the deadline, so enter your beats now for a chance to win … read more

Sounds in HD special sale + contest

A few weeks ago I reviewed Sounds in HD Vol. 1, the first in a series of drum sample libraries by Sounds in HD. Sounds in HD sound designers Keyflo (Jarrett Todd) and Zeph (Humberto … read more

Prime Loops Sample Remix Contest: The results

The Prime Loops Sample Remix Contest has come to and end. I’ve tallied the votes and it’s time to announce who won. No Poetry by Josef Loibner RomeyBoy’s Remix Russian Winter by tauFX Josef wins … read more

Reminder: Sample Remix Contest – a few more days to go!

As you may know there’s a sample remix contest going on (RSS readers, check that link for details). If you’re thinking of submitting a track you still have a few days, the deadline is October … read more

Sample Remix Contest: Win Prime Loops samples

Anyone up for another sample remix contest? This time we have an exclusive competition in association with Prime Loops. Prime Loops has provided a sample remix pack including various samples from their recent releases. Unlike … read more

Free samples: ekit pack

It’s been a while since I’ve released some loops so I figured this time I’d include the single shot samples in the download so you can do your own! The ekit pack includes: 12 loops … read more

Should upgrade?

I’m thinking of upgrading the website to a VPS (Virtual Private Server). This would/should increase the overall stability since the site gets its own resources instead of sharing them with other websites. Moving to … read more

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Sample Remix Contest: And the winner is…

First of all I would like to thank everyone who entered in this sample remix contest. I’ve released many samples before, but I rarely have an opportunity to hear what people do with them so … read more

Sample Remix Contest: Time to vote!

The first sample remix contest has come to an end. Well, the fun part of it anyway. Now it’s time to get serious and vote. I’m absolutely pleased with the amount of tracks submitted. … read more sample remix contest – 3 weeks left!

Just a little reminder that you still have 3 weeks to submit your entry for the sample remix contest. I just posted some entries on the contest page. More to follow soon!

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Sample Remix Contest: Win an Ohm Force ALL-ALL Bundle

Sample remix contests are usually quite boring. Download a sample pack, create a track with the included samples and hope the guy running the contest likes your stuff… or takes bribes. If you’re hoping this … read more

rekkerd free loops 09 – 20 beats

It has been a bit busy lately, but I’ve managed to put up another pack of beats. They are more or less variations of the same thing, but with quite a different sound. Simple beats, … read more releases R-Beats Volume 1

R-Beats Volume 1 is a collection of 340 original beats, suitable for various electronic music styles i.e. house, techno, idm, hiphop, etc. R-Beats delivers a balanced diet of beats, from basic 4 to the floor … read more

rekkerd no-kick pack vol. 1

This sample pack contains a bunch of 128bpm beats, suitable for electronic music. No-kick basically means the kick (bass drum) sound is missing or hi-pass filtered in these loops. Removing the low frequency sounds should … read more

One sequence (10 loops)

I’ve uploaded another free sample pack for your pleasure. One sequence contains 10 melodic loops, all from the same sequence. The one sequence pattern in FL Studio 7 The pattern is the same for all … read more

rekkerd free loops 08 – 14 melodic loops

Here’s another batch of samples, just in time for the holiday season. In this pack you will find a bunch of melodic loops. Organ, pads, trancy leads… It’s another mixed bag. The samples are all … read more

rekkerd free loops 07 – 16 beats

The rekkerd free loops 07 pack has a theme: distortion. All these beats have some type of distortion effect applied to them. Some effects are quite subltle, others not so subtle. The download includes 16 … read more

rekkerd free loops 06 – 42 free samples

It’s been a while since I posted some samples, so here’s another mixed bag of beats and melodies, in various genres. Quite a few distorted beats in this one, but also some smooth sounds to … read more

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MR 9999 – Brick Game 9999 in 1 samples

MR 9999 is a Brick Game handheld. You know, those boring Tetris type games with the terrible blippy sounds which drive everyone who’s not playing the game mad. I recorded some of the sounds (all … read more

Holiday break

Hooray, I’m having a little holiday break! Since I’m the only one updating this place, it’ll be a bit quiet around here for the next 2 weeks or so. If you still see new posts … read more

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