goes pink lemonade

Okay, so I always wanted to do a simple “Georgia” (the font, not the state) based design. I guess it was A List Apart that got me excited about Georgia a while ago, and now … read more

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rekkerd free loops 05 – 52 beats

I’ve done another batch of beats, just in time before I go on a holiday later this week. The loops go from 80 to 170bpm and should be useful in a broad range of electronic … read more

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15 free melodic loops

I always think beats/drums are more useful to people, but perhaps I’m wrong so I uploaded a few loops without beats, just melodic stuff. I hope some of you will find them useful. Download the … read more

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July 2007 pack – 32 free loops

This pack has 4 beats with some variations and fx applied for a total of 32 loops. They are free to use however you like (except you can’t sell them of course). A sample of … read more

6 loops added (2007.06.20)

The loops archive has been updated with 6 new loops. I hope you’ll find some of these samples useful. smackbox 01 zip/mp3 smack beat! (132bpm/03 sec) shareme 01 zip/mp3 loud dnb squeek (132bpm/07 sec) parabreak … read more

20 patches for Oatmeal

I made another batch of patches for Oatmeal. The 20 patches in this bank include arp, bass, lead and pad sounds. I think this bank has some of the most useful sounds I’ve made with … read more

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4 loops added (2007.04.25)

Four new loops for those who like drum & bass. Hope they are useful! beatholic 01 zip/mp3 simple loud beat (160bpm/01 sec) beatholic 02 zip/mp3 blippy step (160bpm/03 sec) blooger 02 zip/mp3 pushing forward (160bpm/06 … read more

6 loops added (2007.04.09)

Check these 6 loops and let me know how you like them. casa beat zip/mp3 your casa or my casa? (132bpm/03 sec) daedalus zip/mp3 Northernbeat’s Daedalus (118bpm/16 sec) flute tune zip/mp3 a flute you say? … read more

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SpaceJunk ambience for Sound Borb

Here’s another ambience for Sound Borb, SpaceJunk. Check it out here (6.70MB): SpaceJunk (Sound Borb Ambience) Downloads: 2368 times Make sure to visit the download section of Sound Borb for more user created ambiences.

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Haunted ambience for Sound Borb

A few days ago I posted about Sound Borb, a really cool ambience generator. I made a little ambience for it called Haunted which has some er.. haunted sounds. Check it out: Haunted (Sound Borb … read more

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10 loops added (2007.03.08)

Another mixed bag, 5 loops with pretty much just beats and 5 loops with melodies (+beats for some). The genres also go from laidback to house to drum & bass-ish. Hope you enjoy! ks one … read more

rekkerd nostalgia loops

So I got around reviving some older projects and decided to create a few loops and drop them in a separate pack (since they’re not really very useful perhaps). Anyway, make sure to check the … read more

Songs in the key of nostalgia

I was going through some backup cds and found a number of older works I did many years ago. Nostalgia kicked in and I longed to hear some of these songs, but unfortunately most the … read more

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FL Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

FL Studio has many keyboard shortcuts, but do you know them all? I certainly don’t! I know the FL Studio manual has the basic shortcuts listed, but I don’t want to check help everytime I … read more

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5 loops added (2007.01.17)

It’s a bit of a mixed bag this time. Some beats with different type of effects on them and 1 melodic loop. Hope you find something useful, enjoy! 8-bit 06 zip/mp3 processed 8-bit sounds (132bpm/07 … read more

6 loops added (2006.12.26)

I recently did a collaboration with rockstar_not for a KVR Music Cafe contest called Collaboration: KVR Anthem. Check out the result on this page. Anyway, I contributed some beats and I thought I’d share them … read more

3 loops added (2006.12.13)

Here are 3 more beats. I tried to do some loops with a bit of a trip hop vibe to them. I always find it a bit hard creating beats that sound like a break … read more

New design

Well, it’s cost me the better part of the evening and unfortunately it’s still not quite done yet. I’m sure there’s lots that still needs fixing, so if you see some funny stuff with the … read more

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4 loops added (2006.11.13)

I made a few beats with VSTi synths. A bit of tweaking here and there and you can get some nice percussion type sounds out of most synths. In respective order I used GTG 13-L, … read more

Another 32 Oatmeal presets

Just because I can’t get enough of trying to get useful sounds from Oatmeal I thought I’d share another batch of 32 presets with you. I’m pretty happy with the results and there are a … read more

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