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Reusenoise releases free Gibson Les Paul Power Chords sample pack

Reusenoise Gibson Les Paul Power Chords

Reusenoise has released a sample pack featuring a collection of power chords played on a Gibson Les Paul.

Power chords multisampled played on a 1996 Gibson LP Studio with a Seymor Duncan bridge pickup.

The chord start from E maj to D maj, all chords was recorded through an old Yamaha mixer and completly dry, so you can reamp with you preferred amp sim.

The free sample pack is available in Wav and sfz format (44.1kHz/24bit).

More information: Reusenoise


Reusenoise releases Olga: Heaven & Hell soundset

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Reusenoise Olga: Heaven & Hell

Reusenoise has released Olga: Heaven & Hell, a collection of sounds for the Olga synthesizer by Stillwell Audio.

Olga:Heaven & Hell, 64 new patches for these great synth.

From raw bass sounds, to lushy, gentle pads, warm leads, drum sounds.

Olga: Heaven & Hell is available to purchase as a download for 4.99 EUR.

More information: Reusenoise


Reusenoise Dune soundbank, patches for virtual synth by Synapse Audio

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Synapse Audio Dune

Reusenoise has released a soundbank for Dune, a virtual synthesizer instrument by Synapse Audio.

New Dune soundbank, 76 fresh patches focused on lead,pads and bass sound with some fx sounds and texture.

The Dune soundbank is available to purchase for the introductory price of 2.99 EUR until January 31, 2011 (regular 5.99 EUR).

A free demo bank is available to download from the Reusenoise website.

More information: Reusenoise / Dune


Reusenoise releases Old Dirty Bastard TR808 Grooves, free sample pack

Reusenoise Old Dirty Bastard TR808 Grooves

Reusenoise has released Old Dirty Bastard TR808 Grooves, a free collection of drum loops.

Take a 808 recorded throught a tape deck,adding vinyl noise and you have these stunning groove collection, 85, 98, 110 BPM, 1 bar and 4 bars grooves, with and without kick and kick only grooves, there are 123 grooves in total, 24 bit wav and aiff samples carefully looped.

This royalty free sample pack is available as a free download in Wav (150MB) and AIF (76MB) formats. Donations are appreciated.

More information: Reusenoise