Cakewalk sets Square I, SFZ+ and Audio FX bundles free

Cakewalk Square I

Cakewalk is now offering a number of its products free of cost.

Cakewalk products now free

  • Square I Performance Synthesizer – The warmness and classic sound of the vintage analog synthesizers, combined with the fidelity and precision of a VST instrument. A simple synthesizer, oriented to the serious music enthusiast. High quality sound with a warm and easy layout, perfect to learn synth programming: all controls in one panel for instant access, clear and distinctive sections. The built-in effects add depth to the sound and convenience to the sound programming.
  • SFZ+ Professional SoundFont Player – rgc:audio’s revolutionary SoundFont player sample-playback engine, packed in a professional VST/DXi instrument. Outstanding sound quality, stereo built-in effects, adjustable CPU/quality settings to adjust it to your hardware, fully multitimbral operation, multiple stereo outputs, several loading modes and a beautiful interface make sfz+ the perfect choice for SoundFont users and professional composers.
  • Audio FX 1 – Series of four dynamic processor stereo plug-ins: Compressor/Gate, Limiter, Expander/Gate, Dynamics Processor.
  • Audio FX 2 – Vintage guitar amplifiers and analog tape decks.
  • Audio FX 3 – Reverb toolbox allowing full room emulation and more.

Square I and SFZ+ are available as VST instruments for Window PC. The Audio FX bundles are available as DX plug-ins for Windows PC.

More information: Cakewalk Store


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