Cakewalk sets Square I, SFZ+ and Audio FX bundles free

Cakewalk Square I

Cakewalk is now offering a number of its products free of cost.

Cakewalk products now free

  • Square I Performance Synthesizer – The warmness and classic sound of the vintage analog synthesizers, combined with the fidelity and precision of a VST instrument. A simple synthesizer, oriented to the serious music enthusiast. High quality sound with a warm and easy layout, perfect to learn synth programming: all controls in one panel for instant access, clear and distinctive sections. The built-in effects add depth to the sound and convenience to the sound programming.
  • SFZ+ Professional SoundFont Player – rgc:audio’s revolutionary SoundFont player sample-playback engine, packed in a professional VST/DXi instrument. Outstanding sound quality, stereo built-in effects, adjustable CPU/quality settings to adjust it to your hardware, fully multitimbral operation, multiple stereo outputs, several loading modes and a beautiful interface make sfz+ the perfect choice for SoundFont users and professional composers.
  • Audio FX 1 – Series of four dynamic processor stereo plug-ins: Compressor/Gate, Limiter, Expander/Gate, Dynamics Processor.
  • Audio FX 2 – Vintage guitar amplifiers and analog tape decks.
  • Audio FX 3 – Reverb toolbox allowing full room emulation and more.

Square I and SFZ+ are available as VST instruments for Window PC. The Audio FX bundles are available as DX plug-ins for Windows PC.

More information: Cakewalk Store


Real Music Media releases free Kick drum sample set

Real Music Media has released a free Kick drum supplement for the Real Snare Drum.

This is a small sample set of a 22 inch Slingerland Kick Drum of the same vintage as the Real Snare Drum.

Kick drum sample set features

  • Velocity layers and round-robin switching.
  • sfz format, mapped to the black keys (midi note numbers 61, 63, 66, 68, 70) between the keys used in the Real Snare Drum mapping.
  • Combined mapping allows for the creation of extremely realistic-sounding beats with a minimum of effort.
  • Controls with CC# assignments:
    • CC# 27: amp eg decay time attenuation (default mode is no decay, i.e. the note plays to the end unaltered).
    • CC# 28: amp eg sustain level attenuation (default mode is sustain=100%).
    • CC# 29: amp eg release time attenuation (default mode is release=1.5+ seconds, i.e. the note plays to the end unaltered).
    • CC# 30: gain control for kick drum.

You’ll need a sfz capable sampler/player to use this sample set. A free sfz player by rgc:audio is available from Cakewalk.

The free kick drum sample set can be downloaded at the bottom of The Real Snare page.

Visit Real Music Media for more information.


Cakewalk releases SONAR 7 Producer Edition and SONAR 7 Studio Edition

SONAR 7 Producer Edition box

Cakewalk has released SONAR 7 Producer Edition and SONAR 7 Studio Edition.

SONAR 7 Producer Edition places no limits on your track count, bus routing, effect or instrument inserts, and includes an ample array of audio effects, virtual instruments, and innovative technologies to power your productions.

These include the precision LP-64 EQ™ & LP-64 Multiband™ linear phase mastering plug-ins, Z3TA+™ Waveshaping Synthesizer, Dimension™ LE and Rapture™ LE, Active Controller Technology™, AudioSnap™, and much more.

These are complemented by two Roland® virtual instruments and the V-Vocal™ processor, the Lexicon Pantheon Reverb, Perfect Space Convolution Reverb powered by Voxengo, VC-64 Vintage Channel™ powered by Kjaerhus Audio, AudioSnap™ rendering with iZotope Radius, POW-r dithering, thousands of instrument sounds, over a gigabyte of sample content, and much more.

Key new features in SONAR 7 Producer Edition

  • Integrated Step Sequencer view—the most innovative step sequencer feature set available in any DAW
  • Smart MIDI Tools—intuitively use one tool for multiple editing tasks; completely customizable
  • Real-time Drag-Quantize allows selected notes and events to be quickly aligned with snap settings
  • Multilane controller editing in Piano Roll view; controller data can be moved/copied across lanes; multiple controls can be viewed/edited per lane to economize screen real estate
  • MIDI display features including MIDI Magnifier, MIDI Meters, and Velocity Colorizer
  • Enhanced MIDI editing with functions for splitting, gluing, and muting notes
  • New ACT (Active Controller Technology) presets for Akai MPK49, Korg padKONTROL, and Line6 TonePort KB37
  • New instruments: Z3TA+ 1.5 waveshaping synthesizer, Dimension LE (featuring Garritan Pocket Orchestra), Rapture LE, and DropZone Sample player/synth; Over 1000 instruments sounds
  • Roland V-Vocal 1.5, now with Pitch to MIDI conversion
  • LP-64 Multiband linear phase mastering compressor/limiter with AutoQ functionality
  • LP-64 EQ linear phase mastering EQ with 20-point control curve
  • Internal sidechaining for Sonitus:fx Compressor, Sonitus:fx Gate, VC-64 Vintage Channel, and 3rd party VST plug-ins with sidechain (multi-input) capability
  • External Insert Plug-in lets you insert and mix with external hardware effects and instruments with automatic delay compensation
  • Boost 11 Peak Limiter
  • Dim Solo keeps tracks in context by reducing volume of unsoloed tracks by 6, 12, or 18 dB instead of muting
  • Drag & drop EQ settings across channels in the console view
  • Shortcuts for assigning a series of audio inputs, and routing selected tracks/busses to the same input/output/main
  • Rename Synths in Synth Rack
  • Original SMPTE time stamps now stored with clips with easy revert to original time stamp
  • Right-click at cursor to Import audio/MIDI data
  • Wave-64 support provides capabilities to record large scale (2 GB+) projects
  • High bandwidth multi-track recording optimizations
  • New file format import/export options including Sony Wave-64, AIF, CAF, FLAC, Sound Designer II
  • File Recovery mode
  • Integrated Audio CD ripping and burning
  • Cakewalk Publisher 2.0 for uploading and presenting music online

SONAR 7 Studio Edition offers the best creative tools, and the most power of any digital audio workstation in its price range. Built upon the same core feature set as SONAR 7 Producer Edition, SONAR 7 Studio Edition gives users the edge in their productions—from recording audio and MIDI, composing with virtual instruments, remixing with loops, mixing with professional effects, to delivery of a polished final track—with the recognized best audio quality of the industry.

SONAR 7 Producer Edition exclusives
SONAR 7 Producer Edition exclusives

The following features are exclusive to SONAR 7 Producer Edition:

  • NEW— LP-64 EQ™ linear phase mastering EQ
  • NEW— LP-64 Multiband™ linear phase mastering compressor/limiter
  • NEW— Z3TA+™ waveshaping synthesizer
  • NEW— VC-64 Vintage Channel™ with sidechaining capabilities
  • NEW— Roland V-Vocal™ 1.5 with Pitch to MIDI conversion
  • AudioSnap™ multitrack audio quantize
  • Surround mixing in over 30 formats
  • SurroundBridge™ technology to use stereo FX in surround
  • Sonitus Surround Compressor
  • POW-r dithering
  • PSYN™ II subtractive synthesizer
  • Pentagon™ I Analog Modeling Synth
  • RXP™ groove instrument with REX file support
  • Perfect Space™ Convolution Reverb
  • Lexicon® Pantheon™ Reverb

SONAR 7 Producer Edition has an MSRP of $619 ($499 street) U.S., SONAR 7 Studio Edition (MSRP) is $369 U.S. ($299 street) and both are now shipping.

More information: Cakewalk


Steve Holt releases sfZed v0.8.13 beta

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sfZed v0.8.13 beta

Steve Holt has released sfZed v0.8.13 beta, a freeware editor for the sfz format used by rgc:audio’s sfz high quality sample player and Cakewalk Dimension.

sfZed version 0.8.13 beta fixes a problem with setting choices in the region tools.

A comprehensive manual is including in the download package. This current beta will expire October 2007, but sfZed will remain freeware (the expiration date is merely to avoid beta copies remaining in use when a newer version is available).

Visit for more information and a link to download sfZed v0.8.13 beta.