9 Soundware releases Ring RingShifter Presets

9 Soundware has announced the release of Ring, a collection of presets for the RingShifter ring modulator/frequency shifter within Apple Logic Pro. These settings explore the audio morphing capabilities of the unique plug-in, which combines … read more

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MeldaProduction updates MCreativeBundle to v1.01

MeldaProduction has released version 1.01 of the MCreativeBundle, a collection of effect plug-ins for Windows. The multiband plug-ins can have up to 6 completely independent bands. Each oscillator in any of the plug-ins is defined … read more

MeldaProduction releases MCreativeBundle

MeldaProduction has announced the release of MCreativeBundle, a collection of 6 multiband effect plug-ins for Windows. MeldaProduction MCreativeBundle contains effects for serious composers, that need the most modern hi-tech tools to make their sound good … read more

Myosis releases MyosisFooger and MyosisPsychoDelay

Myosis has released MyosisFooger and MyosisPsychoDelay, VST effect plug-ins for Windows. MyosisFooger is a suite of 3 plugins, a digital recreation of the famous MoogerFooger™ pedals. MyosisPsychoDelay is a tape shifter delay. MyosisFooger features MF … read more

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Morfiki releases grANALiser

Morfiki has released grANALiser, a freeware FSU effect plug-in for Windows. We’re proud to present new VST plug-in effect! Morfiki’s grANALiser is a hybrid of granulator and delay. The plug-in is capable of complex FSU … read more

The Lower Rhythm releases LifeCycle SE and A-210

The Lower Rhythm has released LifeCycle SE and A-210, two freeware VST plug-ins for Windows PC. LifeCycle SE Based around Etric Van Mayer’s LifeForce Sequencer, this auto-synth allows you to create, load, save and run … read more

MeldaProduction updates free VST plug-ins

MeldaProduction has released updates for its free VST plug-ins. Changes in the updates MeldaProduction Envelope System (MES) – every envelope can contain unlimited number of points of several curvature types and per-point smoothing with advanced … read more

Short links for July 29th, 2008

Some interesting things I found on July 29th, 2008: # Yahoo Music to offer refunds, what about MSN? – CNET News reports that Yahoo Music is offering refunds to anyone who bought songs from the … read more

JoBro Media releases JBM PhaseRinger

JoBro Media has released PhaseRinger, a freeware ring modulation effect plug-in for Windows PC. JBM PhaseRinger is a ringmodulator, but that’s about all the comparison to an original ring modulator. Next step: an OP2 FM … read more

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Oli Larkin releases Endless Series plug-ins

Oli Larkin has released the Endless Series, four effect plugins based on an auditory illusion known as “Circular Pitch” or more commonly the “Shepard Tone/Scale” after Roger N. Shepard who discovered it in the 1960s. … read more

de la Mancha releases ring thing VST

de la Mancha has released ring thing, a multi-flavour ring modulator, with frequency and mix level controlled by an XY pad and each axis modulated by it’s own tempo-sync LFO. The modulation in both axes … read more

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HILOFI releases Multiband Ringmod I

HILOFI has released Multiband Ringmod I, a multiple ring modulator based on frequency selection VST effect plug-in for Windows. Features 4 selectable frequency ranges: Low band (250/500 Hz) Middle-Low Band (500/2000 Hz) Middle-High Band. (2000/8000 … read more

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