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Homegrown Sounds releases TerraNova Public Beta

Homegrown Sounds TerraNova

Homegrown Sounds has released a public beta version of TerraNova, a multi effects plug-in which has 5 main effects.

TerraNova has been under development for other 4 months, and once it is finished, I’ll be starting to build a synth using it as it’s FX engine. I have developed a new preset system so that presets will be universal amongst future products and interchangeable.

TerraNova features

  • SoundScaper, capabable of reverb, echo and comb effects.
  • Stereo Delay, with various modes.
  • 3 Modulators, with 39 different effects each including Flanger, Phasers, Ring Modulators, Chorus, FM Chorus, Synth Tones, Filters, Pitch Shifters, Gappers and Decimator.
  • Each LFO has a large array of waveforms, including custom mode which gives access to 150 pre-defined shapes with smooth control.
  • As well as random mode, there is also an assortment of Envelope Followers that can be used instead of the LFO. Each modulator also has an AutoPanner.
  • Many randomization options as well as global randomize, which has 10 modes.
  • Flexible routing, can be switched off to work in parallel. There is also a randomizer.
  • Extensive PDF Manual.
  • 5 types of distortion.
  • White Noise.
  • Bass Cut, High Cut.
  • Modulators A and B can also be assigned to one of 34 destinations.

TerraNova (pre-release) is currently available to purchase as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC for £20 GBP. A VST/AU release for Mac is coming.

More information: Homegrown Sounds / TerraNova

Smoking Bunny Productions releases [hantera]

Smoking Bunny Productions [hantera]

Smoking Bunny Productions has released version 1.1 of [hantera], an audio manipulation tool for hardware synths.

[hantera] is an all-in-one program that was originally created to expand on my machine drum sps-1uw, so then i could expand on effects and so forth. Sooner or later it grew and grew from a simple interface of two to three effects, to then a barrage of features.

[hantera] features

  • Panning with reset/auto panning.
  • Ring modulation, with mix control.
  • Spectral shifting, with mix control.
  • Degrade, with mix control.
  • Comb filter, with mix control.
  • Stereo delay, with mix control.
  • Stereo reverb, with mix control.
  • Filter, with preset and mix control.
  • Preset save, load, clear.
  • Audio save and record.
  • Midi learn.
  • Brief .pdf with instructions.

[hantera] is available to download as freeware for Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later.

More information: Smoking Bunny Productions / [hantera]

9 Soundware releases Ring RingShifter Presets

9 Soundware Ring

9 Soundware has announced the release of Ring, a collection of presets for the RingShifter ring modulator/frequency shifter within Apple Logic Pro.

These settings explore the audio morphing capabilities of the unique plug-in, which combines the two effects.

Ring features

  • 35 presets in Frequency Shifter mode and 15 in Ring Modulator mode.
  • Examples include settings which add delay-based rhythmic layers to drum grooves (e.g., Drum Ricochet 1.pst), generate tempo synced modulations (e.g., Automation Surprise.pst and Space Cake.pst), radically reshape harmonic structures (e.g., Anti-Tune.pst and Fiend.pst), as well as those which maintain tonality of the input signal (e.g., Daguerreotype.pst and Sun Dance.pst).
  • The 0.2 MB download includes 50 .pst files.

Ring is available now to download for $14.99 USD.

More information: 9 Soundware / Ring

MeldaProduction updates MCreativeBundle to v1.01

MeldaProduction MCreativeBundle

MeldaProduction has released version 1.01 of the MCreativeBundle, a collection of effect plug-ins for Windows.

The multiband plug-ins can have up to 6 completely independent bands. Each oscillator in any of the plug-ins is defined by the most advanced technology in the world, which compounds predefined shapes, with custom shapes and a step sequencer. Global modulators can move any parameter and make your sound truly interesting.

Changes in MCreativeBundle v1.01

  • Added modulators invert & reset.
  • Improved oscillator precision.

The MCreativeBundle is available for Windows PC (VST) for the introductory price of 50 EUR. The 6 effect plug-ins included in the bundle are now also available separately, for the introductory price 10 EUR each (regular 30 EUR).

More information: MeldaProduction

MeldaProduction releases MCreativeBundle

MeldaProduction MCreativeBundle

MeldaProduction has announced the release of MCreativeBundle, a collection of 6 multiband effect plug-ins for Windows.

MeldaProduction MCreativeBundle contains effects for serious composers, that need the most modern hi-tech tools to make their sound good and original. Flexibility of these plug-ins cannot be met by any other plug-in of the kind.

The multiband plug-ins can have up to 6 completely independent bands. Each oscillator in any of the plug-ins is defined by the most advanced technology in the world, which compounds predefined shapes, with custom shapes and a step sequencer. Global modulators can move any parameter and make your sound truly interesting.

MCreativeBundle features

  • MMultiBandAutopan, automatic panner designed to bring spatiality to the sound.
  • MMultiBandPhaser, phaser suitable for any single track as well as for master tracks.
  • MMultiBandRingModulator, ring-modulation effect using two oscillators.
  • MMultiBandTremolo, tremolo designed to modulate sound level.
  • MMultiBandVibrato, vibrato suitable for any single track as well as for master tracks
  • MMultiBandWaveShaper, wave-shaping plug-in with adjustable shape.

The MCreativeBundle is available for purchase at an introductory price of 50 EUR (regular price 120 EUR). A demo version can be downloaded from the product page.

More information: MeldaProduction

Myosis releases MyosisFooger and MyosisPsychoDelay

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Myosis MyosisFooger & MyosisPsychoDelay

Myosis has released MyosisFooger and MyosisPsychoDelay, VST effect plug-ins for Windows.

MyosisFooger is a suite of 3 plugins, a digital recreation of the famous MoogerFooger™ pedals. MyosisPsychoDelay is a tape shifter delay.

MyosisFooger features

  • MF LowPassFilter, a simple audio controlled Low pass filter. It contains a 2 pole/4pole Lowpass filter as well as an envelope follower for dynamic-controlled filter sweeps. Used with Bass, Guitar, Keys, or any other sound.
  • MF OscBox, an audio controlled oscillator. With this plugin, you can turn your guitar or any other monophonic instrument into a synthesizer.
  • MF RingModulator, a simple Ring Modulator. It contains a Ring Modulator with a built in Carrier Oscillator and LFO.

MyosisPsychoDelay features

  • Up to 2.7 seconds delay time.
  • Tape vibrato effect with adjustable speed and disturbance.
  • Absolutely weird Pitch Shifter effect in the feedback loop.
  • Autopan with adjustable speed.
  • 2 pole Low-pass and Hi-Pass Filters.
  • Noise tape effect.

The MyosisFooger plug-in are available as VST effect plug-in for Windows PC for 22 euros each, or bundled in the MyosisFoogerPack for 49 EUR. the MyosisPsychoDelay is 39 EUR. Demo versions and audio clips are available for download here.

Visit Myosis for more information.

Morfiki releases grANALiser

Morfiki grANALiser

Morfiki has released grANALiser, a freeware FSU effect plug-in for Windows.

We’re proud to present new VST plug-in effect! Morfiki’s grANALiser is a hybrid of granulator and delay. The plug-in is capable of complex FSU sounds and effects as well as chorus, pitch-shifter or ring modulation. It is build around the same morphing engine as our redu(p)cer plugin.

grANALiser features

  • stereo processing (granulator pitch shift, size and rate, delay time with spread parameters)
  • full featured granulator with pitch shift ( ±5 octaves, dropdown list with fixed values available), that can be tuned with grain size or synced to tempo.
  • delay unit with feedback
  • adjustable sample&hold lfo (randomizer) for pitch and grain rate/size values.
  • all parameters are controlled by MORFIKI preset system (the system itself is described below)
  • moderate cpu usage
  • dropdown menus with fixed values for pitch-shifter scale tuning, spread transposition and tempo synchronization when available.

NSFW CAUTION! grANALiser contains explicit pixel animation, that should be viewed only by adults. People who find such content inappropriate should not use our software. Viewer discretion is advised during usage ;)

grANALiser is available as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Visit Morfiki for more information.

The Lower Rhythm releases LifeCycle SE and A-210

The Lower Rhythm has released LifeCycle SE and A-210, two freeware VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

LifeCycle SE

The Lower Rhythm LifeCycle SE

Based around Etric Van Mayer’s LifeForce Sequencer, this auto-synth allows you to create, load, save and run patterns designed within the rules of John Conway’s Game Of Life. The output is fed into three robust operators and then strung through a handful of effects (distortion, bit crushing, modulation, feedback modulation, etc.). The result is a pattern-based, rhythmic droning synthesizer with immense possibilities for tone variation.

LifeCycle SE features

  • EVM’s LifeForce Sequencer (based on Conway’s Game Of Life).
  • Save and load your G.O.L. patterns.
  • Three operator synthesis engine w/ filter and distortion.
  • Global bit crusher and filter.
  • Internal BPM clock driven.
  • Multiple LFO’s and feedback modulation effects.
  • Mono and Poly modes.


The Lower Rhythm A-210

Utilizing the same amplifier as the A-110, this stereo modulation effect is designed to create ringmoddy-chorusy-glitchy layers underneath your favorite synthesizer (or your most hated one!).

A-210 features

  • Versatile delay for subtle chorus or extreme feedback.
  • Lowpass filter.
  • Multiple effect gain stages.
  • A-110 amplifier ‘circuit’.
  • Dry Out for effective layering.
  • Selectable delay waveform.
  • Additional controls for modulating delay oscillators.

LifeCycle SE and A-210 are available as freeware for Windows PC.

Visit The Lower Rhythm for more information.