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The Lower Rhythm releases LifeCycle SE and A-210

The Lower Rhythm has released LifeCycle SE and A-210, two freeware VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

LifeCycle SE

The Lower Rhythm LifeCycle SE

Based around Etric Van Mayer’s LifeForce Sequencer, this auto-synth allows you to create, load, save and run patterns designed within the rules of John Conway’s Game Of Life. The output is fed into three robust operators and then strung through a handful of effects (distortion, bit crushing, modulation, feedback modulation, etc.). The result is a pattern-based, rhythmic droning synthesizer with immense possibilities for tone variation.

LifeCycle SE features

  • EVM’s LifeForce Sequencer (based on Conway’s Game Of Life).
  • Save and load your G.O.L. patterns.
  • Three operator synthesis engine w/ filter and distortion.
  • Global bit crusher and filter.
  • Internal BPM clock driven.
  • Multiple LFO’s and feedback modulation effects.
  • Mono and Poly modes.


The Lower Rhythm A-210

Utilizing the same amplifier as the A-110, this stereo modulation effect is designed to create ringmoddy-chorusy-glitchy layers underneath your favorite synthesizer (or your most hated one!).

A-210 features

  • Versatile delay for subtle chorus or extreme feedback.
  • Lowpass filter.
  • Multiple effect gain stages.
  • A-110 amplifier ‘circuit’.
  • Dry Out for effective layering.
  • Selectable delay waveform.
  • Additional controls for modulating delay oscillators.

LifeCycle SE and A-210 are available as freeware for Windows PC.

Visit The Lower Rhythm for more information.


MeldaProduction updates free VST plug-ins

MeldaProduction MCompressor

MeldaProduction has released updates for its free VST plug-ins.

Changes in the updates

  • MeldaProduction Envelope System (MES) – every envelope can contain unlimited number of points of several curvature types and per-point smoothing with advanced user interface and ultra-high speed processing engine, which makes the software 120%-400% faster (measured on SSE2 machines). Everything computed in 64-bit as usual for maximal sonic quality.
  • Custom signal shape morphing – signal editors now morph not only predefined signal shapes and but also any shape created using the envelope system.
  • Advanced preset management – now you can easily switch between presets, save new and delete existing.
  • Performance improvement.

The freeware MeldaProduction plug-ins (Compressor, Equalizer, RingModulator, Analyzer, Phaser, Limiter, WaveShaper, Autopan, Vibrato, Tremolo, StereoExpander) are available as VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

Visit MeldaProduction for more information.


Short links for July 29th, 2008

Some interesting things I found on July 29th, 2008:

DRM Inlet by ohskylab @ Flickr

# Yahoo Music to offer refunds, what about MSN? – CNET News reports that Yahoo Music is offering refunds to anyone who bought songs from the service.

Yahoo announced last week that it would no longer issue authorization keys for the digital rights management, or DRM, software on its songs. This meant that anyone who bought songs from the service would still be able to hear their songs through its service but would be unable to move them to other devices or computers.

So now Yahoo Music plans to issue refunds (did they really think they’d get away with ditching DRM without compensation?!). They’re also looking for a way to give the customer copies of the purchased songs in the DRM-free MP3 format.

# radiohead @ Google Code – Processing source code and Lidar scan data from House of Cards video, and CSV point cloud data of Thom Yorke singing "House of Cards".

# Electric Nomad by Luke Klinkenberg – The Electric Nomad is a standard sized electric guitar that features all the usual features, usability and playability of a normal electric guitar; however, it is designed so that it collapses in on itself down to an easy to carry size.

# Vacuum Tube Ring Modulator – Based on Eric Barbour’s designs, with a separate sine/square wave oscillator and an input jack on the front of the ring mod for input of any carrier signal.

# DIY MS-DOS Sequencer – A 286 PC with a 40 Mbyte harddisk running MS-DOS 6.22 with Cakewalk installed. It has a build in keyboard, 9" screen and a midi interface.


JoBro Media releases JBM PhaseRinger

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JoBro Media JBM PhaseRinger

JoBro Media has released PhaseRinger, a freeware ring modulation effect plug-in for Windows PC.

JBM PhaseRinger is a ringmodulator, but that’s about all the comparison to an original ring modulator. Next step: an OP2 FM synth mashes the allready modulated sound from hell and back. The result sounds like a whirlsaw is cutting through the sound.

PhaseRinger features

  • 3 oscillators with individual frequencies and waveforms for each osc.
  • Osc 2 & 3 modulate Osc 1.
  • OP2 FM Synth.
  • Mix control.

PhaseRinger can be downloaded from


Oli Larkin releases Endless Series plug-ins

Oli Larkin Endless Series

Oli Larkin has released the Endless Series, four effect plugins based on an auditory illusion known as “Circular Pitch” or more commonly the “Shepard Tone/Scale” after Roger N. Shepard who discovered it in the 1960s.

Endless Series features

  • Specify glissando or chromatic (stepped) mode
  • Change the rate and direction of the tone/effect
  • Adjust the base-pitch of the tone/effect
  • Mix between two different amplitude envelopes
  • Spread the partials across the stereo image
  • Presets and manual included

Endless Tone can be used to synthesize classic Shepard/Risset tones. It can also be used as a ring modulator either using an internal sine wave or the audio input for the carrier signal.

Endless Flanger is a circular pitch (barber-pole) flanger – instead of flanging up and down the frequency spectrum, it appears to continuously flange in one direction.

Endless Phaser works in the same way but rather than using delay lines, it uses filters to produce its effect.

Endless Shifter provides a further variation by using pitch shifting to impose the illusion of circular pitch on the source material.

The Endless Series is available for Windows VST/RTAS and Mac VST/AU/RTAS UB and costs £15 GBP.

The plug-ins require Pluggo Runtime 3.61 or higher to run.

Visit Oli Larkin for more information, audio demos and a link to download the demo of the Endless Series (every 20 seconds you will hear a beep. Endless Tone has no demo restrictions).


de la Mancha releases ring thing VST

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de la Mancha ring thing

de la Mancha has released ring thing, a multi-flavour ring modulator, with frequency and mix level controlled by an XY pad and each axis modulated by it’s own tempo-sync LFO. The modulation in both axes is shown graphically on the XY pad.

Ring thing features

  • 9 flavours of ring modulation, each with a different tonal quality
  • 11 ring modulation waveforms
  • XY pad controls modulation frequency and wet/dry mix level
  • each axis can be modulated by it’s own tempo-sync LFO with depth control
  • 7 LFO waveforms including random
  • each LFO can be damped and inverted
  • graphical display of modulation on the XY pad
  • LFO’s can be asyncronised to add further complexity to the modulation
  • all controls have midi CC and midi learn support

Visit de la Mancha for more information and a link to download ring thing.


HILOFI releases Multiband Ringmod I

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HILOFI Multiband Ringmod I

HILOFI has released Multiband Ringmod I, a multiple ring modulator based on frequency selection VST effect plug-in for Windows.


  • 4 selectable frequency ranges:
    • Low band (250/500 Hz)
    • Middle-Low Band (500/2000 Hz)
    • Middle-High Band. (2000/8000 Hz)
    • High band (7000/16000 Hz)
  • Bandwidth selection for Low/High-mid bands
  • Selective ring-modulation sources for each band
  • Mute-solo-bypass for each band
  • Additional gain for each band
  • MIDI learn

The “SE” version is free; the “Multiband Ringmod I pack” costs €10 and includes:

  • Multiband Ringmod I Full Edition (FE) mono/stereo with full automation/MIDI Learn
  • Multiband Ringmod I Knob Edition (KE) mono/stereo with full automation/MIDI Learn
  • PDF documentation

Check the HILOFI site for more information and downloads.