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Shigeru Ban’s Cardboard Bridge

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Tokyo/Paris-based architect, Shigeru Ban, has taken cardboard design to a new level. He recently constructed a bridge that spans across the Gardon River in southern France.

Shigeru Ban in front of his Cardboard Bridge
Shigeru Ban in front of his Cardboard Bridge

The structure is made primarily from cardboard tubes (exactly 281), with the steps constructed from recycled paper and plastic. This modern day marvel in the 3 Rs lies just down the way from an ancient roman stone bridge–an interesting juxtaposition between the use of materials in ancient and modern-day constructions. And surprisingly enough, the bridge can hold up to 20 people.

Link via core77

Images of flooding in the UK

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If you don’t actually live in the UK and you’ve only heard about the flooding, images will definitely say more than 1000 words.

Severe flooding in the UK
The town of Tewkesbury surrounded by floodwaters, and a local resident looks out on Evesham High Street following torrential rain

Here’s a map of what areas have (severe) flood warnings.

Bryce 5.5: Create 3D landscapes and animations (now free)

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With the releases of 3D Bryce 6.0, DAZ productions has released the older version 5.5 for free.

Create breathtaking realistic 3D landscapes and animations with DAZ 3D Bryce. The easy user interface simplifies the design process for a novice or the seasoned professional. Start out building or importing a landscape as impressive as the Grand Canyon. Populate it with buildings, people or any other object you create or from the extensive DAZ 3D library. The Light Lab provides you robust control over your sunsets, moonlight nights or high-noon ambiance. Tree Lab allows you to plant your landscape like the gardens of Versailles.

Lost River Canyon by estevez
Lost River Canyon by estevez, created with Bryce

Download 3D Bryce 5.5 from

To get the free Bryce serial number, you will have to register here.

Citarum river, a shocking display of abuse

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The Citarum river near the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, displays the abuse that mankind has subjected it to.

Citarum river pollution (West Java, Indonesia)
Citarum river pollution (West Java, Indonesia)

From the Daily Mail:

More than 500 factories, many of them producing textiles which require chemical treatment, line the banks of the 200-mile river, the largest waterway in West Java, spewing waste into the water.

Where once fishermen cast their nets, now people are foraging for rubbish. Sad story…

Link via Kottke

Letchik Leha: photography by a commercial pilot

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On the website of Letchik Leha (Letchik is Russian for the pilot) you’ll find some wonderful pictures of the sky, images, landscapes, airports and aircraft.

The Selenga river photographed by Letchik Leha
The Selenga river photographed by Letchik Leha

If you can read Russian you can also check Letchik Leha’s LiveJournal.