Final Mix Software releases M1LimiterLite plugin

Final Mix Software M1LimiterLite

Final Mix Software has announced the release of M1LimiterLite, a new addition to the Rob Chiarelli Signature Plug-Ins series.

The M1LimiterLite is a transparent compressor and brick wall peak limiter with intelligent attack and release controls. The Input control drives the limiter section to make your mixer as loud as possible without overloading the Output. The Headroom control allows you to easily select the perfect output level for Digital Releases, CD Burning, Video Broadcast or for sending to a Mastering Engineer.

And the amount of level you can get WITHOUT creating a mess in the low end is astonishing. Eliminate the doubt. With the M1LimiterLite, your mixes will be at the correct level every time. And you will NEVER lose the level war again.

We should have named the M1LimiterLite the OMG plugin.

M1LimiterLite for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is available for purchase for $24 USD.

For GRAMMY week only, just enter the Coupon Code FMSROCKS and get a 20% discount on ANY software purchase. Good until Sunday, Feb 8th at Midnight!

More information: Final Mix Software


Rob Chiarelli offers Synth Buss Lite free for limited time

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Rob Chiarelli Synth Buss Lite

Rob Chiarelli is offering the Synth Buss Lite signal processing effect plug-in for free for a limited time.

Our warmest wishes for a very happy holiday season filled with happiness, peace & joy.

Please enjoy a free copy of our new SynthBussLite plugin as our gift to you.

Synth Buss Lite features

  • Signal processor designed to help create a more modern and exciting keyboard sound.
  • The sound, balance and feel of your mixes will be improved quickly, easily and musically.
  • Ideal for piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, organ, and synth.

Use coupon PEACEONEARTH at checkout to receive the plug-in for free. This offer expires December 31st, 2014.

More information: Final Mix Software


Rob Chiarelli releases Mix Buss Lite mixing plugin

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Rob Chiarelli Mix Buss Lite

Rob Chiarelli has released Mix Buss Lite, an Signature Series effect plug-in designed for mixing.

The three most common questions I am asked are:

  • “How can I get my mixes to sound like a record?”
  • “How can I get my mixes to be LOUD without sounding over-compressed?“
  • “How do you get the bottom end right?”

My new Mix Buss Plug-ins are the answer. For years, mix engineers have been using certain signal chains, compressors and EQ’s to infuse magic into their mixes. A simple, easy to use version of this is now available in my new Mix Buss Lite Plug-in.

Do these plug-ins sound great on everything? Actually, yes. They do. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t put my name on them. Simple as that.

Mix Buss Lite for Windows and Mac (32/64-bit, VST/AU) is available to purchase for $19 USD.

More information: Mix Buss Lite