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FabFilter Dirty House and Ambient, sound sets for Twin 2


FabFilter has announced the release of Dirty House and Ambient, two new sound sets for the FabFilter Twin 2 synthesizer plug-in.

The Dirty House sound set by Thomas Koot contains more than hundred raw and heavy house-oriented presets, instantly injecting a dirty edge into every production. Don’t expect silky pads or beautiful chords: these sounds are nasty and deliver the grit that is needed for modern electro and house music production. Sound designer Thomas Koot explored the more aggressive filter types and extensive oscillator sync features of FabFilter Twin 2, resulting in a collection of highly playable sounds that easily cut though a mix. This sound set will provide you with the sounds you’ll need to produce the hottest club tracks of today and tomorrow!

The Ambient sound set contains 130 beautiful ambient-oriented presets, programmed by rsmus7, the German sound designer and musician Stephan Muesch. Showing the rich potential of FabFilter Twin 2, many of the spacious and spherical sounds included use the synthesizer in new and until now unheard ways. This sound sets delivers rhythmic, cinematic and ambient sounds and creatively modulated patches that can be used in many different musical ways and projects. Almost every preset has 4 XY-controllers set up in a musical way, to make the best use of the modulation possibilities.

The Dirty House and Ambient sound sets for FabFilter Twin 2 are now available to purchase for EUR 19 / $24 USD / £17 GBP.

In addition, a Sound Set Bundle with all five sound sets (Rob Lee, Electro, Synth Classics, Dirty House and Ambient) is available for 59 EUR / $74 USD / £49 GBP.

More information: FabFilter

Waldorf releases TechnoTrance for Largo

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Waldorf TechnoTrance

Waldorf has released TechnoTrance, a collection of sounds for the Largo synthesizer.

The TechnoTrance Soundset for the Waldorf Largo Synthesizer contains 128 brand new presets programmed by Rob Lee.

This soundset consists of Arps, Fat Basses, House and Techno Chords, Searing Leads, Evolving Pads and more, thus giving you all the tools you need to start producing quality Techno and Trance music.

The download package contains the soundset as FXB bank as well as all single sounds in FXP format.

The TechnoTrance soundset is available to purchase for 30 EUR.

More information: Waldorf / TechnoTrance Soundset

FabFilter releases Rob Lee Sound Set for Twin 2

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FabFilter Rob Lee Sound Set for FabFilter Twin 2

FabFilter has released the Rob Lee Sound Set, a collection of patches for Twin 2, a powerful synthesizer plug-in with the highest possible sound quality and an ultra-flexible drag-and-drop modulation system.

Well known sound designer Rob Lee has created a sound set of 145 high quality dance oriented presets for FabFilter Twin 2, exploiting every feature of the synth!

Rob Lee Sound Set for FabFilter Twin 2 is available for purchase as a download for €19 EUR / $28 USD / £17 GBP.

More information: FabFilter / Rob Lee Sound Set for Twin 2