Soniccouture give away their instruments as competition prizes

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Soniccouture has announced it is giving away some instruments used to create its sample libraries as competition prizes.

Soniccouture Pan Drums

Soniccouture are accumulating quite a few instruments at Soniccouture HQ, so they decided that it might be nice to give some of them away as prizes..

For the next 3 months SC will be giving away a different instrument each month, starting today with the fabulous Rock Creek Tongue Drums from their recent PAN DRUMS product.

On 1st September SC will pick a winner and post the result on their website, Twitter feed and Facebook.

We will contact the winner for their preferred shipping details and FedEx them our tuned pair of Tongue Drums. Simple!

Entry is free, and just requires registration on the Soniccouture website. Then there is a short form to fill out.

More information: Soniccouture


Soniccouture Pan Drums, includes new Halo drums and Rock Creek tongue drums

Soniccouture Pan Drums

Soniccouture has announced Pan Drums, an update to its virtual percussion instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

It’s been our biggest selling product for years, so we wanted to bring it bang up to date – now the legendary Hang drums are joined by TWO new Halo drums and a pair of rinky-dinky Rock Creek tongue drums.

4GB of completely new data is wrapped up in a killer new Kontakt Player interface with articulation display, the cool new hand-noise control and comprehensive effects section.

PLUS 50 sound design presets and templates for NI Maschine & Korg Nanopad.

Pan Drums features

  • 7.25 GB core sample library ( 3.4GB on disc with NCW lossless compression).
  • 24 bit 44.1Khz stereo sampling – 5097 samples.
  • 6 original Kontakt Player instruments:
    • Hang Drum Mk1 in F
    • Hang Drum Mk2 in D
    • Halo Drum in C
    • Halo Drum in B
    • Rock Creek Tongue Drums , pair, (“double seconds” chromatic)
  • Up to 21 velocity layers, up to 5 alternate round robin layers depending on articulation.
  • Hand noise note off samples with level and chance control.
  • Articulations:
    • Hangs: Centre, Edge, Slap, Corner, and Knuckles
    • Halos: Fingers, Thumbs, Slap, and Mallets
    • Rock Creek Tongue Drums: Mallets
  • 50 sound design presets.
  • KSP Jammer generative arpeggiator.
  • Demo MIDI files included.
  • NI Maschine & Korg Nanopad templates included.

Pan Drums is available to purchase for 79 EUR / $99 USD.

Get 15% off if you purchase before 15th June 2011.
Enter code 5DVENAKUXM at checkout to take advantage of this offer.

Pan Drum (V1) customers can upgrade for 30 EUR / $40 USD (Login to account, add Pan Drums to cart and use code A0TROAQPZW at checkout).

More information: Soniccouture / Pan Drums